Satrangi Sasural 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
vihaan tells them that a few days of the contract are left and he shall finish it, and fulfill his responsibility, the way she has and has always been by his side, the way a mother should care for her kidsd, and if kyra leaves, then so does he. granny asks him not to go anywhere. Kyra says that no one shall go anywhere, as the house is made by the members of the family, mother and son, granny and grandson, mother and kids, father and kids, and a husband and wife, and if they separate then its just a house, and arushi would have never let that happen. all get emotional. She says that till she is his wife, she wont let it happen too. she eyes him endearingly, while they are all tensed. she says that she wont let them be apart, at any cost,

and even if this is a contract relation, but she has always considered them her family, the kids hers and he too hers, as she has actually fallen….and is about to blurt out, when she checks herself in time. Vihaan stands tensed. granny understands that she is in love. kyra goes in. bebo wonders whats going on, as they both keep standing up for each other time and again, and if this continues, then she shall never get her property. She says that she has to break it at any cost, and in any condition.

Inside, the room kyra gets to unpacking, when vihaan comes in. Kyra asks if he is doing all this merely for the contract marriage and if he took the decision of leaving the house, his family and his life, merely for their deal. he is puzzled and asks what other reason could there have been as they have been very clear, right from the beginning and that he wouldnt break his commitment at any cost. Kyra is puzzled by his indifference, and asks if thats the only reason. he is boggled and responds affirmatice. She agrees, but asks that he shouldnt have done this. he asks what, and asks her to explain. she asks if anyone leaves everything for the sake of respecting a contract marriage. He gets tensed, speechless, surfs out some things, uncomfortable, at the confrontaion. he takes out the shirts, and she says that she shall keep them for him. they get into a fight as usual, dropping the clothes on the floor. They both bend down to pick it, and hit on the head. Both wince in pain, but he sees her troubled, and attends to her caressingly. she likes it, and then hits her head softly against his, and he is boggled as to why. She says that striking once incites fights. he says that they havent fought for a long time, and smiles. he gets amused and she accuses him jokingly that he likes fighting with her and even enjoys it. he denies, unable to hide his laughter. She says that he has gotten habituated to her. he is surprised to hear this, while she too gets tensed. she then stutters that he has the habit of fighting with him, while he too gets tensed. Then he composes himself and he begins to leave. She calls out to him, and he turns around, indisposed. she asks if she can say something, and starts to blabber but then changes her mind and says that its nothing. he eyes her boggled and then leaves. she wonders how to tell him, that she loves him. She smiles through her tears, and wonders what if he finds out, and how would he react, and what if he slaps, as he likes that and is herself amused at her foolishness. She picks up his shirt, and finds his phone having fallen down. She picks it up, and then suddenly gets an idea, and does soemthing on it.

Outside, geeta reprimands that its narmada’s fault, that if she hadnt fallen sick, then kyra wouldnt have come through the contract marriage. she continues to reprimand and hammer her for her stupidity, while narmada goes into a rant of self guilt. geeta gets a message from Vihaan, asking her to meet at the Punjabi dhaba alone. she thinks that she wont go, as she has to go to her friend’s marriage too, where she would be away from the commotion in the house, and also earn some money there as the caretaker.

As kyra is about to step out, bebo asks if she is going anywhere. She says that she is and asks for 5 grands. bebo asks for what, while giving it to her. she then tells them of their plan for a family lunch. bebo asks why. kyra says that she is planning to announce something. bebo asks what. Kyra apologises and says that she cant tell her too right now. bebo wrenches her hand around and asks whats going on. Kyra says that she still hasnt understood. bebo says that she merely understands that she would lose her property and it shall go to the trust. Kyra says that its good if that happens, as its shall come to help for the needy, as nothing matters to her more than her husband and her family. bebo asks who is she doing this for. Kyra says that its for vihaan. bebo asks by what right. Kyra says that she might have forgotten that vihaan is her husband and she loves him. she thanks bebo for the money, and then goes in to freshen up. bebo thinks that things are going out of hand but she wont allow this to happen. she eyes the purse, thinking that she cant accept defeat having come so close to victory.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Dolly and Pinky come inside the house, as they start fighting amongst each other, to get sunny, while he is frustrated aand apalled. he is sandwiched between the love of both of them.

Scene 3:
Location: Restaurant
narmada arrives at the restaurant boggled and confused as to whats this all about. priyanka and then one by one, others arrive too. they understand that they have all been called in by the same pretext. they are confused as to why vihaan called them singlton. Kyra comes with vihaan saying that they wouldnt have come together, if she asked them to. He is boggled too. Kyra asks them all to sit down. He asks whats going on. she asks him to sit first. granny smiles and asks if it was her idea. Kyra says that it was, and whatever happened yesterday, made her realise that she is suffocating. she says that she was hesitating, talking inside the four walls. Narmada says that its a fantastic idea, but who would pay the money. kyra says that its her treat. As vihaan sits with his family, they are all tensed and surprised, at the exorbitant prices on the menu and comment on it. Intentionally, Priyanka asks them all not to worry as kyra is paying and then decide to order. granny laments that the prices were always high, but they never bothered earlier to even look at them. Kyra gets boggled and tensed, but complies nevertheless, hoping that in 5thousand bucks all would be okay. however she is shocked as she sees the purse, and finds it empty and then wonders where the money went and if they fell anywhere. bebo, dressed in a burqa, nearby is amused. He senses her upset and asks whats the matter. she denies and says that she would be back in just a minute.

Meanwhile, the bebo pays the waiter and he goes to clean vihaan’s family’s table, and intentionally drops auce on priyanka’s saree, making it look like an accident. Priyanka reprimands him, and goes to the washroom to clean it up. bebo gets up stealthily, and picks up a phone, lying on the seat. While priyanka is cleaning the saree, bebo comes inside the washroom, and places the mobile in priyanka’s purse, and thinks that now the real game begins.

Outside, bebo gets kyra’s call, asking her about the money, as it isnt in the purse. she pretends to be surprised. Kyra asks her to get the money from the room, as she might have dropped it there. bebo pretends to be concerned, and then suggests that priyanka is a kleptomaniac and maybe she flinched it. Kyra is surprised, and asks her to come soon. bebo complies. bebo thinks that now kyra’s hopes shall be tarnished, as on one side, priyanka would be embarassed in front of people, as a thief, and secondly, kyra shall be insulted for not being able to pay the bill. she thinks that now vihaan wont let her stay in the house as he can bear anything, but not the disrespect of any of his mothers. priyanka comes back and sits. kyra comes boggled as she eyes her. Someone screams that his mobile got stolen. kyra wonders if priyanka did it. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kyra is out behind the bar for not being able to pay the hotel bill. vihaan and granny come to the police station, where they are informed that they shall have to pay 10000 to be able to get her out of the jail. they are tensed. Vihaan comes back home, and while all the mothers are tensed, he starts rummaging for money and then finds a box. Vihaan opens it and finds the mangalsutra and thinks that he managed the money finally. They are all apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    hello i really love this show as i always read this thing on a daily basis!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite part is when they die in each others arms, its so romantic!!!!!!!!!I probbbs sound totes irrelevant but it will all make sense in the end just send me an email to me if you can find it and blah blah blah

  2. This show is very nice yes but they need to accept Kyra as the best daughter in
    a I would say……hope this episode will expose dharma and adana very fast…

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