Satrangi Sasural 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi and priyanka are about to go out, when arushi tells priyanka that she could have hailed a taxi, but priyanka offers to drive her new car herself. Arushi complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Coffee shop
Mini waits for rauank, when he comes flirting and teasing with her, while she is thoroughly irritated. Even destiny plays by his side, and he is amused at her plight.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Priyanka drives on the road, increasingly getting irritated, at arushi’s romantic calls and begins to drive recklessly. Arushi asks her to drive safe as she is scared, but priyanka ignores her. Arushi asks if she is okay. Priyanka says that she isnt, and has to sday something. arushi asks her to side, and

then talk. She loses control and hits a woman, and then jams the car in a tree. arushi’s head hits the bonnet. When she finally wakes up, she turns back, in immense pain herself, and finds the lady unconscious by the side of the road. she rushes to her, and asks if she is okay. A crowd gathers around, and then she goes to check on priyanka, who is unconscious behind the wheels. Shwe finally wakes up, dizzy headed. they both rush to the girl. Arushi asks why isnt she waking up. The people reprimand them. Arushi finds priyanka groggy too. Arushi tries to manage both of them into getting proper care. she hyerself hails for a cab or help from some passing vehicle in the middle of the road, ignoring her aggravating stomach pain. Finally, she stands in the way of a mini-truck.

Scene 4:
Location: City hospital and Vihaan and arush’s residence
Arushi rushes both of them to the hospitaal, where they are immediately admitted. Her stomach cramps too and she winces as she clutches at it. The nruse says that the pain is critical and she should get herself checked. She says that she shall do so, after she informs her parents. then she goes to get her cell from her car. While at her place, granny and others are teasing raunak why he didnt marry, and he says that he wants a girl just like her. mini fumes. Granny’s phone rings. Arushi tells granny about everything. All are shocked to hear this. They rush to the hospital.
While kasturi is praying, jhanvi gives a helping hand. Her phone starts ringing, and jhanvi gives the phone to kasturi. Mini calls up kasturi and tells about the accident. She says that arushi is fine and has just sustained minor injuries. kasturi leaves rightaway.

Arushi then finds that the girls’ family has arrived, and demand to know about her. The family begins to reprimand her, while she is scared and tries to clarify. But they threaten her and she assures them that the girl would be alright. Arushi tries to convince them, but they are beyond relief. they threaten to teach her a lesson, by going to the police. He tries to take her by the hand, but granny, comes along with others, and asks her not to even dare. He then continues to reprimand them that they are high class people, but arushi and others defend granny. they misbehave and then leave. Arushi hugs granny, and cries profusely, saying priyanka is in emergency room. they rush there. raunak is ternsed. granny gets o know from the nurse, that the victim is critical and priyanka too hasnt regained consciousness. meanwhile, the police arrives. The nurse tells the inspector that she had called, ande then pointing to arushi says that she brought the two people here. Arushi is in uncontrollable tears. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The police grill and investigate from arushi, trying to get her statement. She is too shocked and rattled. granny places her hand in arushi’s. They grill her. finally, Arushi says that she was driving the car, shocking all the mothers.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Arushi want to go to jail for that ungrateful woman….she good weee

  2. Same thing i say that she will take the blame for the accident if i was she i could tell the police the truth that priyanka was the one who was driving the car so that she can face all the consequences by herself but no arushi want to be great for taking the blame priyanka deserve the the punishment not arushi she was only thinkin about get revenge on arushi and now u see what happen all because of her stubborness hatrness n jealousness behavior

  3. arushi it is about time you stand your ground and stop taking the blame for others of all people prianka what do you think that if you continue to take blame for prianka all the time that she will love you for it come on wake up and smell the coffee this woman hates you and nothing you do even if you lay your life for her she will not change and that is because she is very wicked and you cannot change her mind or her ways so stop being so niaive all the time forget about prianka all the others love you and support you so who cares about prianka if she chooses to go that way so be it let her rot with her evil ways

  4. where is Vihaan rush to your wife please I am sure that arushi is pregnant well it is now prianka going mad cannot wait for this to happen LOL

  5. Arushi is an absolute foold – get Priyanka punished she deserves it. Arushi time that you grow up and stop trying to please everyone – you will surely loose in the end

  6. A nice episode. Superb acting by Arushi.

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