SATH MAIN HI TOH KUSHI HAI episode 15 [engagement special-part 2]

Hey! Guyzz I ’m glad you are liking it!
Now lets start the episode…varna muhuruth nikal jayegi..
Previous episode : Episode 14 part 1

Episode starts with everybody getting shocked…
Naira holds karthik’s hand he looks on her ….
Manish:what? who complained?

Karthik and mishkat look eachother..
Mishkat:jaiswal? But what?
A man who is looking like a very cunning man enters….he is jaiswal..[let us assume arpit ranka…is it ok?]
Jaiswal:Hello!mishkat… how are you?[sarcasticly]
Mishkat:[anger]you,why are you here?
Jaiswal: whatever goes illegal I’ll not let them happen…mishkat..
Karthik:oh jaiswalji, you are telling us not to do illegal… manna padega..jail se aneke badh pattar bi teekhoke athe hai jaise aap hogay…
Jaiswal:[gets angry]yes karthik…that’s why I want to send you also… jao..teekhoke aao..

Naira:par hua kya hai?
Police show the video where manish gives money to driver and manipulates him to take blame on him[in flash back after rashmiand sameer’s accident tookplace ,did you remember?
Everybody gets shocked seeing the video
Manish: so..
Police: sir,apnoko bachane keliye doosro ko takleef pahuchthe toh vo illegal hai..woh bi paise dekhe bahut badi apradh hai..
Manish:so, I did that so you can arrest me…
Police:but you did for the sake of them so…and anyhow they did the accident so…they are underarrest..
Naira[shouts]:excuseme…can I speak something?

Naira: you have to arrest me not anyone else..
Every body looks her confused…
Police:what?ma’m but we did not get any information about you… so.. we cant take any action..
Naira: I,myself is saying no.. manish uncle manipulated driver for the sake of me not for the sake of bhayya and karthik..actually I love karthik from that time only…and karthik love bhayyaa lot… if he go to jail karthik will be upset and if he is upset I will be upset so manish uncle manipulated…
Gayu: yes, not only naira but I also love mishkat and for both of us sake only…
Police: ma’am but accident is done by mishkat and karthik..
Mishkat:[shouts] accident is done only by me…arrest me and leave every one…

Karthik,naira and gayu please you don’t suffer for my mistake…
Karthik:bhayya…we did….we both shared the grief ,difficulties and problem why not this now?
Jaiswal: wah…wah… ham aapke hain koun aur hum sath sath hai family entertainer…stop your drama now…police men arrest these both…
Naira:excuse me jaiswal ji, first of all why did you complain on them? What is the relation for you with the accident?

Jaiswal: as a citizen…[he don’t know that rashmi and sameer are gayu’s parents]
Naira signs gayu not to say the truth…gayu signs okay..
Naithik:police sir please can you wait out side we will discuss and send them…
Police:sir, we can’t..
Manish:trust?right you cant trust… I promise you or else you can come after 15 mins
Police :okay and goes out…
Mishkat:jo kuch bi hua hai voh kuch saalo pehle hua abhi kyun uski baath le rahi ho jiaswal?

Jaiswal: I thought of taking revenge at that time only but… already you were sent out any how you will cry… so I thought to take on the day which gives you very happy so what I even came on the day of koushik’s birthday but elders were discussing about your engagement…so I thought to come today I came…
Karthik:[requests] jaiswal please complaint waapas lo…please..whatever you want wewill do
Mishkat:karthik why are you pleasing him..
Jaiswal: karthik,will you do whatever I want?
Manish: what you want?

Naira: uncle no…
Everybody stay shocked…
Maina: what?
Karthik: you rascal, how dare you?
Goes to beat…
Police hears some sound and they come inside…and stops them
Maina: I’m ready…jaiswal I’ll marry you leave everybody…
Jaiswal:okay then I’ll close this case come on lets go…
Naira:who are you to close this complain… you arenot at all related to the victims of accident but I’m related to them.. they are my bua and pupa ji… I’m closing this case and you can leave now..

Jaiswal and policemen are shocked …where and everybody gets relieved…
Jaiswal: what? How did you think that we will believe..
Police:yes sir we need proof… if we get proof we will close this and leave you..
Gayu goes and brings her family album and show…
Jaiswal is shocked…
Police: sorry..sir we will leave..
Police men leave…
Jaiswal: you all planned and did this..i’ll not leave you…
Naira: all the best…you can do whatever you want..but remember till now opposite to your cunning nature bhayya and karthik were there but from now our LOVE towards themis standing opposite… think before harming them…
Karthik and mishkat looks on…
Naira goes and slaps jaiswal…
Jaiswal: how dare you?
Naira: get lost from here… you need maina di? huh… till naira is alive…that never happens..[shouts] get lost..
Karthik and mishkat pushes him outside..
Dadi: I said no if we start in Bad time this only happens..
Naira: dadi.. please…till our love is there nothing will happen to them..
Karthik hugs naira for giving such support…
Naira: no need of being senti…lets continue the ceremony…
Panditji: not now…you have to wait for 1 muhurth is not good and what time we fixed is passed so wait for 1 hour then good time will come…
Everybody gets glad..

Mishkat: thankyou somuch…naira..
Naira:Bhayya… its okay now leave it..
Suwarna: we are all proud of our bahu… we are really lucky to get bahu like you…
Akshara: even we naira..
Tara:[shouts] gayu…
They turn and see…gayu crying…

Everybody rush there…
Naira:gayudi..what happened?
Akshara: she opened the album no she is missing rashmi and sameer ji..
Mishkat catches her and ask to be strong…
Gayu:mishkat, they promised me that they will be with me always..but they…
Mishkat:sorry gayu.. I’m rea..
Gayu:[cuts] its okay mishkat.. were naira to mumma and papa when I’m not why cant you think that they are bua and pupa for you?
Akshara and naithik:ha gayu..
Gayu:yea…you are right… I’m very lucky to have such family and have sister like naira..if she is not their today my to be husband and best friend would not be here now..

She hugs her..

Precap: Kaira romance
Guyzz how was the episode..


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  1. Khoob bhalo very very gud keep it up

  2. AnikaSaini

    Awesome episode ????….post next episode asap

  3. Vinni05

    Just loved it really waiting for next part

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks vinnie!

  4. Fantastic ff ??
    Update the next one soon ok

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks Swetha!!

  5. Vrushy

    Great work 🙂

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thanks vrushy❤

  6. Soumya85

    It was awsome

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      Thanks soumya ?

  7. Fenil

    Great work….now pls don’t reminds Rashmi nd Sameer’s Accident anymore…in this track ut is oky….

    As u have many character so u have to try to write longer if possible…

    Dear Lasyashree , U can take Some month leap …nd in this leap period u can show mishti nd kaushik love track in flashback…
    Jaisa aapne socha hai waise hi likho .
    Awesome storylines..

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thankyou fenil!
      actually even i thought the same to show few months leap once after engagement is over…anyways thank you so much for sharing your views and you can also tell me if anything is less in this so that i try to cover up …not only for you but saying for each and every reader! i’ll try to be longr!
      past 2-3 days i was in some or the other hurry…

      1. Fenil

        Yes , we’ll tell u if anything u can improve it nd make it perfect.

  8. Lasyashree.10

    Every body …. ?attention please!!
    I wanted to inform every one that if anybody have any queries about this ff please do let me know so that I try to improve?
    Guys!! I can’t show romance more because I am full to family type and I hope you already understood it??
    I mean whatever the romance will be there I can just show between couple’s conversation ?
    I hope you understand but still I’ll try!!
    And past these days I m busy as Pongal is coming and we south Indian’s celebrate it very grandly!!??
    And my bro’s is there so preparing for that…so I couldn’t be regular??‍♀️
    I’m sorry for the delay….
    And sorry for everyone whosoever’s wishes or expectations I full fill??
    And I’m sure I’ll improve…


    1. No queries!!!

      no problem if you don’t show romance! how much you tried to show in past episodes that much is enough!

      you just try your best in that and
      we have @Hales @vrushy the best writers!! they show romance so it’s okay….

      for me it’s like a balanced cycle now…
      for kaira’s romance i read thier ff’s and they are just awesome!
      for family time i read your ff!!

      as you are from joint family you will know the bond’s well!!




      1. Lasyashree.10

        Thanks for support?

  9. CuteVanshu

    Awesome update.. Waiting for next

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thank you ??‍♀️

  10. arey wah!!
    kya episode hai!!

    Arpit ranka is perfect set as jaiswal!!

    naira’s dialogues yaar!!they are amazing!


    Missed mishik episodes today!
    but it’s okay naira;s support balanced it!!!

    what a family entertainer!! i read all your episodes once again in the time you didn’t update !!

  11. Sethidisha002

    perfect and fab

  12. Lasyashree.10

    Thank you!!??‍♀️

  13. Goodone…nice

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    sum waiting for ur next ?

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    Awesome update dii… are making me fall in love with this FF………amazing…..everyone is so good here…….I am loving it…… you……be hppy;….

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