Satrangi Sasural 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s and arushi’s residence
All are shocked and tensed as gautam comes ahead. he kneels in front of Nilima, shocking them all. he says that he has come for an apology, and that he is guilty, as he knows he has grievously hurt her. He says that he is willing for any punishment as he knows whatever she does with him, shall be less than the pain of 18 years of separation. granny copmes ahead and slaps him, shocking everyone, askinmg him nto stop the drama. He gets up, and asks them to hit more, as he may have left her 18 years back, and given her pain, but today he has returnbed back for apology. narmada and others ask him to leave as they wont be affected by his tears. priyanka leaves to call the polcie, while he begs for another chance. all are tensed

and furious. He demands to talk to Nilima. Vihaan gets angry and tries to throw him out, while he keeps trying to talk to Nilima. Arushi rushes after him to stop him, while he gives her a jerk, that makes her fall on the floor, hurting her, much to everyone’s surprise. Gautam and vihaan enter into a scuffle, and he throws gautam on the floor. Granny asks him to get out, and then gautam finds a broken glass bottle, and holds it against arushi’s throat, much to their horror. vihaan angrily asks him to let go of his wife. priyanka comes back saying that the polcie has been called. Nilima asks him to let go of arushi. gautam says that he wont leave arushi, till he bares out his heart. all are shocked and tensed, while nilima and vihaan are tensed. He threatens all of them, while they say that they shall not call the police, while he continues with his rant that he wont spare her, till he doesnt talk to nilima. He locks arushi and himself inside the room, shocking them. Arushi is scared. Inside, gautam asks her to be quiet, scaring her all the more. all are tensed outside. He has a nervous breakdown, and then begs in front of her, with folded hands, asking her to believe him, and his tears, and that he just demands a right to be heard by nilima. Arushi begs to be let go. Outside, vihaan keeps assuring aruhi that nothing shall happen. gautam inside keeps trying to convince her that he just wants to meet and talk to arushi, and bare out his heart’s innocence and truth, as he cant bear this pain of ten years anymore. The police siren alerts gautam and others too. he warns them all not to involve the police in this, as it would lead to bad consequences. Vihaan says that they shall not call the police, but he shouldnt hurt arushi. Granny asks priyanka to send them away. the doorbell rings and they are scared. They all ask vihaan to attend to the police. he goes out and then feigns ignorance that a call was made from their house, citing it as maybe a prank call. He sends the police away.

Meanwhile, Granny prays in the temple and says that 18 years back, she had chosen this man for Nilima, then why is he punishing nilima, when she should be punished for her bad choice. nilima says that she shouldnt be guilty as its her destiny. narmada asks her not to feel guilty, and they should focus on arushi’s safety. granny assures that nothing shall happen to arushi, and prays to the lord to keep her and her marriage with vihaan safe, as she wont be able to bear any pain anymore. Vihaan comes ruishing back saying that they have sent the policeaway and asks gautam to believe them. inside, arushi asks him to open the door, and then asks why is he doing all this. he comes to her, scaring her, while she says that his tears dont justify anything, and asks why is he doing this now, after he betrayed Nilima. gautam breaks down. Outside, Nilima says that he wants to meet her and talk to her, then okay, so shall it be, and she shall hear. Vihaan and granny tell her that he is dangerous. But Nilima doesnt pay heed and talks to gautam saying that he wants to talk to her, then he should come out, as she is standing outside the door, to give him the second chance, to say and justify himself. She asks him to behave like a human if he is, and normalise himself. All the ladies are tensed. Nilima keeps asking him to come out. The doorbell rings yet again, while vihaan signals them all to be quiet, and goes again to open, to find that its the same inspector. the police says that they shall search this house. vihaan says that he cant and it isnt needed. He says that they shall have to since help is needed, and hence they shall do their work. vihaan silently explains everything and asks him to understand. the police want his identification. meanwhile. arushi opens the door and comes out juust then, shocking them all. Harpreet and geeta get to attending to her, while they make her sit down. All attend to her, including vihaan, while the police comes inside. They find that he has run away from the window. He instructs his men to search him around, and then asks vihaan to inform them if anything happens. Vihaan goes to arushi again. the police eye the broken bottle. naremada is tensed thinking that they never thought that the past shall flare up like this.

Nilima is boggled, as to why he came aftre so many years and what does he want from her now. Arushi asks him not to do so. he asks why, after the way he betrayed his mother and then tried to hurt him. All are tensed. She tries to point out that nilima herself doesnt know why he is here and they should give him the chance. he doesnt pay heed. she says that there’s two sides to everything, and to hear his side, they should give him that chance. She turns to granny, saying that she saw the tears and pain in his eyes. Narmada and mini ask her to be quiet and not utter another word. Granny asks them all to be quiet. She then asks arushi if she understood the man in just so less time, and they having borne this pain fir 18 years dont know or understand anything. She asks what does she know. Arushi says that she wants to know. Granny says that this isnt a story but a real life incident, and tells that the pain nilima feels everyday is due to her only, as she chose him for Nilima. she says that she cant afford to give him a second chance, to ruin the little happiness that they have gathered again, and asks if arushi shall take the responsibility. She sits tensed. gautam sees them from the balcony, thinking that till the time he doesnt bare out his heart to nilima, he shall not go anywhere. He says that he is nilima’s husband, and wont leave the house, without her at all. Nilima says that no police protection or prayers shall do anything, as he would come back and she knows it. She is distraught and in tears. He asks her not to be scared as he is here. Vihaan assures nilima that he wont let anything happen to her, and not let him come to her or hurt her at all. He says that he wont let anyone come close to this house and shall stay awake the full night to ensure her protection and safety from that lunatic. Granny asks narmada to take nilima to her room. all the mothers decide to stay with her. they all leave. Granny, vihan and arushi are tensed. Granny gets up and retires too. The screen freezes on arushi’s tensed face.

Precap: While the lights are off, Gautam tells arushi that he needs one chance to settle his life with nilima once again, and give her all the happiness in the world, but just one chance to explain it all to her. She is frustrated and says that she doesnt understand anythying at all, what he is saying. Just then the lights come back on, and she is shocked to see granny and vihaan coming down the stairs. they are surprised to see arushi awake, while she is scared that they have seen her talking to gautam, against their will.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Arushi you should stay to hell away from this drama.Do not be too noosy.These women humiliated you and your family in the worst way when their life is in a mess. Now the table turns ,you should not be the one to turn it around.Let Nilima go through this ,just as you did.For and for most ,these mothers are too involved in one another business ,so give each one their own problem,Bring back their lovers and let them endure what Arushi and Vihaan has to put up with.The pains of loving each other.

  2. I agree with rosey these mothers are up in everyones business and they are giving arushi a hard time and she is taking it all and even granny what about the promise she made aushi make to her my gosh how on earth a granny could do something like that from experience she should understand arushi and Vihaan love each other yet you are keeping them apart up to now they cannot consummate their marriage now if something bad was to happen to one of them the they would not have known each other the way that they should through love consummation so like I said before you mothers get yourself a man and leave arushi and Vihaan alone

  3. They always make the lead female characters to be “goody-goody” so Miss Aarushi is going to try and fix it and then when thinks don’t work out their to turn on her

  4. When things don’t work out they will turn on her

  5. anika lokhande

    Ai u bithese need a life desperately rosy, shayon and Gloria

    1. I think u anika should stop talking about other and boost about your self

  6. anika lokhande

    b*t*hes ***

    1. Let me tell you something Anika Lokhande ,please do not associate my name with your foolishness.I have never interfered with you.You do not know me and I am will not stoop to the level of your stupidity to say those words about you.This is a comment section and is opened for comments about the show. I am free to use my rights of free speech to establish any point I want to make .That is what Telly Updates Comments are there for me to do.I realize that your level of education is still of a kindergarten level .If you cannot read this let some one who has a higher level of education read it for you to understand.May I say to you that I have a good life and I am also of a high standard of education so please do not even go there by trying to attack me.

  7. Before you call us b*t*hes learn up to write in english first…beacause it takes another b*t*h to know another you are very rude and out of order do you know us did we ate something for you?! You are a simpleton, this comment section is for all the viewers who wish to leave a comment

  8. When is the scene of Arushi fell down frm staircase?

  9. I think all the mother n nillima shall give gautam a second chance and they family should leave arushi and vihaan alone

  10. Guys dont be rude its a serial without anhthi.g happening it wont be fun

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