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Satrangi Sasural 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Undisclosed location
Kyra begs mili to show her face and asks what has vihaan done to her, that she is doing this. Mili taunts that she shall never understand what he has done to her, and that whatever they have snatched from her, she shall take it all back, and not spare anyone, and shall kill everyone torturously. kyra screams at her to show her face. but she hides it and leaves. kyra goes berserk, as the door is shut back. She begs to be released and cries incoherently. kyra remembers her time with vihaan and gets emotional. She is determined that she wont accept defeat and shall break the wall. She tries to feel. As kyra continues to drill holes into the wall, desperately trying to set herself free, she is oblivious that vihaan shall ultimately agree to marrying

mili at the altar.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is insisted by the mothers, as they try hard to convince him, that this is right for arushi’s free spirit. Nilim and harpreet ask him to do this for his responsibility towards arushi. he says that this cant be, and asks her to understand and there must be another way out. All are tensed. The priest says that out of the options, its advisable that he focusses on arushi’s release. Just then, mili comes distraught asking what are they talking about. All are shocked to see her. they try and make her understand what she has to do, by marrying vihaan to be able to free arushi’s spirit. mili says that she has heard it all, but asks how couldnt they consider her opinion before making a decision. harpreet tries and emphasises what they are doing. Mili asks if they wish to sacrifice her for that. they are tensed. narmada vehemently denies, and then they are asked how can they even think of this, and then rushes inside. All stand tensedly. Narmada asks vihaan to go and make her understand, while he is tensed. granny hopes that kyra comes back somehow, and geeta agrees too, or else there would be bigger trouble if he marries mili. mini too doesnt like the idea.

In the room, mili thinks evilly that everything is happening according to the plan, as they have no other option, and vihaan shall have to come to them, and the minute the marriage is done, she would trip this sasural of all its colours, swearing revenge, and that she shall turn everyone’s life to hell. He comes and she composes herself. he says that he knows what she is going through in this complicated situation, but he tried to search for kyra everywhere, but failed, and he is sure that the police shall find kyra, but in all this, he wants arushi to be free, and for that they need to be married. She hugs him, saying that she is his sister in law, then how can she marry him. He says that he wont hurt her, and would find kyra whatever happens. she is tensed to hear this.

By the evening, the stage is set for the marriage, where all are boggled as to how mili agreed for marriage, when vihaan comes dressed as a groom. all eye him tensedly. he says that he resents his marriage to mili, as he is sure that kyra shall come. Just then, the police comes and he anxiously asks about kyra. they say that they couldnt find her. Vihaan and others are shocked. the priest informs them that they shouldnt let this time go, or there would be trouble. Vihaan asks the police to try. narmada says that he should get married. he is sure that kyra shall come, and denies that there shall be no problem. She says that its for arushi, and they dont have time. he says that they shall wait for krya, who shall come at the right time. Narmada eyes the inspector’s pistol, and then puts it against the head, shocking and scaring everyone, and asks them all to stand away from her. he begs her to keep it down, as the trigger can be pulled by mistake. she says that she shall do this, and she shall not let arushi get injustice and hence he shall have to marry. All are shocked while he is boggled and frustrated. Mili comes and begs her not to do this, and then blurts out, pretending to be by accident, that she shall do exactly as she says. he begs but narmada doesnt relent, and continues with her mad charade. Mili smiles evilly. Later, narmada gets mili dressed as a bride, while he stands tensedly, and eyes her angrily. Narmada nudges them to take their place, while geeta and granny are tensed. the jaimala ritual is thr first to proceed that the priest instructs them. He eyes narmada tensedly and then silently complies, when mili too takes. after the ritual, they are made to sit down. The priest gets the through the rituals, while he is oblivious that kyra is painstakingly taking down the wall, as he gets engaged in the gadhbandhan. granny and geeta watch disinterestedly. he begs and hopes that kyra comes back anyhow. He starts taking the pheras, while granny and geeta are shocked at this happening. He however thinks that he is sure that kyra shall come before this marriage complies. He takes the pheras in tension, while mili smiles, as the marriage appriaches culmination. They have their eyes set on the entrance, hoping that kyra comes in any second. Finally, kyra shows up, calling his name, as he is taking the pious circles of fire. All are shocked as they find her, in a distraught state, standing in the doorway. The screen freezes on kyra’s face.

Precap: As kyra is dressed as a bride, and ready to take her place at the altar, with vihaan by her side, narmada stops him and says that he is on the wrong path. he says that he loves her immensely, but this time he wont listen to her, and then gets to marrying kyra, as they take the pious circles around fire, while mili frustratedly watches them from a corner, standing as the dejected bride.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. With Aarushi and Vihaan…. it was a hit! Now what’s this mess about spirits,supernatural things etc! Is it the other name for Fear Files?

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