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Satrangi Sasural 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vibha seeing vihaan’s condition, sends manohra to take care if arushi needs anything, when he insists that he too shall stay back, and herself also cancels the plan. she thinks that arushi isnt right in leaving her husband like this, and enjoying her brother’s marriage. she decides to use full advantage of this night, where she is all alone with vihaan.

While vihaan is looking for something in the kitchen, vibha comes there. he is shocked to see her. Vihaan asks vibha whats she still doing here. Vibha says that she couldnt go seeing him like this. he says that its still paining. She says that he shall get Haldi Milk for him. he thanks her, and goes to his room, asking her to please get it to the room. She prepares the milk

and then mixes one sedative and then decides that it not being enough, she thinks that she should put 2, 3 tablets, and does so. She gives it to him, and while hr drinks, she stands. he says that he wants to be alone for sometime. she asks if he needs anything. he replies in negative, and then adds that he shall dose off soon, and asks her to leave. She asks if she should press his head, and he is surprised, but denies politely. She turns around and begins to leave, and finds him having finished the milk. Vihaan doses off. later, vibha finds vihaan asleep, apologises t him, that she knwos he shall never let her take care of him, as he is a very good husband, but she cant see him suffering like this, hence she gave him a strong dose, so that he can relax nicely, and she can take full care of him. She eyes him longingly with love, as he sleeps. She pulls the covers on him, when she notices the tattoo, Arhaan on his chest, and is shocked and angry too. She decides to stay there only, as he isnt well, and what if he needs anything, then she should be right beside him, even if his wife isnt caring enough to do it for him. she lies by the sofa and doses off.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
As the mehendi begins, jhanvi is asked if he wants girish’s name written, and she overwhelmingly eyes girish. Arushi too gets the name, Arhaan, and then excitedly shows it to the ladies, who are equeally excited too, and decide to name the first kid, Arhaan itself. arushi smiles at their banter.

As girish chats with friends putside, he catches glimpse of jagjeet’s informer, trying to click pics. when he hollers, the person runs away. they run after him, but he escapes. Girish gathers all his men to tighten the security, despite vihaan’s efforts as his men knows the lanes better. he is tensed and worried, as his men get to work.

Inside, merriment and festivities are full on, when during dancing, jhanvi gets dizzy and collapses in girish’s arms, who catches her just in time. all get tensed, while girish covers up saying that she must be tensed due to her family, hence became unconscious. Girish leaves with jhanvi, without anyone’s help. Arushi feels that there’s more to it than meets the eye, but wonders what. Later, granny and ladies begin to leave, while arushi says that she would just go and meet jahnvi and then come down. She leaves.

In the room, jhanvi tells girish that she cant lie to his family. he asks her to understand as his family wont understand her problem, and never let them get married. they are shocked to find arushi standing in the doorway, tensed and boggled. She comes in sternly, and then looks at both of them, and then asks about jhanvi’s pregnancy. He asks her to listen before reacting. she asks how can he achieve anything by lying about marriage, as he knwos very well, that the truth wont let them get married. girish then clarifies that he isnt marrying for jhanvi’s condition, but bercause he loves her, way before he knew about her pregnancy, and had he told the truth, they would have rejected her. she says that she is hurt, that he didnt even have the faith that he could confide in her too. Jhanvi says that she was also thinkingt hat she cant lie, and if she doesnt want this marriage to happen then so be it. arushi says that she is very brave and strong, and any other girl wouldnt have impended her marriage, and compliments her on her genuinety, and girish is lucky, but then asks her if she loves him. She is left speechless, while girish too waits for her answer. he says that he loves her and shall wait for the day till she starts loving him, as he cant force love on her. she marvels and feels proud of his maturity, as what he is doing requires guts, to stand by a woman in such a condition and giving a name to the unborn child. Girish says that he loves her very much and till they dont get married, he wants that she doesnt say about this to anyone. Arushi is tensed, and then leaves without saying anything, girish and jhanvi are worried too.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Finally all the ladies return. geeta is tensed for jhanvi’s family creating a nuisance in the marriage, while arushi assures that vihaan’s arrangement for security is impeccable and nothing would happen. Arushi leaves to check on vihaan, while geeta and harpreet think that vibha too didnt reach and decdie to see whats the matter. When arushi goes in her room, she finds vihaan asleep, and lovingly eyes him, thinking that he must be really tired and sick, getting all held up the marriage preparations and arrangements. meanwhile geeta and harpreet find vibha’s room empty and decide to call her, which rings in vihaan’s room. Arushi hears the phone ring, and finds vihaan sleeping heavily on the bed, while vibha sleeping on the floor, by the sofa. she is startled and tensed too to see this. She wakes vibha up, and asks tersely whats she doing here. vibha is tensed. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: jagjeet comes with a pistol in the marriage venue, and holds it against jhanvi, while all are shocked, and the bride is distraught. Vihaan comes in the way and says that things can be sorted out by talks too, and asks him to be sane and put the gun away. jagjeet comments that things have gone beyond talks now. vihaan asks whats so severe that jhanvi has done, that he is so hell bent on killing his own sister. Jagjeet smirks as he comments that this means she hasnt told anyone her relaity and the truth. kasturi and others are boggled, and ask what truth is he talking about. jahnvi and girish are distraught, while jagjeet plans to tell them everything. All stand tensedly to hear.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. writers please stick to the storyline of arushi and Vihaan already you start another one with girish and jvanvi please and there you go again a lot of violence brother wants to kill sister and father involved in this also too much violence in all these serials we are totally fed up why cannot you writers give us a nice serial with a happy ending once and for all

  2. Jeez couldnt you come up with a better plot than having Vibha fall in love with Vihaan. It is so repetitive in ALL zee soaps. Yes I agree these things happen but couldnt this serial atleast stand out from the rest…..okay Vihaan saved Vibha couldnt something else happen between Aarushi and Vihaan to disturb their marriage and Vibha could have seen Vihaan like a brother and Aarushi like a sister that she never had and try her level best to bring Aarushi and Vihaan back together??? Please keep in mind not every girl will fall in love with a man who rescued her. Some girls actually have respect especially if their saviour is happily married!

    1. I agree with you on this one.These writers blatantly disrespects the virtues of marriage.They aways show adultery.fornication and you name it when marriage is concern.Women arebeing used as theow away tools in their marital relationships.Evey marriage in these stories must have an obstruction .Alwayssomething negative.They do not take the marital institution seriouslly at all.What is the lesson taught here that it is ok to just take away another woman’s husband just as the wink of an eye and this is ok.Young women go ahead and fake accidents make a man save you and take away his wife.Is not this low and women are shown in the lowest forms.

  3. I agree with you ami good script send it for the writers

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