Hey guys I’m back with the next update…
Guyz…let me finish marriage track in our ff before in the real one!

Previous episode: episode-16
Episode starts with 6 months leap; [It’s two weeks before Kaira and miyu’s marriage]
And it is the day where singhania’s planned a small pooja for exchanging their wedding cards..
[guys in south india before two weeks of marriage we will have a ritual of exchanging cards…I mean bride’s family Give their card to groom’s family and viceversa…both the families invite eachother]
In singhania sadan;
Kaira on phone:
Karthik: Why are you worried Naira?
Naira: I’m not worried karthik… I just want to know…
Karthik: I already said you about this on day after engagement right?
Naira: yea…but! Is the same with mishti?
Karthik: Naira, mera toh waise bhi love at first sight nahi tha tume dekhke ….And Bhai’s was love at first sight with gayu! Alright now koushik’s love at first sight with mishti… It’s good right all you three sisters with we three brothers…
Naira:yea karthik but it’s not easy with mishti,I and gayudi were hiding this matter from mishti all these months… they both had been very goodfriend till now…if suddenly koushik propose her….
Karthik: you are right but…did you tell this to naksh and tara?
Naira:no…should i?
Karthik: no for now..and chill ya! Koushik is supa cool and mishti is very good…they will manage…
Naira hears a tara’s shout aaaa…..
Naira: [tensed]karthik I’ll call you back…
Karthik:[also tensed]what happened?
Naira:donno..i’ll call uh back…
—ends the call—
Naira rushes and all the singhanias also come there tensed….
Akshara:what happened beta?
Tara:ma … see na Rashmi started saying mamama…. I’m excited and mansi….mansi is trying to stand…
Singhanias get relieved hearing tara;
Naksh then enters…
Naksh:what happened? Anything serious?
Naira: serious? Thought like that after hearing bhabi’s shout and we all came rushing to bhabi ….but reason toh kuch aur hai..
Naksh:why did you shout tara?
Tara: see naksh… rashmi started saying mamama and mansi is trying to stand…
Naksh also shouts….wowwww!!!
Naksh hug tara…
Everybody give these both don’t change look…
Akshara: tara,we are very happy that my dolls are growing….but both of you please don’t shout like that…
Tara:ma…mishikat ne kaha na,if we shout only all the feeling which is in our heart and body will come out… that’s why we should shout..and put our feelings out…
Naira: bhabi…then you both husband and wife go to the place where no one will be there and it and shout together…but not here…my dolls will get frightened….
Naksh and Tara: aaaaa…..[shout]
Everybody close there ears…
Naira:[shouts]bhayya…bhabi…I said you both to go some where and shout right?then why are you shouting here?
Tara:see..see..naira…your inner feelings are also coming outside…shout…and laugh saying this…
Naira: bhabi…[cools down]
Akshara: Mishkat kya kaha voh patha nahi hai..lekin tum dono toh shararthi kar rahe hai…
Tara:sorry ma….
Mansi makes some sounds…
Naira and gayu close tara and naksh’s mouth…
Everybody laugh…
Elders leave..
Naira:bhabi…you feel lot of excited right?
Tara:yeah…ah lot…
Naksh:gayu,after 2 weeks toh you should control mishkat from shouting…varna uss ghar mein sab ke saamne naira unka danth thodengi…
Gayu:ok bhai…[smiles insanely] excuseme… I have some work…
Gayu leaves…
Tara:what happened to her?
Naira:don’t know from yesterday she is like that only…I’ll find out bye
Nakshtara worry…but smile seeing their babies and both of them share a hug…
In goenka’s villa!
Mishkat:yes tell me koushik…
Koushik: bro….
Mishkat:[shouts] koushik…why are you irritating? You want to tell or not?
Koushik: bro? I’m sorry… please don’t stay angry on me..
In singhania sadan;
Gayu’s room;
Naira: di…what happened? from yesterday why are you like this since yesterday?
Gayu:nothing…naira…leave it
Goenka’s villa!
Karthik:Mishi bhai…from yesterday you are doing like this only what happened?
Mishkat:[feels bad and hugs koushik] I’m sorry koushik…. Why should I punish you if she did the mistake
Koushik:it’sokay but what happened?
Karthik:kya hua Bhai?
Mishkat says nothing and leaves….koushik also leaves…
Karthik gets naira’s call….
Kaira on call
Karthik:[sounds sad]yea..tell me..
Naira:what happened?why are you sounding sad?
Karthik:Mishu bhai…and tells the whole incident…
Naira:I think gayu di and bhayya fought…
Karthik:what?how do you know?
Naira:[tells about gayu’s behavior]
Karthik : I’ll find out…
Naira:yea me too…bye..
Karthik:yea..tell me
Naira:I love you!<3<3
Karthik:[by hearing this from naira all his sad goes away and smiles]I love you too!<3<3<3
——-end s the call——-
Mishkat:[to himself] I didn’t expect this gayu…
Gayu:[to herself] sorry mishkat I just did for your sake…
Karthik goes to mishkat but koushik calls him…
Koushik: brother…. I’m scared….will accept me?
Karthik:you gonna propose her today?
In singhania sadan;
Mishti:Why am I feeling like this about koushik? He is just a friend right?….no… he is more than that…but is this….that? no…no…. koushik just think me as a friend… but why I’m I confused? God….please help me…. For whom should I say?
She see naira coming and smiles;
Mishti:bhagwanji,you are toh..very great!…di…di[to naira]
Naira:yea mishtu..
Mishti:di..di…I’m very confused..
Naira:about what to wear in the evening?
Naira:tell mishti..
Mishti: di..about kous…
Before she complete naira gets karthik’s call…
Naira: one second mishti…sorry…
Kaira on call;
Karthik:another one naira…
Karthik:koushik wanna propose mishti today!
Naira: god!
Karthik:we should only manage naira….one side bhayya aur bhabi…other side bhayya aur saali…
Naira: don’t worry everything will be alright in the evening…

Precap: Mishkat says to karthik the reason of gayu and his fight…
-will kaira unite miyu and mishik?

Guys how was the episode… what do you think the reason of miyu’s fight?
Try to answer!
And buddies also tell me whether you want south Indian style wedding or northindian style wedding…so that I should plan my next episode…
Keep smiling! byee

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  1. WhAt koushik will propose mishti it means they both are in love…
    Lasya…. what will be their age tell me you said they are three years younger than Karthik that means still 20 or 19….are you spoiling children by writing such kind??
    One episode will be beyond limit romantic and another one will be this….

    Friends how many of you agree with my words….

    If you wanna write write good ones why like this?

    Friends come forward and comment and take action on this

    1. Hales

      Excuse me …see m not being rude here ..but dude its just imagination n creativity here …wen anyone writes its not about ryt or wrong …n there is nothing wrong in tht for ur kind information last episode wasnt beyond limits!! N neither mishti n koushik things r beyond limit …if u have so much problem n want to judge wats ryt n wats wrong then dear i wonder how u must be watching tv or read any fiction coz even tv n good romantic novels have romance beyond any limits …n love story also start at the age of 15 or 16 …in world of writing n creativity feelings r important …plz google n see many succesful ppl got married at an early age of 18 or early 20s n still they r succesful …so dont try to teach ppl wats ryt n wats wrong ….if u Can read above u can see its episode 17 …ppl love this ff n all its 17 episodes it wont change with u comming out of no where all of a sudden n saying this …we all know wats ryt n wats wrong u dont need to tell anyone to take stand ..they know where to take a stand …so keep ur opinion towards ur self!

      Lasya is doing a gr8 job …she is writing accrding to wat the story needs! Gr8 job lasya ..keep it up ?

    2. Lasyashree.10

      thanks nithya….it had been my pleasure reading your comment

      truly and sincerely… and you suggested me so i also want to suggest you to close your eyes while reading the romantic parts of the story…so that you stop your imagination and be cool…


      1. how will someone read by closing eyes?

  2. Vinni05

    Nyc one

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks vinnie….

  3. Vrushy

    Super long update !!
    It was a really great one.
    As far as koushik and mishti are concerned i guess its ohkay as there’s no age limit to fall in love. Every other person who is in their teenage years falls in love so i dont think theres any problem with that.
    Dont worry about others. Its your story and your hard work so write what you want to write !!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thank you vrushy for your support and i’m glad you liked it…

  4. Hales

    I loved it lasya! U write so amazingly! Loved the nakshtara shout part! I was literally laughing ..imagining all tht …mishti n koushik nyc one …i think its very similar to kaira’s situation initialy in show nara was confused! Cant wait to read the next one!! N i think gayu has sacrificed something like some opportunity related to her career as she thinks its not more important than mishkat! Plz post the next one soon!??

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thank you di…. thank you soo much for everything!

  5. AnikaSaini

    So overall episode was fab yaar…
    A suggestion for u dear plz…don’t mind others saying its ur story u have full right on it nd it totally depends upon u how u portray characters… Cmg to age comment there is no age for love u can fall anytime
    So take a chill pill Nd post next episode as asap☺☺

  6. Lasyashree.10

    Thanks thanks ah lot for your support ❤❤

  7. Fenil

    Awesome nd Great episode Lasiii….
    I really liked it. Hope u don’t mind as i m calling u Lasiii but sorry.

    Hey Lasiii, Don’t think about other comment , yes , if u think that comment is helpful to u nd supporting u then take it proudly….

    Don’t loose your confidence by baseless comment.
    Thanks for Leap idea.
    I’m sure that person is fan of so called serial ”yeh hain mohabatain ,SSK nd SNS ”hahaha…


    1. Lasyashree.10

      yea yeah i dont mind ifyou call me like that!!
      and thanks for your support ya!

  8. Sethidisha002


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