Satrangi Sasural 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan and granny are immensely releived to see kyra, while mini and geeta smile. Narmada and harpreet, along with nilima eye her tensedlly. he rushes to kyra, breaking the gadbandhan with mili, and she too rushes as they confront each other and eye each other emotionally. Mili starts crying. narmada gets tensed. He asks where had she gone, as he was so tensed for her. she narrates everything, and adds that she wetn where he had been kept. he says that when he went there it was all renovated. she says that she was buried in the wall by the red dupatta girl. he and others are shocked to hear this. She explains it all. he promises that he wont spare the red dupatta clad girl, as he wont spare her. granny asks him to stop talking like that,

and its good that kyra came back to them. thje priest reminds them that the good time is pasisng by, and they have to finish all the rituals within the next 30 minutes anyhow. Granny asks kyra to take her position at the altar. As kyra is apalled, and ready to take her place at the altar, with vihaan by her side, narmada stops him and asks how can this be. harpreet too starts saying that this cant be, as mili is already half married to him, and that this entire thing has become a joke. he says that this is a known fact that they are already married, then why is this wrong, as they are doing this for arushi. narmada says that shall happen when he marries mili. He says that he was doing it out of helplessness. she says that if he doesnt marry mili, then she shall kill herself. granny asks her to stop this, as she is already his wife, and asks them to allow this. Narmada says that this is wrong, and she wont let it happen. geeta asks them not to listen to this, as its getting late. She asks mini to go and dress her as bride. harpreet and geeta start fighting, while mini takes kyra away. narmada doesnt like it. Vihaan and granny are tensed at the tussle, while mili watches angrily. he shoves them apart, and tells harpreet that he cant even imagine that they hate her so much.

Kyra says that she is very tensed, as mini dresses her, as mili was about to marry him, and whether this is what destiny wants. mini asks them not to think this, and asks her to think about aru and arhaan. Kyra says that the children are related to mili, but mini asks her not to think so, as she shall only marry him. they go out, while mili, who was overhearing, decides that she cant let this happen at any cost. Nilima tells granny that injustice is being done to mili. Granny asks them to shut up, and let this marriage happen. Narmada stops them, as they are about to take their place at the altar, and says that he is on the wrong path. He says that she has changed and cant see her grandparents’ happiness, and asks if she wants his children to be stripped of this happiness. she continues to tell him not to do this. he says that he loves her immensely, but this time he wont listen to her and leave kyra because she says so, and announces that he is going to marry kyra, and then gets to marrying kyra, as they all watch tensedly, while mili frustratedly watches them from a corner, standing as the dejected bride. The priest starts the chants, and then does the rituals one by one, while he thinks that he wont ever be able to forget her and he shall always love her, and hopes that she is in peace. she too thinks that their marriage is successful, thats all she wants, and says that she shall try to be the same dutiful, ideal, committed and porotective of her family, as arushi was. Then the gadbandhan is called for, and narmada refuses to do it. Geeta does the honours for them, and then start the pious circles around fire. As it starts, the weather becomes windy and extremely turbulent, with lightning striking. they are all tensed. they continue on, and as the hawan is about to go off, vihaan and kyra together prevent it from dousing and then get back to the pheras tensedly. All watch tensedly, while mili eyes vengefully. The gadbandhan is about to come off, when vihaan saves it just in time, and geeta thinks that its a bad omen. they tensedly tie it back together, and then continue on with the circles. narmada says that this signals that the marriage is fated to a bad end, as the lord too wants that he marries mili and not kyra. the priest then asks kyra to step forward. she complies. The lights go off, and all are tensed, as its a total blackout. Her asks kyra to complete the phears nevertheless. They continue on, when she almost slips, but he holds her in time, while all are shocked. he composes her and asks her to be calm. harpreet still rants if they cant see that they have the signs to stop this marriage. granny asks if they cant see that their love is still progressing forward. The pheras finish and they sit back. the priest then asks him to don kyra, mangalsutra, and get arushi to start on her last journey. he complies, while the weather gets worse. just then, arushi’s spirit, in the form of a white ball of energy rises away from the hawan kund and travels in the sky. the priest says that arushi is being set free. All eye the sky emotionally overwhelmed. He then asks vihaan to don the vermillion in kyra’s forehead and he complies. She looks at him lovingly. The marriage finally culminates. They are amazed to see this, as arushi forever leaves for her heavenly abode. The priest asks them to take everyone’s blessings, and granny, geeta and mini happily await them. Kyra thinks that the marriage is over, but she needs to expose the red dupatta clad girl, so that she cant start her marital life in peace, and asks the lord how does she find ouut. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As the griha pravesh starts, vihaan and kyra are shocked, as mili steps her foot in the alta, while granny asks her not to do this ritual, as she isnt married, and geeta says that its meant for kyra and vihaan. But harpreet and narmada come and say that she is his half wife, as she took 3 and a half pheras with him, and that too before kyra, so she has the rightful ownership of vihaan, as his wife. They are shocked to hear this. kyra is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Who ever is translating in English needs to learn to, speak, spell correct too many spelling
    errors very poor English.

  2. Bakwas serial…

  3. The story should at least have a few episodes of Kyra’s n vihaan falling in love really n lead a happy couple life after marriage instead of interruption using the character of mili. Why can’t there be a episode where the children tell vihaan that the red duptta girl is milli. Why can’t these stupid Narmada and harpreet get some sense.just hate seeing them in the drama.

  4. Vejayakumarie

    Here is some storyline that can make this drama interesting. Get rid of mili by exposing that she is a imposter not Arusi’s real sister. Then somehow the property that is suppose to be Kyra’s finally gets finalized and Kyra begins a business for Vihaan n slowly turns the family around. Harpreet n Narmada should learn a bitter lesson from milli n the naughty priest. They must be exposed n life threatening incidence must happen to both Narmada and harpreet and must be saved by Myra that’s when they will appreciate her. I would like to see the sequel where they beg forgiveness from Kyra’s.

    1. YES.. That is EXACTLY what NEEDS to be done to atleast bring some justice , peace and sanity again in this family

  5. Guys. Great news. Aarushi and Vihaan are real life lovers. They are getting engaged in January 2016 and are to be married towards the ending of 2016. I am so happy.

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