Satrangi Sasural 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s reisdence
Mini finds girish and prahlad in their house, and is very angry. Prahlad comes along with girish, and apologises to vihaan’s mothers. They are tensed. Granny asks thm to stop this nonsense, and get lost. prahlad gets to their feet, apologising profusely and behaving noble, and asks them to accept the relation. Priyanka says that his daughter cant be anyone’s wife, as they would only bring evil, as she would a reflection of them only. Prahlad asks her not to talk like this for his daughter. Narmada says that it doesnt matter, as what they are saying is impossible now. Girish comes ahead and apologises to them in general, and to mini specifically, for what happened in the park. Girish addresses Vihaan as jijaji, saying that he

is guilty for Vihaan too, shocking them all. Granny and others wonder that he had hit Vihaan, and anrgily begin to slap him. prahlad is tensed. they arer all the more adamant not to comply to his wishes. he begs them to change their descision. Mini says that they wont agree like this, and the ladies grab them by the collar and throw them out.

On the way out, girish and prahlad discuss that they shall try again. Vihaan, coming back in the car, eyes them tensedly, as they leave. he wonders what were they doing here.

Inside, Granny keeps reprimanding them yet again on their foolishness, that they are being hasty and asks them to stop taking this so lightly. Vihaan comes in to find granny irritated that they had to bear the company of such people. vihaan asks what happened, while granny asks them to go inside. Harpreet and granny tell him what happened, and vihaan is boggled. Nilima asks him not to interfere. Granny is super angry at the mntion of the girl or her parents. All the ladies disperse, while vihaan stands tensed, and thinks that they didnt know that its arushi yet. He thinks that he got saved from a big problem, but not for long, till girish and prahlad continue with their tactics.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
When girish and prahlad return, arushi asks them where they had gone. They both tell that they had gone to their place. She warns them not to even try to interrupt her affairs ever again. girish says that they are doing it for her advantage, but she sees through their motives. She asks girish to be a little shameful. prahlad continues with their acting, pretending to be happy for her. She asks him not to dictate, her life and her descisions ever again. she says that if any of them meets vihaan or his family, they would have to face her. she storms inside. They both are tensed. Her mother and dadaji hear tensedly.

Later, in the night, vihaan asks Arushi, to take care that her father and brother dont mess with their well built plan again. She says that she is embarassed and guilty for her father, and thinks that maybe even god doesnt want them to get married. He asks her to focus on the test, while she says that its next to impossible, what he wants her to do. He asks her to be hopeful and ready, as tomorrow shall bring a new beginning. she smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: In the park
The next morning, Mini and vihaan are jogging, while he tries to keep her running, searching himself for arushi. She asks why does he still want to run, as there must be a girl involved. She is too tired, but he insists her for another round. She notices a crowd and goes there, while he is tensed as to where’s arushi. He goes after mini. Mini finds a girl bending down into the well, to retrieve a little boy’s stuck bike. On Mini’s insistence, Vihaan gets down to help the girl, and finds that its arushi, and signals that its his mother behind. she complies. they both get the bike out. Mini is happy and asks her whats her name. vihaan seems interested. She replies, and then mini apologises for saying so much, as she turned out to be a superwoman, as all were merely watching the drama. Mini says that she shouldnt have judged her by the first meeting. Mini identifies him as his son, and then asks her if she got married. She denies. Mini signals vihaan and he okays.

Scene 4:
Location: In the temple
Prahlad and girish pray to the lord, while girish finds geeta coming up. Girish shows this to prahlad who get excited. they greet her, and ask her not to be angry. geeta is disgusted, while he begs her to meet his daughter once. She asks how dare they confront her. girish too tries to convince her, and shows her the pic, but before she can see, the phone falls off, and geeta says that its a sign that god doesnt want her to see the girl’s pic. she goes inside. Prahlad is frustrated outside at their failure.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
While waiting for rosy on the road, arushi comes across harpreet getting down from a cab. she hides herself, thinking that she would remember their cookery loss, and hence saves her face. But arushi notices that harpreet has forgotten her mobile in the cab, and the cab owner steals it stealthily. She calls for harpreet, and asks the car driver to give the mobile, threatening him, and he complies. He gives her the phone, and harpreet thanks her. she then seems to remember arushi, and asks if she remembers her. Arushi identifies herself to harpreet, as the girl responsible for her debacle, at the cooking competition. Harpreet is surprised. She tells harpreet that she wants to apologise for that day. Harpreet stands tensed. She begins to go, but harpreet says that people often take advantage of her forgiving nature, but not her, and asks if she wasnt scared, that she would be scolded. Arushi denies. harpreet says that she wanted a girl like her. She takes a selfie with her.

Later, Arushi is with vihaan, excitedly showing her new feat. she tells him that every mother wants him to meet her. Sher says that granny and narmada remain. Vihaan says that she has already impressed granny, and only Narmada remains, and shows her pic, and asks her to be prepared. Arushi is tensed of her father. Vihaan assures arushi that the way she is impressing his mothers, there’s a possibility that they might forget her father’s misbehaviour. she gets tensed and asks that there’s a probability of that not happening. He too tensedly says that there might be some problem, if girish or prahlad do anything stupid. they both are tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: prahlad asks vihaaan, to help them winning over his mothers. He says that it isnt that easy, and that he shall definitely marry arushi. he leaves. girish tells that there’s definitely something cooking in his mind. Prahlad decides to watch him, till he doesnt marry arushi, and they love in merriment thereafter.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. this is a boring soap with nonsensical storylines writers think again before putting pen to paper

    1. Why do you even comment/read updates/watch the soap if it’s boring? Writers are not going to come on this site and ask you for your personal opinion on how to conduct the rest of this soap lmao. Find a hobby

  2. Surely this track is boring . So aru vihu’s marriage track start ASAP

  3. I agree this show is getting stupid n boring same daughter in law cant handle one mother in law and she will handle seven stupid these writers should read people comments because they only bringing stupid shows they have good actors n actresses but the story is weak n outdated

    1. Oh just shut up.

  4. Forget mother-in -laws and focus on getting married.The father is just disgusting.

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