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Satrangi Sasural 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Sorry guys, missed the first couple of minutes.

While vihaan is working in his room, Arushi gets a glass of milk, and vihaan asks for who is this. she says that its for him. As he takes the glass, their hands meet and he looks at her, while she is teary eyed. After he finishes the glass, she asks if there’s anything else she can get for him. She is alarmed to know from vihaan, that vibha takes care of his routine, and his meds. She asks if she can see them. He says that vibha keeps them with herself only, and he doesnt know where they are. She is alarmed more, wondering if vibha is giving him something secretively, that isnt allowing him to progress. Arushi finds a tablet, underneath the bed and then thinks if this is the same

med, then she should take it, and get it inspected to know vibha’s intentions. She tries to bend down to take it, but is unable to due to her pregnancy. just then, vibha comes and angrily asks if her work here is done. Arushi hopes that she didnt know anything. Vibha asks her to leave. Arushi complies.

The next day, arushi takes the broom, and tells granny and others that she is brooming vihaan’s room, as she has to find something important in there. She asks them to stall vibha, till she doesnt come back, so that she doesnt go in Vibha’s room. just then, vibha comes and tauntingly asks whats the matter. Arushi curtly tells her that she needs to clean the room, as she has kept it highly untidily. Vibha asks her to go and do it nicely. Arushi happily agrees and leaves. She goes to pick a bucket, and intentionally spills some water on the floor, much to the mothers’ amusement. Arushi leaves. Vibha accidentally slips on the water, and lets out a yelp of pain. The mothers surround her and amusingly ask hjer if she is okay and that she should be careful. vibha angrily lashes at them, saying that she knows arushi and they are behind this.

Meanwhile, Arushi goes to the room, with the bucket of water and finds vihaan struggling to pull down his short from over the head. She hurriedly helps him with it. He thanks vibha for coming at the right time, and then is shocked to find that its arushi, clutching his shirt with her hands on his bare skin. They eye each other awkwardly. He turns away, while she apologises saying that she came to clean, but seeing him struggling, she barged into help. He coldly says thanks. Then she remembers that before she comes back, she has to find the meds. vihaan leaves. Arushi gets to searching for the meds. Vihaan comes down and finds her like this, and rushes to her help. geeta says that she should be careful. Vibha says that she doesnt like this one bit, as whatever is happening isnt right and that she would have to end this rightaway. Vibha tells them all, that arushi is 8 months pregnant and isnt in a condition to clean and mop the floors, and she says that in a time like this, she along with her baby should be well taken care of. She suggests that they should send arushi off to live with her mother, kasturi in a time like this. She says that she should rest now and not work, as she is after all a part of the family, even if she is just a maid. All are shocked. Vihaan tremendously likes the idea, very happy that vibha is so concerned about arushi and agrees. Vibha says that she would go and give arushi clothes. As she turns around, harpreet shouts, and vibha and vihaan turn around boggled. harpreet says that she forgot what she screamed for, but it must have been serious. Vibha asks her to remember while she goes and gets arushi. she leaves hastily, with vihaan after her. The mothers are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Kasturi’s residence
Dadaji and others are shocked to know that arushi is being treated like a servant in the family. kasturi explains everything. they pray to the lord that soon everything gets alright, and vihaan remembers everything back. Jhanvi says that they should complain against vibha. kasturi says that they are refraining due to vihaan’s critical health, as this can have an adverse effect on vihaan’s health, as he cant be given any kind of stress. She says that they should just pray that all is right soon. girish assures them that all would be alright soon, and arushi along with the mothers shall bringh vihaan back to their life. He then takes out the payment, that Kamla gave for the order. She counts it surprisingly, and says that these are extra, as the payment was for 10000 but this is 15000. All are tensed. Girish says that it might have been a mistake. kasturi says that she has never made a mistake like this. Girish asks her to talk to her only, and he seems tensed. She asks him to return the extra five thousand back to her. He silently complies. jhanvi is boggled. She goes and confronts girish, who says that there’s a stain on the collar of the shirt, which is actually the imprint of the client’s lips on the shirt, but he hides it. she leaves to her room. he is apalled and tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
In vihaan’s room, Arushi is busy trying to retrieve the medicine from under the sofa and finally finds it amidst much difficulty, and gets up painfully. But her foot gets caught in the rug, and she trips. just at the moment, vihaan walks in and finding her fall, he lets out a scream, addressing her name. The mothers downstairs are shocked and worried. They rush to vihaan’s room. By that time, vihaan catcehs her just in time, so that they enter into a romantic embrace as they lock eyes. vibha comes and watches this angrily too. the mothers however are very happy. Vibha distracts vihaan by calling his name, and he composes them both. Vibha reconfirms that this is exactly what she was worried about. Vihaan too agrees. Granny tries to plead, but vihaan says that they all saw that arushi isnt in the condition to work, and that the decision has been taken, that arushi is leaving rightaway. all are shocked including arushi, who is apalled. Vibha smiles evilly. The screen freezes on arushi’s sad face.

Precap: Vibha reminds arushi, while she is packing her stuff, that she had told her, that he shall himself leave arushi out of the house. She says that she did win finally. While vihaan takes her luggage out, Arushi takes a tearful and sad goodbye from all the mothers. vihaan takes her luggage and goes out. Arushi and vihaan come to kasturi’s place, where they are all tensed too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. come on writers please put vibha in a rightful place prison for giving Vihaan wrong medication which could cause deterioration of his health vibha is a wicked woman from day one she had her eyes on Vihaan arushis husband and she mean that she would get him by any means possible and so when she heard the mothers arranging for the marriage of her and manhohar she decided to dust it and follow arushi and Vihaan to where they went on their honeymoon and that is how she started her planning to get Vihaan anyway when the incident occurred she did accomplish this but we all know she does not really love Vihaan it is all about obsession and his riches to get her hands on his money which she already start splurging in clothes jewelery and paying of the lab nurse for the report any way writers this is the usual script with the switching of reports and to tell the truth we are all fed of the copy catting of all these scripts in all the serials so please we request you all to stop it and give us more realistic happenings vibha needs to be taught a good lesson and as for these mother if this was in Trinidad and a scene like this came about she vibha would have been thrown out day one and I was taking hold of my son and demanding to see the medication she was giving to him and we would have let vibha know what time of the day it was no way she could have thrown arushi out of Vihaan bedroom and arushi is wife she would have made to understand this and all vihaans cards she is using would have been taken away and put to a stop because the business belongs to the seven mothers too so there it is writers come up with better storylines please and remember vibha has no place in vihaans life or his house so end that tract now call the police for vibhas ass

  2. Nonsense anybet arushi didnt get hold of those pills wish if she had find it so that she can take this opportunity to go by her mom place n examine it to find out what there r for and then go back at vihaan place to expose vibha
    Hope something good n interesting come out if that precap like vihaan finally getting flash back or see a wedding photo with he n arushi together cuz i know the will definity have one with them hang up on the wall or something’s cuz her mom didn’t move any pics like what they did in vihaan home

  3. Memory loss and hiding form the law believing its right is unrealistic and total nonsense.

  4. What kind of a woman is vibha?Omg! Ungrateful!! She saved arushi n priyanka frm goin to jail bt they saved her frm committing suicide n being homeless… Arushi cared for her m put her in a place n tried to make her happy..but wht did arushi get?heartache!!i literally cried becz it is heartbreaking… To kno sum1 cud betray u like tht even tho u were a great human being towards them… Vihaan is in a bad position but doesnt love conqour all?hw can he treat the love of his life this way?plz im begging u,let arushi go away from vihaan so even whn he get his memory bk n throw vibha out he’ll feel all the pain tht arushi is feeling

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