sathiya: you are only mine a swasan os

Sathiya : you are only mine

Story starts:-

Rishav and sanskar are two brothers. They are twins and same look like not totally but if anyone will meet first time then he cannot find any difference between them.

Rishav: He is bigger than sanskar only 3 minutes. He is now 26 years. He is an army officer. He is very discipline and obeys every rules and regulations which is sometime irritated to his family. But a loving and caring boy. Love his country and family very much. For him , his first priority is his job then his family. In one word he is having a serious personality like his job.

Sanskar: A handsome and good looking man. He is now 26 years old.He is an air force officer. But he is totally opposite to his brother. Very fun loving guy. Loved his job same as love his family. Sometime he is irritated by his brother because his strictness towards his life. In one word he enjoys his life fully . He believes; today lives ur life fully ,who has seen tomorrow .

Sujata: A Fun loving woman like sanskar. Both are having a great bond between them. A housewife.

Ram : A famous businessman in Kolkata. Strict like Rishav. But very kind person. He loved his family very much.

Sekher: Business partner of Ram. He has two daughters. But both are opposite to each other. Very fun loving man. Loved his family very much and his younger daughter is his pride.

Shumi: A house wife. Her family is her whole world.

Madhu: Elder daughter of sekher and shumi. A 24 years old girl.Very much fun loving and naughty girl. Her thoughts are same like Sanskar. Now she has completed her fashion designing course.

Swara: Younger daughter of sekher and shumi. She is 22years old . Total opposite to Madhu. She is very simple and quite girl. She is very studious student. Now She is continuing her 4 th year MBBS.

Before I will be started my story I am giving u some description about it. Rishav marriage has fixed with swara and sanskar marriage has fixed with Madhu ( now don’t bash me or discontinue the story. Read it till end. Its a request from my side)
because their natures are similar. So everyone thought if both will married their types of girl then they will happy in their lives. Both the couples don’t see each other because Sanskar and Rishav didn’t get any holidays for engagement ?. So the engagement had done by the presence of only family members . So before 5 days only they both will come to their wedding.

So now start my story. When my story started we had seen a big hall where everyone busy on their own work. And the hall has decorated very beautifully. So this is a marriage hall where the marriages will be occurred by after five days. And here two Marriages will occur. So now lets go to check the brides and bridegrooms name. But 1 minute here no name boards are present. Very strange but I think they have forgot it. Anyways in marriages small mistakes are happened. So just ignored it and saw the other decorations which is looking beautiful , I heard a lady said something to his husband

Lady: Where is ur sons? When they will be reached here? I am tired now to give answers to everyone.

Man: Sujata, they are coming. I have sent the car ? to airport. I have talked to them before 15 minutes. And their flights have been landed and they are coming on the way. So relax now. ( in a teasing way) U r looking beautiful when u r smile. So everytime keep smile on ur face.

Sujata: ( hits on his chest slightly and said) Ramji aap bhi na till now u r behaving like a new wedded couple. Now our sons are marrying. Now we are old . So stop all ur romances and do work. See many things are left and leaved from there.

After half one hour a car entered to the hall. Two most handsome boys came out from the car. Every girls were looking them without blink and the boyes entered in hall. The boys scanned the hall and saw a couple came towards them.

Boys: Papa and mom( said in union) took blessings from them.

Sujata:( in teary eyes looked and hugged both of them ) how are u my sons? I am waiting to see u but see u come before 5 days of ur marriage. And sanskar what happened with you? Why u r looking so thin ? What will think the girl ‘s family about u when they will see u?

Sanskar:( in a funny way) they will think their son in law is having some bad habits so he is looking like this. ????

Everyone laugh at his humor .

Ram: Ok now leave all this and u both go to ur room and will take some rest. At evening all rituals will be started. So after that u won’t get any time for rest.

Sanskar and Rishav said: Ok .

Rishav leaved at the place but Sanskar followed her mother.

Sanskar: Mom, what is my bride’s name? I am wanting to see her for once.

Sujata: Sanskar before marriage u can’t meet with ur bride. Its our ritual. So I can’t help u in this matter and started to leave from there.

Sanskar: Plz mom . We are not leave in 90th century. We r leaving in 21st century. (sujata looked in a angry look) ok just tell me what is her name. I am thinking, u should have not problem about this.

Sujata: Actually my son this is not a problem but I am thinking if u don’t know her name till now then u will know her name after ur marriage. It will be very much fun. What are u telling my son. And leaved from there

Sanskar: ( in a frustration voice said) mom!! Its cheating . Stamped his foot and leaved from there.

When he was going to his room he heard a laugh which is a sweet melodious for him. He stopped there and peeped inside the room where two girls were gossiping and laughing continuously. He tried to saw the girl but he couldn’t see. So he stopped himself and listened their talks.

1st girl: U know, ur hero has came with his brother. But u know they look like same. So I am confused now. Who is ur dulha. But seriously both are looking handsome. U know now I am jealous if I have also a elder sister like u then my marriage also fixed with my jiju’s brother.

2nd girl: Stop it kavita( the 1st girl is kavita) U know na this is an arranged marriage. And about look I don’t believe in it. For me the man and his thought is most important.

Kavita: Jai ho mate( folded her hands in front of swara) seriously swara ( 2nd girl is our swara)sometime I think u are leaving in ancient time.where girls thoughts r like u.

Swara: I know this is 21st century but we are living in India which culture and traditions are famous only for his values . So I respect them. Nothing else .

At this time shumi called swara for some rituals.

Shumi:( from downstairs) swara beta come down. You will have completed some rituals.

Swara: Ji mom, I am coming and moved from there. At the door she collided with someone and their heads are collided with each other.( don’t use ur brain because nothing happened)

Swara: Outch!! ( Saw angrily towards sanskar. U haven’t ur eyes. Then used it when u r crossing . ( sanskar just staring her without blink his eyes) hello ( move her hand in front of his face ) u r listening me .

At this time kavita came and said

Kavita: Swara!u don’t go till now. Everyone will wait for u. ( saw towards sanskar and wide her both eyes and whisper to swara ) what is he doing here , dear?

Swara 🙁 in a frustration voice) how will I know? U r asking me like I have known him. ( angrily said towards sanskar) and u don’t come in front of me again.

Then she leaved from there with kavita.

Sanskar: So u r my bride. I must say u r very beautiful girl till I have met. ( everyone will think why did he think swara is his bride then at kavswa conversation kav pointed that if I have a elder sister then I would also married my jiju’s brother. So sanskar thought if she is younger daughter then his marriage will fix with younger daughter only because he doesn’t know anything about bride)

At night Swara’s room swara and kavita were taking rest on bed

Kavita: Swara

Swara: Hun

Kavita: U remembered about the boy who collided with u in morning

Swara: Stop it kavita. I don’t want to talk on him plz.

Kavita: Plz yaar listen me just once. I am thinking ( silent for some time)

Swara: What r u thinking?

Kavita: I am not sure but I am thinking he is ur bridegroom ( then closed her eyes tightly)

Swara 🙁 sat immediately) what?

Kavita: See I am not sure. Before I also said the both boys r looking same. And he is a bridegroom. I am thinking he came here to look u.

Swara: Me! But why?

Kavita: ( slightly hit her head) because he want to meet with u. I know u don’t know about him. But he will know about u. But seriously yaar if he is our jiju then u r very lucky.

Swara:( in angry voice) kavita stop ur nonsense. I am sleeping don’t try to disturb me. And then both have slept.

In Sanskar room

Sanskar was just staring the roof and remembering the morning incident. Everytime a smile kept on his face and when he had slept he could not know.

Morning everyone is busy for marriage preparation. Today is haldi ceremony. First both boys applied haldi on their bodies. Sanskar was enjoying the rituals but for Rishav it was a tortured . After finished the haldi ritual on boys side then girls haldi rituals was started. Here also same where Madhu was enjoying it there Swara was irritating by all this. Girls has sited on stools where the women are applying haldi on her total bodies and are talking about their married life and some women are talking about their first night. How they will behave in front of her husband on her first night . And some women are giving advice some places name for their honeymoon by which Swara more irritated by now.After finished their haldi swamadhu leaved from their respected room will take a bath.

When Madhu was going to her room in middle she collided with someone. In fear she closed her eyes very tightly. But for her surprise she didn’t feel any pain on her back . When she opened her eyes she saw a most handsome man has hold her waist very firmly. When they were looking each other without blinking of their eyes some sound back to their senses. Immediately they had stood on their position.

Sujata: What are u both doing here? U don’t know before marriage the bride and the bridegroom are not move like this.( told in general sense) what people will think if they will saw u like this. Go from here and Madhu go and take bath immediately.( Madhu nodded her head and moved from there.)

In whole way she was just recalling Sujata’s word and thought Rishav her bridegroom. Now she is happy because she also likes him on her first meeting. All the day passed like this.

Next day morning everyone gathered about their breakfast on dining hall. Everyone were talking about the marriage preparation when sumi remembered something and asked to Swara

Sumi: Swara u have brought ur earrings from Goldsmith which u gave to make it again .

Swara: Sorry mom, I have totally forgot about it.

Sumi: How u r so irresponsible swara. After 2’days is ur marriage and till now u don’t bring ur earrings.

Sujata: Its ok sumiji. I think she has forgotten on the marriage pressure. Swara beta u go and bring it today.

Madhu: Yes mom , I will also go for parlour. So we both are going now.

Sumi: But beta how can you go like this . Before marriage girls are not go anywhere. Its a apsagun.

Sanskar:( interpret to sumi) mom don’t worry. Its just our thoughts nothing else. If u have not any problem then I and bhai we both can join them.

Ram: I think this is a great idea like this both couples will spend some quality time between them. What say? Everyone accepted the idea. Madhu and sanskar both are happy to spend a quality time with their partners.

At shop when swara returned from
shop Madhu said to swara: Swara u remembered my blouse not fitted me and ur marriage saree colour you don’t like it. So why not you change it now. We have time. I am going to parlour where I will take 3to 4 hours. So why will u irritate there better u choose ur bridal saree on ur choice.

Swara thought sometime and its a better idea to go for shopping than wait there 3to4 hours.

Swara: Ok di. Then after shopping l will go to home directly won’t wait for me.

Madhu: Ok. Both leaved from there respected place.

Shopping mall swara chooses a maroon colour saree but sanskar didn’t like it. So he took it from her hands and handed over a red with golden border saree which is looking beautiful. Swara looked him angrily but said nothing and moved to trial room. She also liked the colour so she took it for her marriage.

Sanskar: I think now ur shopping is finished so..

Swara: So!

Sanskar: So will we go for a coffee( looked Swara’s face very deeply for her answer)

Swara: ( think some time then just nodded her head.

Both moved towards coffee shop. They sited a corner sit where anyone can easily saw outside of the shop. A waiter came near them and took their order. All the time Sanskar just was staring her and smiling idiotically which irritating to Swara more. This time waiter came to bring their order and gave it to them. When Swara turned her face towards Sanskar to give it to him but her surprised he didn’t look at her but he was continuously staring outside with a smile. So she just followed his gaze to be checked what the matter? But when she saw the scene in front of her eyes her anger had peaked on her head.

Swara: ( to sanskar) u don’t know manners. How are u seeing their private moments like a movie. (Yes outside a couple was kissing each other on public place. )

Sanskar: So! What is the problem in it? See they have no problem to kiss each other on public place then why should I have problem in it?

Swara looks him in a irritated face and turned her face other side.

Sanskar:( take a deep breadth said) I am sorry.( Swara looked him at corner of her eyes). But seriously this is not my mistake. If they don’t check the surround before their kiss then what will I do? I am so innocent in this matter promise I won’t see again. ( said in a child voice which brought a big smile on swara’s face.) yes Swara laughed loudly at his childish talk which increase her beauty more. Sanskar was just looking towards her without blinking his eyes. His constant gaze back to her reality and she stopped immediately and leaved from there. Sanskar just followed her. Then they returned to the marriage hall but whole journey both kept quite.

At rishmadhu side

Their journey all the time Madhu was busy with her talks but first time in his life he didn’t bore. But a small smile was appearing on his face. First time he is meeting with a girl who is very smart, independent and mostly can say brave. Yes she is brave not like other girls who tolerates all the humiliation and dependent on others for their protection . She is totally different from other girls . She protects own all will think why am I saying like this ? Then the answer is, when we were returning from parlour I went to bring my car at parking lot and she waited for me from outside. When I returned i saw the scene in front of my eyes my anger peaked on high level. There four boys were teasing with her. When I was coming out from my car I have listened a slap sound. When I looked the whole scenario in front of my eyes I felt proud for her. Yes I felt proud because she slapped a man and when other 3 men were trying to misbehave with her she just sprayed peppermint in their eyes and kicked their main part very hardly. I must say the kick was most powerful ?.

But I liked it. For me she is a perfect girl because I want that type of independent girl who can upholden her without me because I have no guarantee about my life. If one day anything will happen with me then she will handle all the things. But she is having one problem. I don’t know how will I manage this on my whole life. ( he took a deep breath) . I must say she is a mini radio ? no no chatterbox. Our whole journey she is talking nonstop. Sometime I was feeling she has not a break for her mouth. Now we are returning to hall.

Next day mehendi ceremony both brides are ready to write his groom’s name on her hand. When mehendi designer asked the names of grooms

Swara said: Sanskar( because for kavita, who told her he is her groom)

Madhu: Rishav ( who misunderstood sujata’s word)

After mehendi they went their room to take rest.

At night all the family members set for sangit. All are joined on the dance floor and gave their performance. Even Rishav and Sanskar gave a performance towards their respected partner on a romantic song. At last sumi gave a performance on a sad song where the lyrics was saying all her emotions towards her daughters. Trio got emotion at the moment. Sumi came near and hugged them. When she hold their hands and saw the names on their hands. Immediately she dragged them in a room where all other family members were followed them.

Sumi:( angrily) what is this? ( asked question hold their hands.)

Swamadhu: Both are surprised by her mother’s this act. They don’t understand anything. They looked each other and her mom blankly.

Sujata: What happened sumi? Why u brought them here in between the function?

Sumi:( forward their hands towards sujata and said) see ! What they do? Sujata also surprised to see the names on their hands.

Ram: Anyone will tell me what happen?

Sumi: Bhaisa! the two girls has written opposite groom’s name on her hand. When sumi told it the four had stood like statue on their places for them a bomb has blasted at this place .

Sumi: Answered me. Why have you write the opposite groom’s name? U don’t know this is a apshagun. Now how will u change the name? Tomorrow is ur marriage and u both..( don’t complete her words because it interpret by Ram)

Ram: Bhabi , I think there have some misunderstood between them. But it happens sometime. Let it be. Today is very late. So we just leave now and will take some rest. Because tomorrow is a very busy day for all of us. All leaved from there but these four are looking at each other blankly. This time they don’t understand what happened before some time. Swara first leaved this place before leave she saw sanskar for last time and then leaved from there. Sanskar moved behind Swara from that place. Only Madhu and Rishav had stood there and looked at each other. When Rishav started leave the place Madhu hold his hand and hugged him from back side while crying ?. Rishav immediately closed his eyes because he can’t she her like this.

Madhu: I love ❤ u Rishav. And I know u are also having same feeling for me. Please stop this marriage. I can’t leave without u. Without any response Rishav moved this place where Madhu sited on floor while crying whole heartedly.

Other side swara entered her room and locked it from inside.

Sanskar: Swara , please open the door . I want to talk with u. Please!!

Swara: Sanskar, just go from here. I want spend some time alone. So please leave from here( while wiping her tears which continuously flowing on her eyes.)

Sanskar: Swara , don’t make it big. Please come. We talk our parents. They will understand our emotions.

Swara:( angrily) u don’t listen me , go from here. And for ur kind information I have no emotions towards u. So I will marry ur brother tomorrow. So now leave.

Sanskar hurted by her words. Only her words were moving near his ears. “I have no emotions towards you. So I will marry your brother tomorrow.” He immediately closed his ears and leaved the place.

At terrace Sanskar was continuously staring sky and thinking their first meet , their happy moments where Swara happy whole heartedly for his silly talk( when he was thinking all their moments all the time a smile on his lip and tears on his eyes kept on his face)

Other side Swara stood in front of window was doing same things like Sanskar ( gazing stars and remembering their moments) I am sorry Sanskar but I can’t do this. I know u love me. I also love u. But I can’t break my parents trust. I know its very difficult to forget to someone but trust me u will forget me after ur marriage. Because Madhu didi is best for u. U are same personality. So u both will mix easily. It will easy for u to forget me. And cried loudly.

The four are not sleep whole night. How will they sleep where their life’s have stucked .

Morning this is a very big day for both families. Their sons and daughters will get married. Everyone busy their work where the most important people are lifeless on the important day of their life. Everyone ‘s eyes are looking red which shows their pain through their eyes.

Brides and grooms are ready for marriage.
Swara has wore the same saree which choosed Sanskar red with golden border. Madhu wore a yellow with green border saree. Both are looking breathless beauty.
Sanskar has wore a maroon serwani and Rishav has wore a golden serwani. Both are looking handsome. Both couples came to the mandap while brides putted veil and bridegroom putted wreath on their faces. Then the marriage was started . After finished all rituals priest declared now onwards both the couples are husband and wife . A lone tear escaped from their eyes when family members are enjoy this moment fully. When photographer told to take a family photo wedded couples withdraw their veils and wreath. But what they saw a big smile kept on their faces .?
( yes, ur guesses r right. They have only married their loves)

Everyone said in union: Surprise

Sanskar: U know about it!

Sujata: Yes beta I know about it. And the whole plan is ours .

Madhu: But why mom? And yesterday night why you behaved like this?

Sumi: ( hold her ears) sorry beta. Actually on mehendi day I know that you both have written their names. But I did it on sangeet intentionally.

Rishav: But why? U all know we love each other ( looked towards Madhu but she turned her face) but also u did it?

Ram: We did it only for all of u? Sanskar u were needing a girl who just same like u playing prank and fun loving. And Rishav u were needing a girl who is responsible and quite in nature. But we r ur parents. We know about more than you. So we have selected Rishav for Madhu and Sanskar for Swara.

Swara: Then why didn’t u tell us?

Sekhar: Because we don’t want, u regret our decision in future. So we don’t tell anything to you. But see you selected own self of our choice.

Ram:( teasingly) because opposites are attracted , Sekhar. You forgot Newton’s third law.

Everyone who presents there laughed loudly . Rishav came near to Madhu where Madhu ignored him.

Rishav: I am sorry. But really I don’t mean it. Everything happened very quickly so I couldn’t understand anything. But ..

Madhu: ( angrily) now stop ur speech and tell me u love me or not.

Rishav looked at her on wide eyes and nodded her head.

Madhu: U r dumb or what? say clearly nor I will marry anyone else.( when she tried move he hugged her and immediately told I love u in one breath. Madhu also respond his hug with equally.

Other side Swara came near to Sanskar and said : Sanskar see now we r Married. U want only this na, see here now I am ur wife . U r happy.( sanskar looked her angrily. She bowed her head) sorry. But I can’t go against my family. They are my proud. I know I have hurt u ( a tear drop flowed from her eyes) If u will want then u can leave..( she couldn’t complete her words because before she complete it Sanskar hugged her)

Sanskar: Don’t say like this. I can’t live without you. ( with sobbing) u r my life . I love u dammit.( Hugged her more tightly) If u will say like this then I will kill you.

Swara:( with a smile) I love u too my jaan ( sanskar also happy heard jaan from Swara’s mouth)

All the family members were watching their children’s happiness with a happy faces. At this time photographer said smile!?. And everyone saw towards camera ? with a ☺ ☺?

The screen freezes with all smile faces?

Hi friends. I am not new here. Recently I am started a ff ” life changes after love” . I am sorry a long time I don’t post it. But I will come very soon with my next part. So now gives ur comments about my os how is it?


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