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Guyszz and an other important thing…
Whom will we imagine as mishkat,kirthi,maina,koushik and mishti..
Chill… I selected some people
Mishkat verma as Mishkat goenka..
Now selection chances for you all
As mishti: aneri vajani[or]hiba nawab
As koushik:Parth samthaan[or]Ravish desai
As kirthi:Esha kansara[or]shiny joshi
As maina:Kanchi kaul[or]Mihika verma
I like to imagine:Aneri vajani as mishti;Paarth samthaan as Koushik;Esha kansara as kirti and Mihika verma as maina..
Guyzz did you like them?please do comment..

Episode starts with karthik and mishkat thinking to thank one more person…
Miskhat say to everyone..that: this person is one of our well wishers…
Karthik:she supported us even after knowing the truth.. she have a very good bond with us…
Mishkat: she understand us a lot..
Karthik:yes.. and she is my choti BFF..
Mishkat:ha for me my choti saali..Mishti..
Every body gets glad..
Mishkat and karthik:thanks ah lot mishti… you supported us.. you shared our pain… THANKYOU..
Mishti: yeh toh jyada hi hogaya..
Mishkat:its true misti.. are welcome..
Kirti and Maina hug Mishti…
Suwarna:thankyou misthi.. she hugs mishkat and karthik….
Suwarna: now where are my BAHUS?
Naira and gayu come and take suwarna,manish,dadi,akhilesh and surekha’s blessings..
Dadi:nazar na lage kisiki..
Manish:okay lets go now?
Naira and gayu becomes sad..they sign to karthik and mishkat not to go..
Suwarna notices..

Suwarna:Manishji,let mishkat and karthik stay here..and even kirthi and maina..
Manish:why?suwarna.. after so many days..infact years we are taking them to house but y are you refusing?
Suwarna:after so many days we are taking them so.. we have to make some arrangements no..thats why after we arrange everything… we will take them..
Dadi:ha..if it is so.. we will welcome them after their marriage along with Bahus..
Manish:ma..itni din mein aur nahi ruk saktha..
Akhilesh: you have to bhai..
Suwarna:ha…but not till marriage…tomorrow its koushik’s birthday right… we will surprise him by taking them to house..
Every body likes the idea..
Surekha gets a call: see he is only calling..
Suwarna: don’t tell him.. surekha..its a surprise for him..
Surekha:ha jiji,[lifts the call]heylo koushik
Koushik{in call}:ma!! Where are you?
Surekha:I’m in a function..what happened?
Koushik:I’m going to a party.. so I’ll be late..
Surekha:no koushik..
Koushik:[cuts her in midlle]okay ma bye thankyou…love you..
Surekha:you will not change…bye
Suwarna:is he going to a party?
Surekha:yes jiji..
Manish:okay we will leave..

He hugs naithik,karthik and manish..
Everybody leave..[goenka’s,maheshwari’s and shekawath]
Now there is singhania family,karthik mishkat,kirti and maina in house..
Miyu,Kaira,kirti,maina and mishti go to Gayu’s room..
In gayu’s room:
Gayu sit catching a pillow, naira sat left side to gayu,mishkat to the right of gayu,karthik beside naira,mishti beside karthik,kirti beside mishti,maina beside miskat and kirti..
Mishkat: Naira,where is naksh and tara?
Naira:they are sleeping bhayya..
Gayu:Maina di,you are not talking anything..why?are you shy? gayu… nothing like that,I’m still in surprise mood..karthik and mishkat are coming back..
I’m excited..
Kirti:ha mannu..without them house is incomplete notonly house our life is also incomplete..
karthik:di.. now we are back… so please be happy don’t think about that past any more..
[karthik side hugs kirti]
Mishkat: hmm.. you all suffered because of me.. I’m sorry..
Mishti:Jiju, abhi abhi bff ne kya kaha… don’t think of past..
Gayu is teary eyed..she becomes restless thinking of rashmi and sameer..mishkat understands that
He catches hand..
Mishkat:I’m sorry gayu…I love you a lot… I’m sorry please don’t stay annoyed with me..i can’ t bear that even in my imagination..
Gayu:I love you too mishkat… [cups his face] don’t be sorry…
Every body in that room gets glad seeing their bond..
Maina: and all this credits to mishti…
Karthik: ha di… if she would have told the whole truth to family on theday we shared with we used to not have singhania’s and also goenka’s…
Naira:yes,but why?we used to understand eventhen..
Karthik: you at that tym?no way that time we both did not even used tolike to see eachother.. you used to search reasons to break our relation with you all.. and if mishti would have told omg!! You would have done a big party..
Naira:[feelsguilty] I’m sorry karthik..
Mishti:okay now… enough enough sorry ka bahut accha use kiya aura b bas bi karo..please..
Everyone: yes..
Kirti:okay what will we do now?
Mishti:lets play a game?
Karishma{shouts from down}Mishti,call from college… come down..
Mishti:[becomes sad] [sees every one]wait a minute…I’ll be back..
MIshti goes down stairs and lifts the call…
Misti:heylo, good afternoon..

On phone: yes,mishti good after noon.. I’m you ma’am speaking..
Misti:yes ma’am I understood.. tell me..
Ma’m: you have a presentation tomorrow, you have to prepare and attend tomorrow,it’s very important..
Mishti:[sad voice] ohkay.. ma’m…I will..
Karishma:what happened mishti..
Mishti: I have a presentation tomorrow mumma, ihave to prepare for it now..
Karishma: go and do it comes first… misthi..
Mishti:yes mumma,…[becomes sad]
Mishti comes to gayu’s room
Mishti: bye guyz.. have fun…got to go…
Karthik: why bff what happened?
Mishti[sadvoice]: I have a presentation tomorrow.. I have to prepare and complete it so that I have to attend it tomorrow..
Everyone:[also sad]oh..
Karthik: do you need myhelp Mishti?’ll manage..BYE..
Mishti leaves..
Gayu: now, there wilbe no fun if we play also..
Naira:yes di…whatwill wedo then?
Maina:we willchit chat…
Kirti:Mannu you are always like to chit chat..
Gayu: even mishkat…likes the same….
Mishkat:kitni dino ke baad.. I’m chit chatting with you without ant tension.. past..
Mishkat:Naira,what happened to you why are you silent today?
Naira:nothing Bhayya…abh after marriage I should leave this house,mumma papa and all..i just thinking that….
Gayu:yes naira..even I’m thinking that..
Karthik: Naira,Gayu,why are you afraid? I’m with you,and even bhai.
Maina: yes naira, even me,kittu, Ma,dadi,chaci are with you…
Mishkat:chill gayu.. Naira..its okay…
Naira:bhayya… my di is very lucky to get you as husband and even I’m lucky..
Karthik:[catches his chest]Bhai..please take me to hospital.. I’m got heart stoke I think..
Naira[tensed]What happened karthik?
Every one: karthik,are you okay?
Naira cries catching him..
Karthik: relax..relax.. I was kidding..
Mishkat:karthik,very bad..see my saali..she is crying for you..
Karthik:[teasingly]that’s why I got no bhai.. she spoke positively about me…that she is very lucky as she got me..
Naira:[beats him playfully]karthik, you are really impossible.. I was tensed and you were joking..[teary eyed]
Karthik melts seeing her..
Karthik:naira… I’msorry..
Naira[hugs him]:I love you karthik..i cant bear if even a pin pricks you…
Karthik:I love you too naira..
Releases hug..
Mishkat:ohfo..laila and majnu ka pyar ko dekho..
Gayu: vahi toh…
Kaira and Miyu laugh…
Kirti to maina:Mannu I am sure they will be very happy after marriage..
Maina:ha are thinking about after marriage..?I’m thinking about other one..
Kirti: about what mannu?
Maina: that only..this family gave a lot to our brothers..they were happy till yesterday even without us this is only because of this house..i’m very happy we got Naira and gayu as Nanads..
Kirti:ha mannu…
Naira: di.. what are you both thinking?
Karthik:oho..gossip queens.. come back to world…
Kirti and maina smile and hug naira and gayu..
Karthik and mishkat smile seeing their bond.. they both hug..
Karthik:okay,now lets go and see naksh and tara…
Naira:ha..we will wake them up..
Mishkat:chalo..but first we will go and see mishti..
Every body go..

In mishti’s room:
She is preparing for her presentation..
Karthik knocks the door..
Mishti:yes bff what happened?
Karthik:nothing.. are you preparing?
Mishti:yes..don’t disturb..bye..ttyl
They leave to nakshtara’s room..
In nakshtara room:
They both are chitchatting catching their babies..
Gayu:arey wah…
Mishkat: Karthik…yaha toh family time chalrahi hai..lets come after wards..
Tara: oy..Nautanki..come in you are also part of this family..
They all get in..
Naira:kirti di,Maina di…he is my bhai..[points towards naksh]
Kirthi and maina:Nice to meet you..heylo.
Naira:[point tara]and this is my pyaari bhabi tara..Nayantara..
They both greet her…
They have spend time chitchatting…
Aftersome time;
Kirti:okay,mannu lets leave… its late driver is waiting for us..
Maina: ha kittu..chalo..
Karthik and mishkat hug them and even naira and gayu…
They bid bye to singhania’s and leave..

PRECAP: Koushik’s birthday bash…
Guyzz how was the episode?
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And guyzz if you doesn’t like the charecters I can imagine the charecters you like..and I’m so sorry for not mentioning… and if you have any better choices in your mind..Please do comment their names… if there is any objection with charecters please feel free and tell me.. we will change..

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  9. Nice episode..
    Nd about characters I agree the ones u selected..

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