SATH MAIN HI TOH KUSHI HAI episode 16 [ThE eNgAgEmEnT dAy]

Hey!! Buddies… back with the new episode…I’m glad you liked the suspense!!
Today no more sentiments…full to masti in kaira and miyu’s engagement!

Come take part and enjoy!!

Previous episode: Episode 15
Episode:16 ThE eNgAgEmEnT dAy!!
Episode starts with everyone praising Naira for her support!
Naira:okay now don’t speak about whatever happened think of what should we do in this 1 hour?
Tara: let’s do masthi!!
Akshara:no tara we have some work we will fix the dates for marriage or atleast discuss about it!! You kids go and enjoy up on terrace!
Everybody agree…
All the youngsters go up [kaira,miyu,nakshtara,mishik,kuhu,yashose,tara’s bros,kirti and maina]
Tara: what should we do now?
Naksh: you only said we will do masti..
Tara:yeah,but I don’t have any plan!
Rose:tara..where are babies..?
Tara:they are with dadaji
Tara’s bros:tara we will leave now… we have some work we will come after 1 hour..
Karthik:arey nai nai aise kaise? Stay here go after wards yaar masti karege hum!!
Tara’s bros: we have some work to finish we will come afterwards na..
Naksh:what works but?
Tara’s bros: no body will be in shop…so we have to go dadaji will be here!
Tara:okay bhais but come fast again…
They leave…
Yash:arey yaar! Lights off and music on karo…these new couple will dance now!!

Kaira dance for Chukar gayi!! In their style…

Every body clap….
Naksh:hoy..hoy…what a romantic couple….
Kaira blushes! But karthik is not satisfied!!

Miyu dances for Soch na sake… Everybody likes it..
Tara: hidden talent came out now mishu!
Mishkat: nothing hidden in me tara! 
Every body dance…

Karthik drags naira behind one wall…
Naira:karthik!! All are here please leave now!
Karthik ignores her and puts her hair which is front to back her ear!
Naira stays silent
Karthik look at her eyes…
Karthik: you know naira!! your eyes are the part through which I can live just seeing them and kisses on her eyes..
Naira becomes idealized!
Karthik: your nose!! My god … and kissed on her nose..
Your lips are so soft I can just be alive kissing your softy rosy lips… saying this he cups her face and kiss her lips and she too responds…a passionate lip lock!!
They soon break it…
Karthik:[turns her back and removes her necklace and puts it a side..] your neck is so thin naira! and fills her neck with his kisses…
Naira catches his head and feels!!
Karthik:your belly!! It’s a great curvature! And kisses her bare belly sensuously!! And catches her navel and sticks her to the wall and he fills her body with his kisses…
Naira feels his LOVE!!
Karthik stops kissing and hugs her tightly!!!naira too responds it and hug as tightly as possible…
Akshara:[comes up] Children! Come on… there are only 10 mins more..come down..
Karthik and naira release their hug!
Naira wears her necklace and come and stand with everyone before anyone notices her!!
Karthik and naira put some dance steps as if they were dancing since long time…
Mishkat:lets go down!
They all go down..
Akshara:beta, we decided your marriage date… it’s after 6 months so rush up with your arrangements!
Kaira and Miyu gets excited!
Kaira have a romantic eyelock!
Panditji: now come here and get ready to exchange your rings…
THEY GO and catch rings in their hands! [tara’s brothers come]
Every body starts count down seeing their watches!
3,2, AND 1

Karthik looks on naira!!
Tara notices and:[coughs] ehem..ehem…karthik…come back to senses… see her eye fully after your marriage!! Come on yaar!! like that..
Naksh:mishkAT! Are you there?
Mishkat:yeah yeah tell me..
Tara: you are engaged now… don’t see your nurse from now…
Kirti:tara bhabi… why will they see others from tomorrow no from today only gayu and naira will be visible to them…
Everybody laugh…
Naira: will everyone stop?
Maina:see…from now only she is not letting any one teasing her tobe husband…
Akshara: yea..yea…maybe she will forget us after going there..
Naksh: no doubt ma ! whenever we go to see her there…she will say wait I’m busy with my husband…
Naithik:Gayu toh she will ask to show appointment I think so!
Suwarna: arey! Now everyone stop! Why are you troubling my bahus?
Naira:thankyou suwarna aunty… atleast you are on my side…
Gayu:thank you aunty!
Manish: on your side toh..i’m also there beta…
Naira and gayu:thank you manish uncle…
Manish: lekin beta why don’t you both call us ma and papa ?
Naira: sure uncle …oops papaji
Suwarna: so gayu and naira are officially ours from today!!
Akshara :yea!
Everybody gets glad!
Mishti stays silent and sad..
Karthik notices…
Karthik:what happened mishti?
Karthik: oh…[comes near mishti and pats on her head] tell me mishti…. whats the matter that your hiding from your bff?
Mishti:bff my sisters will leave me and go…. We did a lot of masti…me,bhabi,nairadi and gayu di but they will go…I’ll miss them…and you also will stop coming here and I’ll miss you and I’ll miss jiju’s words…
Karthik: arey! Why will I not come here when my Bff is here… tum mujhe aane se roukege toh bi meh aungi yahan!
Mishti: then jiju?
Mishkat: Jiju also will come to see her choti saali…
Mishti hugs mishkat and karthik…
Everybody smile seeing them..
Suwarna: beta, if you miss your sisters a lot come there and stay those many days you want! If your sisters are my bahus you are also my bahu only right?
Naira:ha..good idea..
Mishkat: ha..ban jayegi mishti bi ghar ki bahu..[says seeing koushik]
Koushik stamps his leg..
Mishti:kya…what do you mean?
Karthik,maina and kirti giggles at koushik
Mishkat:i..i…I mean ki mishti….you are also a girl you will also become bahu..
Koushik gets relieved…
Manish:lets gonow?
Dadi:no..manish beta…we have to sit and talk about functions…is it okay now akshara?
Tara:ma…i’ll take babies and go up…I’m tired…
Naksh:I’ll also come tara..
Kuhu:then what shall we do now?
Naira:go up and chitchat…
Children go…except nakshtara all the others….
They go to terrace…
Mishti sleeps on karthik’s laps and he pats her head….
Maina: thankyou so much naira…if you we..
Naira:[cuts in middle]were not there what would be my future?ah?
Maina nods yes..
Naira:what is this di? Leave it..
Karthik: Mishti…why did you become emotional?
Mishti:whats that question?if naira di and gayudi will leave me and go i’ll become bored here…
Mishkat: then after your marriage you have to go to other house right mishti?
Mishti: I have a solution…
Mishti: I’ll not marry…
Mishkat:[shouts]no…no… he will die if you don’t marry![Says pointing koushik but noboy notices mishkat pointing him]
Koushik gets tensed…
Mishti: what? Who is he?
Mishkat: [realizes] wh…wh…what ? who..who..whoo is he?
Naira:uff… bhayya just now you said he will die if mishti wont marry…who is he?
Mishkat:I didn’t say that…
Mishti:jiju…[look him]
Mishkat: I…I….said that many hes will die I mean many boys[hes,lol!!]will die if she don’t marry!! She looks beautiful and she is good at heart….so all will prefer girl s like this only no…that’s what…
Mishti:kuch bhi..
Gayu: karthik, mishti…tum dono ki patchup kaise hui hai?
Koushik gets tensed!
Mishti:yea,I forgot to say…Thankyou bff[karthik] all the gifts are very nice…
Mishti:ha…sorry gifts Bff has sent me sorry gifts and I came to know how much I mean to him…so…I said sorry…. But they are very nice..
Karthik looks confused..
Karthik:but mishti are you just talking to me as the sorry gifts were sent…but I’m sorry I did not send any gifts..
Mishti shocked: what?
Karthik: are you just talking to me for that?
Mishti:no bff I’m talking because I understood you…
Naira: but…who sent those gifts…
Everybody think… koushik gets tensed
Mishkat: kya yeh jaiswal ka kuch plan toh nahi hai na?
Koushik:no… no…bhai..
Mishkat:how do you know?
Mishti:koushik sach bolo….when I came toyour bday you were asking me about what girls will prefer and all…did you send them?…why will i?
Karthik:koushik…don’t act infront of your bro…come on tell…
Koushik:yes…I did..
Mishti:but why? Do you thought of impressing me?
Koushik: oho…calm down I can’t see my bro worrying about a girl….so I did that and you see I don’t impress some one for their approval…. I’ll be what I am and this will never go in vain as my bros thought me this…Bro I’ll get some water….
He goes…
Mishti looks on with some kind of feeling…
Naira:he respect you both a lot bhayya..karthik

PRECAP: Will koushik propose Mishti?
Hey guys how was the episode..
Please do comment….

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