Satrangi Sasural 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Vihaan is super excited at arushi’s news about geeta’s proposal. when girish passing by on the bike with his friend, sees arushi getting cosy with him and gets angry. But his friend recognises vihaan, and points out to girish that his sister’s relationship with vihaan shall only mean better lifestyle for them too. girish understands.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
While arushi’s mother is working, girish sits tensedly. when prahlad comes, girish starts hollering at him, for doing this and being so irresponsible and callous all the

time, that he doesnt take care of his own family, and is feeding off his daughter’s living and income. Prahlad gets enraged and throws a tantrum that he shall beat him and teach him a lesson today, but girish stands defiant and unfazed. her mother is shocked at this change in girish, while he has an overwhelming display of brotherly love for arushi. Her mother asks if he was so concerned, then he should have stopped earlier, and not when everything is ruined. She resignedly leaves. After she leaves, they both sit down, leaving the pretense, thinking that the entire drama went in vain. they wonder what to do now. Prahlad tries to find the problem, and they understand that they both have messed with the family terribly. Girish is tensed, while prahlad starts smiling. girish asks whats the matter. He says that he has an evil idea, and narrates it to him. Girish gets happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Geeta stops vihaan from working, and then hesitatingly brings forth the topic of the girl that she has selected for him. Just then, narmada comes and geeta changes the subject. after she leaves, geeta talks about the girl that she selected. Mini comes and they both dont reveal. when she leaves, geeta asks him to meet her and tell his descision, so that she can disclose her to the rest of the family. Vihaan thinks that other mothers havent selected her yet, and she has to meet all the other mothers, so that they all agree in unison. He cites work as an excuse, but geeta is adamant that he meets the girl today only. She is about to leave, while he pretends to sneeze. She being superstitious, considers it as a bad omen, and decides that he shall meet her some other day. he apologises for having cheated, as he has no other option. He smiles, thinking that he needs to play safe.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Priyanka, while going in the car, finds a husband beating his wife badly, inebriated and drunk. she immediately gets down. Arushi too is taking the video of it, on her phone, whil others simply watch on. Arushi remembers her father hitting her mother and is apalled. just then, priyanka comes and hits him, and reprimands him too. she slaps him and he leaves fuming with anger. She starts to criticise the people for watching the drama as spectators. they all leave. Arushi gets busy on her phone. Priyanka finds her and gets the wrong notion. sarthi thinks that again arushi would fail in priyanka’s test. she comes to arushi, and identifies her, asking whats she doing here. Priyanks reprimands arushi, asking how can she be so callous, that she is taking a video of a woman getting beaten, and for what, so that the video goes viral on facebook, and she gets immense likes and comments. She reprimands arushi for her insensitivity, and how this is the problem with their generation, and asks that she could have stopped the crime instead of filming it. Arushi stands tensed. priyanka begins to go, while arushi says that her slaps didnt solve it either, as he would reiterate it again, as she cant keep her safe 24 hours. she tells that the video was emailed to all NGO’s and social service centres, for adequate protection for woman, and arrest for the man. Priyanka is silenced. Arushi says that the lady shall get justice due to what she did, and not what priyanka did. As she begins to go, priyanka apologises for the misunderstanding, saying that she understands her now. They both greet each other happily. sarthi is relieved. Priyanka too takes her number, and arushi excitedly gives it. She leaves. arushi is super happy. She instantly calls Vihaan, but harpreet doesnt find vihaan anywhere and receive instead. Arushi doesnt realise this, and starts bantering, shocking harpreet. Harpreet asks whats she talking. Arushi is scared. vihaan comes in shocked that she heard it all. He hurriedly takes the phone, and gives an excuse, taking advantage of her forgetful nature. He is successful at distracting her. She finally leaves. then he talks to arushi, after having apologised to harpreet for having used her illness. He thinks that he is helpless and feels that he too is going through some test, along with arushi. He says that intentions are to keep the house happy, hence he had to lie.

Scene 5:
Location: IDBI Bank
Nilima later, goes to IDBI bank, and the manager asks Arushi to take care of her. Arushi comes and refuses nilima point blank, that her time is done, and she has an urgent work. Nilima says that had it been not urgent, she wouldnt have requested so badly. Nilima is surprised and says that she is a customer here, and she wants this work done right away. Arushi says that she has an urgent pre-disposition that she needs to take care of, even though she understands her urgency. she leaves. Nilima is shocked and enraged, and decides to teach professionalism to arushi. Nilima asks the manager how can they do this. She asks the manager to either suspend the girl in this bank, or else she shall close the account rightaway. She is angry.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
While driving on the road, Nilima comes across the same girl, arushi teaching to street kids on the road, excitedly. she is surprised and gets out of the car and baffled, progresses towards her. Nilima excuses her for a minute. She asks if this is the reason she left hurriedly. When arushi complies, nilima feels guilty of what she did. Arushi says that slum children dont get education, and she didnt want to betray them, by being late, hence she didnt do her work. Nilima remembers herself doing the same in her young age. She hesitatingly asks that she is so beautiful in every which way, and if she is married. Arushi smiles, and denies.

Later, vihaan is excited that arushi is winning one after the other. Vihaan is sure that they shall win. They both are excited, and celebrate it together. He says that whatever they planned failed, and they genuinely got impressed. she smiles thinking that she didnt want to impress them by planning, and hence they arent cheating at all. She is still worried, while he assures her nothing would go wrong. They both smile at each other.

Precap: Prahlad comes along with girish, and apologises to vihaan’s mothers. They are tensed. Girish addresses Vihaan as jijaji, saying that he is guilty for Vihaan too, shocking them all.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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