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Satrangi Sasural 10th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Narmada is shocked to see whats going on, as she particularly eyes kyra, who stands tensed too. granny hopes and prays for the best. she gets narmada inside, and then tells the children that their granny is here. Granny then introduces her to kyra, as her bahu, while geeta and harpreet stand tesned, and says that she must have known by now that vihaan remarried and the children got a new mother, and they are very happy. she then tells kyra that this is her true mother in law, vihaan’s actual mother, and asks her to take narmada’s blessings. kyra comes hesitatingly and tensed, while granny waits for her reaction. When narmada knows the truth, and kyra comes to take blessings from her, and she shoves her away and kyra falls on

the ground. All are shocked. Granny picks up kyra, while the children are scared. kyra says that she knows she isnt who she was expecting, but as a human being, she can respect her to be another girl rather a woman. narmada eyes arushi’s pic, and then finds the wall bare and empty. she is shocked and then asks them where is arushi. they are distraught and tensed, while they are shocked and ask her where is arushi and who took her out. Vihaan comes in just then and sees this. he comes in and asks her not to scream as it isnt good. they try and calm her down, while she screams who threw her out. She then turns angrily to kyra asking how dare she do this. geeta blurts out that he took out arushi’s pic. narmada is disheartened and disappointed looks at vihaan, having lost his faith and belief. resignedly, she goes in her room, while all are tensed and worried for her. Later in her locked room, narmada asks how could they forget arushi. they beg her to stop this madness and open the door. To their horror, she throws petrol on herself and lights up a matchstick. geeta tells him that the doctor fooled them, and she isnt well mentally yet. He asks narmada to give them a chance to explain atleast. granny literally begs with folded hands. but narmada is about to set herself afire. all are outraged and apalled. Vihaan desperately tries to break the door. Kyra gets an idea and then goes out to get a water pipe, and sprays it on narmada that douses the matchstick as well as washes off the petrol on her body. vihaan finally breaks in and finds narmada unconscious. Others come in too and are apalled. he asks her what was she trying to do. Granny thanks and exclaims profusely that she saved narmada’s life and performed her first duty as the bahu of the house. he looks up shocked and surprised. harpreet watches resignedly.

Later, narmada rests on the sofa, while all wait for her to get up. when she does, she wards him away while vihaan begs for a chance to explain himself. granny tells her that kyra saved her life. Granny makes her sit down and calmly tells her that kyra is a good girl and asks her to give her time and try to accept her. narmada says that she wont be able to do it, and hence they have to decide that either kyra stays in the house, or she shall stay. All are tensed, while vihaan is worried. Geeta asks him to leave her alone, as when left for sometime, she would use her brain and stop this mad banter. narmada says that she wishes to know right now, as she cant bear this a single minute more. Granny asks her whats this madness. Narmada says that she indeed is mad as per geeta’s opinion and hence is expressing it too, and that they have to choose. he asks her to try and understand. but she shuts him up, saying she doesnt want to argue and asks him to make this simple choice. kyra stands worried. All are tensed. granny is distraught. narmada tells him that his silence gave her the answer she needed. she begins to go, but kyra stops her saying that if anyone leaves the house, its her, and she prays that a situation never comes like this, in any family, that they have to choose like this. She gets emotional and says that broken families are highly unhappy, and noone knows better than her, as she has lived through it, and she just wants that in any family, all should be together and happy. granny wipes her tears too. Kyra goes inside her room. narmada stands resignedly.

In her room, kyra apologises to arushi’s pic, saying that all her mother in laws are mental cases and then apologises again for saying that, as all love her, due to which they cant accept anyone instead of her, and as it is, she didnt come to this place for that purpose, and she just wants peace in the family. granny who is hearing this, along with the children at the doorstep, asks her if she shall be able to say this to the children too. kyra turns around tensedly and is apalled as she sees the children’s crying faces, as they beg her not to go, addressing her as Mummy. Kyra apologises. the children say that they shall together make narmada understand. granny too says that they can get get narmada to agree, and she doesnt think kyra is an escapist, as even after all this, she handled the situation so peacefully, and thats the sign of a good bahu, and most importantly if she stays here, she herself shall have the faith that this house can become a home. She reminds kyra that she said she saw broken homes, and now she has got the chance to salvage a broken home, and if she wants broken homes to be happy, then this is the house that she needs to start with. kyra says that she has already told people that she is going. granny says that she has an idea so that noone has to go anywhere. the children and granny smile at her, while kyra is boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: on the road
Mamaji is threatened by an aide of the goon, who he owes money. he begs for somemore time, and then the goon tells him that his meeting with his boss is tomorrow, and he better have the money or he shall come but never leave. the goon goes. mamaji is scared. He then calls up someone, and gives him the task to kidnap someone. The kidnappers come and he gives them kyra’s pic saying that they need to kidnap her, and then get her to the old godown, and after she signs some documents, then she should be killed. they comply and leave. he then tauntingly talks to grandpa’s soul saying that he wants money and sadly this is the only option left, and maybe its the best option, as grandpa’s heir when out of the way, he would get everything, being the true heir. he smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The goons come disguised as plumbers who have come for a routine checkup of the pipelines. they say that they shall start with that room, pointing to kyra’s room. harpreet allows them to go. They enter and find a girl arranging clothes, with her back towards them. they assume its her. he first attempt fails as she ducks them obliviously as she bends down. while Kyra listens to music, with her earphones, they again come and nudge her on the shoulder, and she turns around to find itsa the same goons, who hastily shove an anaesthesia laden hankey on her face and she falls on the bed unconscious. they check her with the pic, to confirm they kidnapped the right girl. the screen freezes on kyra’s unconscious face.

Precap: The goons wrap her up in a blanket and bundle her up. they then stealthily begin to take her out of the house. they come outside on the street. while buying groceries, geeta and vihaan are shocked and suspicious as they find the plumbers taking away the mattress and are enraged, oblivious, that it contains kyra inside it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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