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Episode 13:

Episode starts with gayu and mishkat coming..
Naira: gayu di, completed…
Gayu:ha naira!!
Karthik:now let’s go home ?
Karthik:everytime you will say me that iam tube light…now you are not understanding?
Naira:karthik, don’t be smart okay we have to still shop suiting..
Gayu:now you both please don’t fight…
Mishti:oh my god still….i cant di..i’m tired…
Naira gets akshara’s call….
Akshara[on phone]: Naira, is your shopping completed?
Naira:mumma… dress is done but suiting are not done..
Akshara:no problem… for suiting I called one designer she is you can buy them here come home fastly!!
Naira:okay mumma..
Ends the call..

Naira: mumma’s call she said that she called jewellery designer to home only we can buy them there…
Lets go home..
They all leave to singhania sadan

In goenka’s villa;
Kirti:ma!!where are my bros they came afterso many days and not spending time with me..
Suwarna:they are preparing for their engagement kirti…so we cant stop…
Kirti:ma … Naira aur Gayu are very good hai na?their understanding…their bonding are awesome…
Suwarna: yeah…I’m shocked by seeing their understanding… on that day when manish ji revealed the truth…. They stopped naksh from beating karthik and mishkat….they tried to know the whole truth…
They are made for each other..[do you agree it guys?]
Kirti: ha ma!!

In singhania sadan;
Naira:mumma we came..
Akshara:arey wah.. show me the dress
Naira:no mumma… see tomorrow only..
Naithik:princess atleast you show me…papa hun main hakh toh bantha hai..
Naira:ha papa dikhaungi…lekin tomorrow…[laugh]
Akshara:gayu atleast you show…
Naira signs to gayu to not show
Gayu:nahi mami… see tomorrow only..
Akshara:very bad..
Naira:accha chalo chalo suitings dekhthe hai…
They all see the jewellery…

All the men sit on sofas..where as women down and see jewellery..
Naira takes two necklaces and try it…. She turns the mirror infront of her towards karthik so that without turning she can see him in the mirror..
She signs him whether it is good or not..
Karthik signs its not good…
She shows the other one he even doesn’t like it
Naira gets disappointed…
Karthik signs her to come up!!
She refuses…he ignores and go up…naira go back of him…

Karthik see naira coming and gets excited…
Naira:why did you call?
Karthik:to select the suitings?
Naira: I didn’t bring them here any how u don’t like what I select right?then why should I bring..?
Karthik:don’t bring…that’s why I bought for you…
He gives her the box..
She gets glad and opens… she like it somuch
Naira:karthik,this is the perfect match for dress…thankyou soo much ….
Karthik: try it…
Naira:yeah[she tries it and shows to him]
Karthik gets mesmerized.. AND just stares her
Naira:accha nahi haikya?
Karthik:no no its good..

Naira:where did you buy?when did you buy?[she ask many questions]
Karthik puts his hand over her lips and signs to stop…
They have an eye lock..
Karthik:I LOVE YOU naira[he catches her hand]
Naira:I love you too karthik…
Karthik:Ilove you….
Naira:love you too karthik…
Karthik comes closer…closer..
Naira blushes….
Karthik cups her face and brings her face nearer and he kiss her…. They have a passionate liplock…
They both stay kissing for a while…
Naira breaks their liplock and gets teary eyed..
Karthik:why are you crying naira?
Naira: I am not crying karthik… I’m feeling your love…
Karthik hugs her…

She hugs him tightly…
Mishkat and gayu come up catching their hands and seeing each other…
They both see eachother and doesn’t notice kaira…they walk further..
Kaira doesn’t notice miyu and they continue their hug…
Soon miyu come near kaira and both pairs collide…
Four of them see each other…
Naira: gayu di,bhayya you [stammers]
Mishkat: ha..ha…she we both came to call…[also stammers]
Gayu: ha..ha… aur nahi toh…
Karthik:bhai I’m your chota bhai..dont act infront of me and you gayu.. I know about please..
MIshkat and Gayu feels shy…
They four laugh and share a hug..

Gayu:naira,these suitings are awesome[points the one naira wears which karthik bought]
Naira:ha gayu di..
Gayu:but…they are not in the pairs which designer brought.. I saw all the pairs thoroughly… then…where did you find?
Naira:di..yeh karthik bought these…
Gayu:arey wah DEVARJI… you are very romantic ha…
Karthik:ha toh…thoda thoda meri BHABHI JI se seek raha hun…
Mishkat:ha even I learnt from your Bhabi only…
Naira:ohfo bhayya… loosing your control ah?[teasingly]
Mishkat: I never control anything naira… [give I’m great look ]
Naira:ha…ha.. di ki mamle mein toh bilkul bi nahi[teasingly]
Mishkat: ha obviously…
Gayu blushes..
Gayu:okay now lets go down ifnot elders will doubt..
Naira:ha gayu di I’ll put these suiting in room and I’ll come you go..
Mishkat:you go put it and come we will wait.. if we leave you both will forget the world and just continue your romance…[points karthik and naira]
Naira:bhayya…and go to her room
She keeps the box[suitings box]in locker and come
They leave…

Bhabima:naira gayu…how are these [shows some suitings]
Naira and Gayu: wow!! Badidadi they are good..
Bhabima:then any one of you take..
Naira:gayu di you take…these suit to your dress..
Gayu:no naira you take…
Naira:di! I already have the one karthik gifted me na.. you ta…[realizes what she said and stops]
Karthik keeps ohmy god look..
Tara:[coughs] so he gifted you… ohfo…[stammers] he used to but he didn’t… actually he saw…but no…he didn’t..
Everybody looks her and giggle…
Naira notices and stops…

Naksh:say naira…he saw but he didn’t… he didn’t but he saw…continue the answer you have an exam tomorrow no….[teasingly]
Naira feels shy…
Naksh: her like that only if not she will become out ofcontrol…
Everybody laugh…
Akshara:so gayu…you take these
Gayu:okay maami…
Akshara:anyhow..karthik gifted naira she will wear them…[teases her]
Koushik:now lets go bhai varna kirti didi will call continuously and kill me…
Mishkat:ha lets go..
karthik give flying kiss to naira[nobody see it]
They leave…

After some time;
Akshara:varsha..keep these flowers there…
NAITHIK…did you call decorators?
Naithik:they are on the way…
Tara:ma… did you get all these items[shows a list]
Akshara:ha tara…
Tara:ma…any work more to do?

Akshara:no tara…I’llmanage you takecare ofmy dolls..
Tara:ha ma…lekin..
AKshara: ha bhabima..
Bhabima: bahu..keep these rings near god…
Akshara:ha bhabima…
Naira and gayu come down and see everyone busy in arrangements..
Bhabima:arey naira gayu..why did you both come down go..goup and relax…so that you look good tomorrow…
Gayu:dadi..we are bored..
Akshara:naira,gayu come and keep these rings near god and pray…
They do it…
Varsha comes and teases them..
Akshara gets emotional..
All the women come and dance on ‘SONE CHIDAYYA’…

Guysz how was the episode..please do comment and today iam not going to give any PRECAP!!

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