SATH MAIN HI TOH KUSHI HAI episode 14 [engagement special-part 1]

Heyy guys back with new episode!

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Episode starts in goenka villa;
Its morning!!
Goenka’s are busy in doing arrangements for engagement!
Dadi:sab jaldi ready ho jayiye! Varna muhurth nikaljayegi!
Suwarna:ha ma!
Dadi:maina,kirti go and see karthik and mishkat…
They both go and see karthik and mishkat getting ready..
Karthik see kirti and maina;
Karthik:arey!!wah you are looking beautiful ya!
Kirti: ha karthik…this is the last day you praise!! From tomorrow you find only NAIRA!!
Maina:yes! Get ready fastly and come down..
Mishkat:didi! We will come down along with you only wait..
In singhania sadan;
Naira and gayu get ready in their respective rooms;
Beauticians make them get ready…
Bhabima:bahu! Is everything ready? I hope they will be coming..
Akshara:ha bhabima!
Tara:I’ll go and see naira and gayu;
Rajshree:akshara, aarthi thali is decorated?
Akshara: ha everything is over ! you all don’t worry!
Bhabima:when you are there why will we worry?
Akshara: ha bhabima… this time you need not take any stress because this time All the arrangements are done by Tara and Naksh more and most accurately than me and naithik…
Naksh:ma! Not more than you!
IN naira’s room;
Tara: arey wah!! Wonderful looking great!!
Naira:bhabi!why did you come I thought to give a surprise..
Tara:bhabi hun mein tumhaari!!
Naira: Bhabi…
Naksh go to gayu’s room;
Naksh:wow! Meri behen…kya lag rahi ho!
Gayu: bhayya why did you come here…go go down…[pushes him]

In naira’s room;
Naira: bhabi now go down I’ll only come down after karthik come..go bhabi go…[pushes her]
They see each other..
Tara: Aapko bhi getout kardiya!
Naksh:ha..engagement meh hi yeh haal hai toh.. shaadi tak kya hoga?
Tara:naksh! Shaadi ke baad?
Tara and naksh: I’m afraid
Suwarna: arey wah!!
Dadi:nazar na lage kisiki..
Manish: three of you are perfect..
Suwarna: kirti,maina… give them aarthi and we will leave..
Kirti and maina give them aarthi.. All were about to leave but..
Dadi:…we will go after time is not good!
Karthik:dadi,if we go after 15 mins time will be bad for the main function…let’s go nothing happens..
Mishkat: nothing dadi… lets go…[[rushes her]
Dadi unwillingly goes..

In singhania sadan:
Naithik: everybody listen… goenka’s will arrive in half an hour… they have just started…
Naira comes out and see gayu also coming
Gayu:naira! are you going down?
Naira:no di coming to you!
Gayu:oh..even I was comingto you..okay lets go!
They go to gayu’s room…
Naira:I’m nervous but also excited di!
Gayu: yeah!me too…
Tara:gayu and naira..
Naira[excitedly]: did they arrive…
Tara:no naira… cool cool don’t be so excited.. I came to give babies to you please carry.. I have lot ofwork…I’ll put them in cradle you just see them..
Gayu:okay bhabi..
Tara moves to go down..
Naksh drags her…
Tara:naksh? I have lot of work leave me..
Naksh:always work…then what about me?
Tara:You are now father of two kids..leave naksh!
Naksh:arey! Iski vajah se I became father..
Tara: blushes…naksh please they must be coming..
Naksh:yeah give me what I want fastly and go…
Tara:anybody will…no..leave…
Naksh cuts her in middle and give a sudden liplock…
Tara too responds to it….
Akshara[from down]:Tara…goenka’s arrived come down…give aarti..
Tara and naksh breaks liplock… coming!
Naksh: uff[gives can’t change expression where as tara give cool down look]
Tara go down and give aarti..and welcome goenka’s…
Naksh:gayu,naira are up..karthik and mishkat..[teasingly]
Karthik:oh..its okay let them..
Dadi:akshara…anything is left?or we shall start pooja..
Akshara:ji….actually.. Naira and gayu’s Bua didn’t turn up shall we wait for 10 mins?
Voice:no need… we came..
Every body are glad seeing them…it was yash and his family….
Tara go and hug Rose..
Everybody greet them…akshara introduces to goenka’s…
Akshara:tara and rose go and bring naira and gayu down…
They go…along with yash and naksh..
Rose greets naira and gayu..
They both hug her..
Tara and rose catch them and bring down where as naksh and yash carry babies…
Karthik and mishkat see… naira and gayu and are……………
They have an eyelock [kaira and miyu]
Naira and gayu takes elders blessings..
Dadi: nazar na lagi kisiki…
Suwarna:arey…naira and gayu are here where is mishti?
Naksh:I’ll go and call her…
Akshara:duggu…wait.. you have some work..
Mishkat:Koushik will call…[gives notorious look to koushik]
Koushik:me?[gives you are dead look]
Dadi:ha beta go fastly…
He go..

Koushik knocks the door…
Mishti opens and say I’m ready..coming…and dashes with koushik… she was about to fall but he catches…
They have an eyelock…
Mishti: gets up you…you why are you here?
Koushik:ah..ah..they are calling..
They both go down..
Every body gets glad seeing her..
They start pooja and finish the rituals..
Panditji:exchange the rings now…
When they were about to exchange…
Everybody see and gets shocked they were policemen..
Police:Sir we are sorry…but karthik and mishkat are under arrest…
Everybody gets shocked…

Precap:gayu and naira are against…..


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  1. Vrushy

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    Nyc one!! I just wonder kisne complain likh diya against karthik n mishkat …post the next one soon ?

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      Di! Thank yu!
      How are preparing?

  3. Vinni05

    Super waiting for next part eagerly

  4. wow!! somuch suspense!!

    you write ff’s very nicely!!

    #mishik and #nakshatara were cute!!

    overall good episode asusual

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      thanks shreya!

  5. Sethidisha002

    why this much susp

  6. Sethidisha002

    suspence and seperation

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  7. Lots of Suspense dear!! Still ? good

  8. Piyali

    All the episodes were awesome di………please dont care abou those who don’t care about you…….tis ff is brilliant…….couldn’t comment on previous episodes as no commenting option……sorry,…..but loving……abb police kyun aagayi??? love you… happy…..

    1. Lasyashree.10

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      1. Piyali

        Acha abb humari friendship mein thank you aggya??

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