Satrangi Sasural 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: City hospital
While vibha’s family raises a ballyhoo, the police shuts them down and takes areushi away, with her family in tow. The husband decides to milk the big people out of money, for the sake of protection of their name and fame. he gathers press and crowd, to plead his case. Meanwhile, The police grill and investigate from arushi, trying to get her statement. She is too shocked and rattled. granny places her hand in arushi’s. They grill her. finally, Arushi says that she was driving the car, shocking all the mothers, while arushi thinks that she cant be responsible for sending another of her mothers in jail. granny is shocked and asks how could she. the police asks for her license, and when he finds that its learner’s, he reprimands her and

asks her to pray that she gets well soon, or else, she shall be in big trouble, as she might have to spend her entire life in jail. He leaves. they are shocked. granny is angry as to how she could be so rash and carelss. arushi apologises. the police returns and takes arushi away, while the family too tries to go with her to the police station. raunak tells them how urgent it is to get the bail, as its friday, and only till 4 this can happen, or else they shall have to reappeal on monday, till which time, arushi shall have to stay in jail. They like the idea. raunak and mini leave. granny and others go after them too. when they come out, they find that vibha’s husband has raised a furore, and demands for Vatsala family be publicly insulted. granny slaps him, while he uses this too as a means that rich people resort to, as he complains of being threatened. Societal pressure stops them from leaving. arushi is taken away. mini and raunak snuck out from backside. granny calls the lawyer and asks him to get the papers ready and leave for india, and do the needful. Kasturi tells girish too about this, who is with jhanvi in the house. he says that he shall go to the station rightaway.

Scene 2:
Location: Jail
Arushi is made to sit, while all others arrive. They are asked not to make a scene or crowd here. but her family doesnt listen. Granny asks the lawyer, and he says that he is stuck in the traffic, but is trying his level best. jhaanvi asks if there’s anyone else thart she is trying to cover by her statement, as she has a tendency to not do anything wrong, as she has heard. Jhaanvi’s question has arushi rattled. The female constables again tries to shoo them away. Arushi is boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: Magistrate’s office
Mini and raunak arrive and in his tension, he speaks to the peon aggressively about the bail. the peon angrily says that the time is over now.Mini pleads. the peon says that on monday, the work shall get done. raunak misbehaves. the peon angrily says that time is over and nothing shall happen. mini pleads with the peon, and begs him to check. they go inside with the lawyer but find that the magistrate has already gone. Mini gets granny’s call, and wonders how to break this news. When she picks up and tells everything, granny is tensed. she informs them that the bail didnt get through. all are shocked. They wonder how they shall tell vihaan all this and how shall they explain it all. The police inspector then asks the constable to take her to the lockup. girish gets berserk, while arushi is locked inside jail, maintaining a stoical face all along. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan has tears in his eyes, and wonders why, without realising tht his beloved is crying too in jail. Arushi says that she wont be able to live for a single minute without him, and hopes desperately that he was here with her right now, to get her out of this trouble. Vihaan meanwhile misconceives it as the fact that he must be missing her so terribly that tears welled up in his eyes. As he eyes the locket, containing his and arushi’s pic, a stranger passes by and accidentally brushes past him, and the locket falls on the ground. he finds his locket broken, and arushi’s pic detached from it and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. arushi please speak the truth do not take the blame for prinanka she isn’t worth it she is a very wicked person let her spend some time in jail maybe this will change her wicked ways anyway writers I think you went the wrong way you should have tried to bring arushi and prianka together by allowing it to be arushi that was hurt and unconscious in that case prianka would have blamed herself for what happened to arushi as it was all due to her drunk driving and hatred for arushi which caused the accident to happen and let prianka deal with her demons once and for all

  2. What happen to badluck n big mouth priyanka she na wake up yet some1 throw some cold ice water on her to get up it her faults she desevre to be in jail n bear the punishment
    Come on hell with meetings an so on and get urself back home to see what is happening to arushi rgy now she needs you to be by her side

  3. Omg!….vihaan should pls come to aruushi’s rescue……gooh!

  4. Omg!….vihaan should pls come to aruushi’s rescue……gosh!

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