Satrangi Sasural 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all ladies praising Kaira for handling BBC (Bharath Bhushan Chautala) n. well. Dolly aunty says Kaira is her daughter and daughter-in-law. Choti maa says Kaira got one more mother-in-law. Dolly leaves. Daadi comes and asks everyone to come to her room.

BBC with his assistant Bulletin opens Boss’s given house. Bulletin sees dust all around and says why boss gave them this room. BBC gets engrasped in Kaira’s thoughts. Bulletin asks him to teach him brooming. BBC takes broom and gets into Kaira’s thoughts again.

Chachi maa mimics Daadi maa and says she needs this room painted by evening. Maasi says they did not get their room painted like this. Kaira says why daadi maa is doing this. Tai maa says this is an imposter

and she will crush her if she finds she is not maa. Chachi maa praises that she has become daring.

BBC opens window and sees Kaira standing in opposite house’s room and says assistant Bulletin this room is like Agra, he can see tajmahal even from a distance, pointing at Kaira. Bulletin asks him to concentrate on work, else boss will not spare them.

Tai maa comes back from Daadi’s room shouting. Everyone ask her what happened. She says she saw maa sleeping and checked her leg. She has birth mark and is really our maa. They ask then why did she shout. Maa woke up and stared at me, so I ran from there and stuck my head on walls, it is paining a lot.

BBC plays loud music at midnight. Kaira’s family’s sleep disturbs. Kaira comes and knocks door. BBC opens door and stands with opened mouth seeing her. She switches of music player and shouts at him. She slips and he holds her again. She yells again and leaves. While walking on street, she sees house’s door open from which Daadi gets call and peeps in. Daadi comes and touches her from behind and asks her to go home and rest. Kaira goes back home and tells mothers what happened and says Daadi is hiding something from them.

Daadi maa goes to meet Vasundhara and asks why is she troubling her family and requests to stay away from her grand children. Vasundhara says they are her grand children and takes Daadi maa’s sons’ names.

Precap: BBC and bulletin try to frighten Kaira’s family wearing ghost masks. Kaira and Tai maa beat them with sticks and remove their mask.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The channel and the creatives want to continue with the show… despite of the exit of previous leads if this is the case then Zee should promote the show and give one repeat telecast of the show

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