Satrangi Sasural 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’ s residence
Sorry missed he first couple of minutes….shall be updated soon.
All sit down and enjoy as one happy family. Kyra takes their leave to go to the temple, to offer her prayers. Dolly and pinky too come in animatedly chattering about their lives with the mothers, and all excitedly banter about their present, happy situation. just then, mili comes in to serve tea and snacks, and dolly and pinky cringe at her sight, and pass comments as to how its impossible for them to be able to trsut er again. mili is flustered and then the mothers get tensed. Vihaan asks mili to come out, when she has the time, as he wishes to speak to her regarding something. He leaves. she follows tensedly.

Outside, vihan asks mili to make a fresh start,

and ignore what people say about her. mili says that its depressing to hear such things about herself, but since she has done it, she has to face it. He says that now she shall be able to clear everything. Mili is boggled. He is about to clear it, when the devi maa comes with a puja thali. mili is boggled. vihaan asks her to come and sit, as they shall try and know who was encapturing her mind, and that it isnt easy, but they shall try, and the process shall be slow, but she neednt be afraid. she asks mili to close her eyes, and concentrate on her voice. Mili complies. then the devi maa, chants and then tries to hypnotise her through the crystal ball, making mili do whatever she asks her to do. Devi asks mili to narrate what she sees. She then talks about the place where the maayavini maa is, and then comes upto the conclusion that its a woman, who is chanting weirdly. Vihaan and devi maa furthermore encourage her to keep going. Mili tries to talk, and tell more, while vihaan and devi maa start chanting Jai Mata di, to embolden her in her pursuit to find the maayavini maa. But mili finds everything is getting hazy, while they keep pushing her. Mili says that she cant stare at death anymore, and opens her eyes. He is frustrated that she opened her eyes, so close to achieving it. Devi maa asks him to relax, while vihaan asks if she is still trying to save her. Devi maa affirms that she too saw this with mili, and it was infact hazy. He apologises, and mili asks him not to, and that they shall try again. He suggests devi maa, that he can also be a medium to see, and together they might fetch more info. Devi maa likes the idea, and then instructs them that mayavini maa is very shrewd, and that they have no clue what persona she is in right now. They say that they shall try. Devi does the same rituals with him too, and then she hypnotises both of them together, and they are enslaved as per her wishes. They try to see.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Meanwhile, kyra arrives at the temple, and offers her prayers. The priest does the puja for her. while climbing down the stairs of the temple, Kyra gets dizzy and falls and is just composed, by a lady in black saree, who holds her just in time, to prevent her from hitting her head. kyra is shocked to see that lady. The puja thali falls, and the priest declares it as an omen. kyra vehemently protests, while the ladies start cribbing about how ominoys she is. The lady jumps to kyra’s defence, and asks how can they be so orthodox and critical of kyra, as noone does it intentionally, and gives a logic and plausible explanation as to how th clanking of the puja thali on the ground, is in fact lucky, as that alarmed them all, and she was able to save kyra in time, and that is nowehere unlucky. She then preaches the priest to follow right and upright morals and teachings. He complies, and then rushes back for puja. the lady arranges her thali, and kyra asks her not to bother, and thanks her. The lady says that its okay. Kyra applauds her for the beautiful way she is handling the situation. Then she suggests to kyra that she can give her a lift, as she is weak. kyra asks her to do the puja, while the lady says that she is done. Kyra complies and then they leave.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road, In the car
Kyra talks about her Satrangi sasural, and goes on a rant about the importance and family and familial values, and then asks about the lady’s background. she says that she is out of touch with her family for long, and now she needs them, and shall get back to them. Kyra when she reaches her destination, asks her to stop the car, and invites her in. she says that she shall come some other time, and that for now, she shall resist the temptation of having a very gud cup of tea from her hands. kyra is surprised and asks how does she know that she makes good tea. She says that its very easy to identify from some people. kyra then gets down the car and leaves. the lady says that she agrees on her ideals about family, and that she shall need kyra’s help to get back with her family. She says that she has no other way, and that she is the only help out. she apologises but thats why she shall have to find for excuses to meet her, to get close to her family. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: As kyra still feeling groggy, sits with the mothers, dolly comments that maybe its because she was also hypnotised and was under someone’s else’s influence of magic. The mothers ask kyra to go and freshen up, and then rest. Kyra is tensed and complies nevertheless. she gets up but again gets groggy, and falls on the floor, unconscious. The mothers rush to her, while narmada screams for vihaan, who enters with mili, and devi maa, all of whom are apalled to see her like that.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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