Satrangi Sasural 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Restaurant
While the person raises a hue and cry over how his phone is stolen, and he demands that everyone’s bags and purses be checked, to find out the thief. the manager calms him down and decides to search it in the people’s bags. Kyra wonders if priyanka is behind this, and checkes her purse, as she grabs priyanka’s stealthily. kyra is shocked as she finds the phone in priyanka’s purse, and decides that she has to save priyanka from this embarassment anyhow. meanwhile, the manager starts surfing through people’s things. the manager then approaches vihaan and his family, and priyanka asks if they think they are the thief, and that noone has been this insulting and embarassing to them before. he requests her to comply, and she does.

After searching, they dont find it, and apologise to priyanka for the inconvenience. bebo is surprised to hear this. just then, someone comes and says that they found the thief, as this girl is the thief. All eyes turn to her including vihaan and his family, and they are shocked to find that its kyra. bebo is surprised too. kyra stands speechleess and distraught. A waiter says that they found the mobile with this girl, who was getting rid of it stealthily. the person ensures that its the same mobile phone, and his wife reprimands her for this. the manager too reprimands her and her family, while they are embarassed and insulted. The police arrives, and the manager hands her over to the police. kyra denies that she didnt do anything. narmada with disgust asks her not to unnecessarily argue, and pay the bill so that they can get out of here. kyra hesitantly says that she had money, but now doesnt. the manager is shocked that she doesnt have money too. they are aghast and downright humiliated. vihaan tries to intervene, but noone listens and the police take her away, while all watch helplessly.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Back home, granny slaps priyanka tight across her face, while all others are shocked. priyanka is distraught, and says that she didnt steal. granny tells that at first she didnt believe that priyanka steals when kyra told her, but today she believed for herself. Granny says that she herself saw kyra taking the mobile out of her purse and putting it in hers. granny remembers how she is shocked that priyanka had stolen it, and wonders whats kyra doing. priyanka says that this is an absolute lie, and that she was with them only, then how could she have stolen. granny asks her not to lie, as she did go to the washroom, and beinge her mother, she knows her better than anyone else, and knows that she is a kleptomaniac. all are tensed, as priyanka confronts them, while granny asks if she isnt lying. priyanka then confesses in front of everyone, that she does have the habit of stealing. she says that she does, but small things, and vehemently insists that she didnt steal. granny says that she cant, not this time, as she has crossed limits, and for her, her bahu is in the lockup, the bahu who took her blame to be in the lockup, and she doesnt spare any chance to trouble her. granny tells them that the world has changed, and laments as to what situation she must be in, and asks vihaan to go to her. priyanka stands mortified. granny leaves, priyanka tries to convince vihaan that she didnt steal. He leaves. she goes to others but they all turn away too. priyanka is distraught.

Scene 3:
Location: Police station
As vihaan arrives, he is apalled to see kyra crying incoherently. Kyra is put behind the bar for accused theft of the mobile phone. vihaan comes to the police station, where he is informed that they shall have to pay 10000 to be able to get her out of the jail. he says that he cant spare her just like that, and being respectable, he didnt file an FIR, as they would be unnecessarily dragged to the court. Vihaan says that he shall get the money. she wrenches her hands free from the constables and rushes and hugs her. he gets uncomfortable, but then finally holds her back too, to comfort her, saying that nothing shall happen to her, and everything would be alright. But then the constables snatch her away, and he leaves to get the money.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan comes back home, and while all the mothers are tensed for the money, he starts rummaging for money and then finds a box. Vihaan opens it and finds the mangalsutra and thinks that he managed the money finally. They are all apalled. narmada snatchesit from him, saying that he wont be alloqwed to sell arushi’s stuff. he tries to explain to her, while she says that she wont let this happen as these are arushi’s memories. priyanka asks what does she want to prove that kyra is a victim, as she isnt one, since this was all her plan to humiliate them, as noone goes to the restaurant, without having the money. Narmada says that they didnt think from this angle. granny aaks her to shut up, and what about what she saw. priyanka asks what if kyra intentionally did it. granny refuses to believe. priyanka asks if she believes kyra over them. Granny says that she has faith on kyra, but not on them. they are all tensed. priyanka swears on her, that she didnt steal. All are shocked and apalled too, and asks them all to believe. granny compleis. narmada too agrees that this was kyra’s plan. priyanka asks him to agree, while he asks them to stop as its enough, as kyra is in the jail for their family, and still they are disrespecting her here. he begins to leave. Narmada stops him and says that he may get her out of jail, but she wont step back in the house. granny asks why and where would she go. priyanka says thats none of their business, but she would be thrown out, if kyra comes back here. granny says that this wont happen. narmada says that then either she stays here or kyra. All are tensed.

Later, in the night, when kyra comes back with vihaan, all comment and instigate them, by talking about her theft, and also insinuate that she might be doing business too. hge gets into a rage and starts to hit the guy, who taunts him furthermore. he enters into a brawl, with all of them, while they continue to barb him with stinging, insulting and humiliating remarks. finally, kyra screams at them to stop it, as they all have problems, and then asks that fellow if he knows what his daughter is doing, and having an affaair with a guy. She asks him not to blame her or her sasural, as if they as much as comment on it, then there would be severe consequences. She takes him and moves ahead, while the people are silenced. they come at the doorstep, where he stops her. Kyra is shocked. he takes her to the opposite room, saying that from this day, they shall stay here only. Kyra is shocked and turns to granny and asks whats happening. But he shuts her up and then asks her to silently comply, and not talk, and then taking her by the hand takes her inside the house, while the mothers are shocked. Granny asks if they all saw, that this happens, when the mothers behave bad with the bahu, as the world is changed now, out of its orthodox clutches. She says that vihaan went away from their house, with his wife. the screen freezes on her sad face.

Precap: bebo asks the priest to take a look at kyra’s kundali and comment. The priest tells kyra that she needs to leave her husband today itself, or else by the morning, vihaan wont survive to see the light of the day. kyra comes to vihaan, while he is busy and says that she is leaving. He is shocked and boggled. She hands him the divorce papers and asks him to sign. he is taken aback and boggled too at the haste.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. The writer of this serial is mad all you guys showing is suffering in a family I just wish someone write a story where everyone is kind and nice to each other because it has lots of happy family out here in the real world. People are getting fed up of seeming cruel women on screen

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