Satrangi Sasural 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’ s residence
Kyra comes back to the house, still feeling dizzy and light headed. the mothers see her like this and ask what happened. She narrates the entire incident in the temple, along with meeting vasundhara who stood for her. they hear intently. As kyra still feeling groggy, sits with the mothers, dolly comments that maybe its because she was also hypnotised and was under someone’s else’s influence of magic. The mothers ask kyra to go and freshen up, and then rest. Kyra is tensed and complies nevertheless. she gets up but again gets groggy, and falls on the floor, unconscious. The mothers rush to her, while narmada screams for vihaan, whose meditation with mili and devi maa is interrupted, as he gets tensed and enters with mili, and

devi maa, all of whom are apalled to see her like that. they decide to hurry her to the hospital. vihaan leaves with her, while granny is tensed as she understands something. she asks vihaan to go and get kyra some glucose in the meanwhile. he rushes out to get so. When he returns back, he doesnt find anyone there and is boggled, as to how is kyra and where is everyone else. the mothers give him a surprise of his life, as he finds them all coming to him, with pics of babies, in their hands, congratulating him on this new found happiness in their life. he is boggled, first but then understands that kyra is pregnant. he is overjoyed and thrilled, as they ask him to go in, and tease him of this new found responsibility. he is eager to go in, and goes on the pretext of getting her out to get her to the hospital. He rushes in. Kyra sits blusingly as he teases her, and then lovingly embraces her, and they start arguing lovingly about what all is to be done as he becomes over fussy and protective about her. when nilima and others start hollring and teasing, he finally takes her out. then they leave for the hospital.

Later, the mothers are prepariong for krya and vihaan’s return with granny, when they find edibles that they are making disappearing as dolly and pinky gobble them up. they play a mini prank on them, by saying that they mixed rat poison, hearing which they are petrified. they release their bubble, and tell them soon enough, that its just a joke, and they want to preserve the rest for kyra. They are also confronted by the children and their never ending questions,m as to where is kyra, and where is she getting the baby from. narmada and mili try to give decent polite answers, while others smirk, and then send the kids off. all smile and are happy.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
granny arrives with kyra at the hospital, while vihaan goes to the reception to check the status of their appointment. granny and kyra sit, while the same lady, vasundhara passes by. Kyra catches a glimpse and rushes after her, but by then, she has disappeared by the end of the corridor. she comes back and talks about her to granny, who is boggled, that its a weird co-incidence. then they are called in for her checkup. as they sit in the doctor’s chamber, waiting for the doctor, kyra finds that its too chilled, but they dont find the remote for turning down the AC. Granny goes to find it. kyra gets thristy and has difficulty picking the glass at the other end of the table, when vasundhara comes and hands it to her. she is surprised to see her. vasundhara gives an excuse about attending to some relative here, on a monthly basis, and then congratulates her on her maternity. kyra blushes. She then takes leave. Just then, granny enters, and kyra asks if she saw vasundhara, while she denies, saying that there was no one in the entire corridor, when she just came. kyra is boggled. granny asks her to stop obsessing about vasundhara. they also find it weird, that granny didnt find the remote, but the Ac was somehow automatically regulated. Just then, the doctor arrives and they discard their concerns away. She takes kyra inside for a checkup, while vihaan comes and its. When they come out, they an anxious to know if everything is okay. The doctor says that she is definitely pregnant, but its weird as they cant see the baby, but shoves it away, citing it some technical fault of glitch that they can check on later. granny and vihaan are tensed. vihaan decides that they shall get it done, on another machine. the doctor herself is perplexed even after putting their concerns at rest, but prescribes some dietary supplements, and meds to start with. The screen freezes on kyra’s tensed face.

Precap: All are overjoyed to receive kyra back in the house, as they shower her with all the love, and feed her the food items that she wishes to have. dolly and pinky come aside, and discuss as to why are they so happy, as they have forgotten that kyra is a month pregnant, and a month back, kyra was living with the Jinn Vihaan and not the real vihaan, and what if the child is the Jinn’s and not this Vihaan. Granny, in the proximity overhears this, and is shell shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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