Satrangi Sasural 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Hospital
he doctor tells them, that there’s something thats stoppping vihaan’s progress, as since the incident, he hasnt made any major progress so far, and it seems that there’s some block to his gaining his memory back. Vibha hurriedly says that its because his is a delicate case. the doctor agrees. he prescribes some meds nevertheless, and tells them to dosage. The mothers try to take, while she hurriedly snatches it, leaving the doctor boggled too. She then asks the mothers to come and leave. they all get up and begin to leave, including vibha. All leave, while granny stays back, and shuts the door. Vibha gets tensed and worried. the mothers ask her to calm down, as granny is just talking inside. granny inside, asks the doctor if there’s

any other way to ensure vihaan getting his memory back. The doctor says that there’s one way but he didnt want to talk about it, in front of vibha, and hence can say it now. Granny is shocked to hear it.

Meanwhile, arushi takes vihaan out to the tea stall, where he relives his days of having roadside tea and biscuits, through arushi, who teaches him once again. As he enjoys it, she is emotional as she has flashbacks of the happier days. just then, it starts raining, and they rush for cover together, with vihaan making extra care that she doesnt get wet. She relives the old days, as she is overwhelmed with emotions to see the concern and care that she still has for him. They they go back to the tea stall to pay for the tea, where vihaan remembers that he has left his wallet in the hospital, and arushi pays for it, but in doing so, she accidentally drops something from the purse. then they begin to cross roads. while vihaan does, he is amused to know that arushi is scared to cross herself. He turns back and goes to get her. he asks her to give her hand in his, and she complies, eyeing his emotionally. covering her belly with the other hand, he safely leads her through the road.

Inside, vibha wonders where is vihaan, as she waits in the store room. she thinks before she finds him, she has to find the reports that contain the fact that she has been preventing vihaan from getting his memory back. She meets the wardboy, who takes a huge amount of money, to switch the reports, and gives her the fake ones. she leaves hurriedly, while he thinks that he shall keep the original and use it as a medium not to blackmail this woman, however and whenever he wants. He is amused.

Granny comes out of the chamber, and all ask her what happened. She doesnt respond, and asks about arushi and vihaan. they dont know but are happy that they both are together. Vibha comes in just then, saying that she was in the washroom, but they are least bothered and move out. Vibha wonders where are vihaan and arushi gone. she goes to check. On the road, she finds manohar in the car, who eyes her sternly. he says that he hasnt seen vihaan, when she asks about it. She turns around to find vihaan helping arushi cross the road, like a loving husband does. After crossing the road, vihaan and arushi eye each other romantically, while he is boggled. He snaps out of it, with a start. Vihaan moves ahead leaving her hand, while she joins behind. Manohar is tensed also. Vibha asks vihaan where had he gone, as she got completely tensed, and asks him not to do it again. Vibha is furious seeing arushi and vihaan together. she reprimands arushi asking her to take care of herself and do whatever she has to, but not involve vihaan in this, and atleast think about how it could have hurt vihaan’s delicate condition. he asks her not to overreact, as he just had tea and buscuits. she is shocked to know that he ate from the roadside, and tells thatits not okay. she asks her to stay in her limits, reminding her stature as a servant in the house. he says that its enough, and then reminds her not to speak like this to arushi, and even if she is the maid, she is like a family, and a part of it. Vibha takes vihaan, while vihaan asks manohar to get arushi and the mothers home. Manohar is furious after they leave, but arushi says that vihaan would never let her insult her ever, and that very soon that time shall come too, when vihaan himself throws her out of the house.

Scene 2:
Location: Kasturi’s client’s place
Girish comes for the delivery of the sarees, and waits for the payment, when the client comes just out of the bathroom, having taken a bath, wearing a bathrobe, giving seductive leering eyes at girish, who too is agape at her beauty. They share an electric conversation about each other’s introduction, while she keeps eyeing him amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi discusses along with the mothers, that they should try and subtlely bring up the old memories in front of vihaan, so that he gets his memory back. They get excited about it. vihaan and vibha join them for dinner. they change the topic. Vibha eyes arushi resignedly, as she remembers the last time, when arushi sat as the wife, and she stood as the helper of the family, and how tables have turned now. Vihaan drinks water and spills some, and vibha rushes to his catering, much to the despise of arushi and other mothers. kasturi who jas just walked in, is shocked to see this, and calls out to vihaan as Damaad. he is boggled as he turns around. vbha is acared, while others are tensed. he asks kasturi why he was addressed as damaad ji. before she can respond, arushi rushes and through hugging, she whispers in her ear, asking her to play along for her sake, and not spill out anything. Arushi then turns to everyone and introduces kasturi to vihaan, addressing him as Sir. kasturi is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vibha tells them all, that arushi is 8 months pregnant and isnt in a condition to clean and mop the floors, and she says that in a time like this, she along with her baby should be well taken care of. She suggests that they should send arushi off to live with her mother, kasturi in a time like this. All are shocked. Vihaan tremendously likes the idea, very happy that vibha is so concerned about arushi and agrees. Granny tries to plead, but vihaan says that arushi isnt in the condition to work, and that the decision has been taken, that arushi is leaving rightaway. all are shocked including arushi, who is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Getting sick n tired of this vibha it seem like these mother’s don’t know how to control her they r one who carry vihaan for the check up why the make she snatch those medicine from the doctor when them shld be the one to handle everythings that is related to vihaan now that he is living with him cuz she will not give him those pills she will exchange it with her…….just hope arushi get hold of those pills that vibha is giving vihaan soon

  2. vibha enjoy yourself girl you are getting all the rope to hang yourself and when that time arrives I am sorry for your ass because those seven mother ain’t easy and as for arushi do not take her slight either because when coming to her husband Vihaan you out for a rough ride it is only a matter of time before what is in the dark comes to light and she will surely throw you out of her marital home so vibha enoy it while it lasts cause your doom is coming

  3. Whhhhyyyyyyyy vihaan! That blo*dy ungrateful ugly-looking brat Vibha

  4. I’m sure next track will be vibhas pregnancy

  5. Same old story of kahani ghar ghar ki , same memory loss and other women giving medicine to forget that past
    Same old story getting bore

  6. I fed seriously. I can’t take this crap anymore this suppose to be a show of Vihaan and Arushi not vibah and Vihaan. Stop watching this show.

  7. Sad episode.

  8. this is true marie taylor these writers straying from the whole concept of this serial like you said this serial suppose to be about Vihaan and arushi not ugly vibha and Vihaan come on writers stop messing up all these serials one by one try and make the serials worthy watching my gosh you just destroying all of the good people in these serials and giving way to the evil ones what really going on with you writers what makes your brain tick how do you come up with these nonsensical scripts wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if only you writers make the mistake and bring in a pregnancy script for vinha and Vihaan well boy I will say to Z TV that it is time to shut down that station we do not want to see vibha we have had enough of her she come just like laboni we could not stand her either please reunite our arushi and her husband Vihaan remember the name of this serial is “SASRANGI SASURAL” and not VIHAAN AND VIBHA LOL

  9. Everyone is so right , same old loss of memory, prevention of getting it back. Always another women (b**tch ) involved in these stories.

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