SATH MAIN HI TOH KUSHI HAI episode 11 {Koushik’s bday bash}

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Episode :11
It’s evening!!
KoUsHiK’s BiRtHdAy BaSh.. Goenka’s are busy with arrangements…
Karthik and mishkat are very excited and karthik is also sad for mishti…
Gayu:mishti,That’s like my sista!! I know kit um mere bath nahi taalthe…Ilove you..
Naira: yes misthi…vaise bi you are looking great..
Tara:that’s as usual naira…
Mishti:Thank you thanks ah lot!!but gayudi…I’m not going to talk to him or atleast stare him..
Mishti: nonaira di… I’ll not if you want me to talk I’ll not come..
Tara:no…no please…accha tike don’t talk to him..
Singhania and Maheshwari elders come…
Varsha:let’s gonow..
Mishti: ha maami par kuhu kaha hai?
Kuhu:yahan hu mein…
Mishti and kuhu hug each other..
They leave to Goenka’s villa…

Karthik call gayu…
Gayu:I understood karthik… she is coming..
Karthik:thank you gayu..
Gayu: did you start?
Karthik:yeah…yeah gayu you people don’t leave we both will come then we all will go there..
Gayu: karthik hum toh ghar ko lock karke abhi abhi car mein bait rahe he..
Karthik:oh.. then gayu inform them fastly.. get down the cars and open the lock and aur thoda touch up karo…we will be there till then…
Gayu ends the call and informs everyone that karthik and mishkat will be coming..
They go back to house and wait..
Akshara: today is a big day for them..
Naithik:ha.. within in oneday every thing changed..i’m so happy..
Naira: Bhabi… did my dolls sleep?
Tara: ha naira…that’s why they are silent..if not they used to cry..
Akshara:Tara… when children cry…it will be very hard to mothers to see them…same way yesterday my heart was broken.. when I saw differences between karthik and naira ,mishkat and gayu..
Mishkat[from back]:aage se aisa nahi hoga Bua..
Karthik:ha bua aaj don’t know why I’m feeling restless.. these many days we were with you now suddenly we are going to goenka’s villa… don’t know why.. kuch ajeeb hai..
Naksh:what do you mean? You willnot come here for anything from tomorrow?i’ll also see how you will not come if my sisters are here…
They laugh..

Tara:Mishkat,karthik if you don’t think that I’m being emotional can I ask you some thing?
Mishkat:Tara… feel free bolo..
Tara:these all three years we were like brother and sisters… so after you go to your own sisters kirti and maina.. will you change…
Karthik:…the relation with me mishkat,karthik? Is that your question bhabi?
Tara nods yes..
Karthik:what do you think you are not our own sister?
Mishkat:if you don’t think also you are our own sister just like maina di and kirti di..
Tara hugs Them[come on guyzz we also give brother’s hug right?]
Karthik notices mishti’s sad..
She leaves from there..
Akshara okay lets go now we are late…
Every one:yes..yes..
They leave…
Karthik are mishti are still sad..
ThEy ReAcH GoEnKa’S ViLlA…
Mishkat calls maina..
Mishkat:maina di we are out side the gate…
Ends the call

Maina informs every one that they came..
Goenka’s get glad..
Suwarna:kirti,maina go..go and get Koushik down we will welcome karthik and mishkat..
Kirthi and Maina:ji ma..
Kirthi and Maina go to koushik’s room..
Stunning boy is shown wearing a black blazer who is looking very royal but sad..[parth samanthan as koushik]..
Maina:come lets godowm koushu..[koushik]
KOushik:didi.. how many more years likethis? Without bros.. I’m not liking it…
Kirti:even I’m not liking it…come on.. ma and everyone planned a big surprise to you…
Koushik unwillingly.. goes down… kirti and maina closes his eyes.
Suwarna decorates thali to welcome karthik and mishkat…
Dadi opens the door and finds karthik and mishkat standing along with maheshwaries and singhanias..
Kirthi and maina brings koushik by closing his eyes infront of Them… and removes their hands..
Koushik: now what’s this di?[still closes eyes..]this year I don’t want to open eyes to see your surprise…without bros…
Mishkat and karthik:okay then.. open your eyes to see your bros atleast..
Koushik hears their voices and opens his eyes..
He is shocked but very happy he goes out and hugs them…
Koushik:Wah di..what a surprise..Iloved it…
Mishkat: Greeting of the day my bro..
Koushik:thanks ah lot bros..

They get it but suwarna stops…
Suwarna:aarti ke bina?no chance..
Suwarna gives aarthi thali to kirti and maina..
Surekha :Gayu,Naira.. you also stand beside mishkat and karthik…
Gayu:no no aunty… first you welcome you sons heartfully wewill come back of them..
Everybody gets glad..
Kirthi and maina welcome them…
Karthik,mishkat and koushik step it…[imagine ya!! Mohsin khan[karthik],Mishkat verma[mishkat] and parthsamanthan[koushik] entering into house god I’ll die imagining like this]
Karthik and mishkat gets tears and become emotional seeing their house…
Kirti:now you both don’t be emotional…lets celebrate..
Manish:first you welcome our bahus and their family..
Kirti: ha papa..
Kirthi and maina welcome singhanias and maheshwaries..
They all greet everyone..

Suwarna: akshara ji, you can sit on this sofas we are not giving them for cleaning[teasingly][laughs]
AKshara also laughs..and sit..
Koushik is very confused:now will you all introduce them to me?
Karthik: yeah yeah of course… you are only the one who can answer them and compete them and also save us…
And introduces everyone..
Karthik:now last but not the least This is mishti and my BFF[points towards mishti]
Koushik see her and just stares her… [:P guys mishti and koushik’s love track starts soon]
Mishkat notices and coughs…
Koushik: lets celebrate.. my birthday..
Everyone:yeah yeah..
Koushik cuts the cake and feed karthik and mishkat first and all the others next..
Elders sit and talk about kaira and Miyu’s engagement and children{kaira,miyu,mishik[koushikand mishti],nakshatara ,kirti,maina and kuhu] sit in the garden…
Karthik:koushu…did you like your bhabis?
Koushik: ha bhai..i liked them ah lot…
Mishkat:[whispers in koushik’s ears] you liked bhabies or their sister?
Koushik:[also whispers] bhai..youare impossible..
Mishti sits silently..
Karthik notices
Karthik:mishti… Please abh toh don’t stay angry any more..
Mishti: naira di.. I’m going to mumma… I’ll get some water..
Kirti:mishti wait I’ll get it for you..
Kirti leaves..

Karthik stands sadly…Mishkat consoles him..
Gayu:mishti.. hadh hogayi abh.. leave it
Mishti: di may be this is small thing for him not me..
Koushik:omg!bro why are you annoyed mishti?
Mishti:should I really have to tell you?
Koushik:I hope that’s the reason I’m asking you
Mishti: it’s a matter between me and karthik..why do you need?
Koushik:then why gayu bhabi is interfering?
Mishti:oh come on…you are asking as if it is a KBC question..she is my sista!!she have right..
Koushik:oh..alright… you are feeling as if you answered the last 1Crore rupee question in KBC…He is my bro… I also have right…
Mishti: oh my god…
Koushik:haa.. while talking to this koushik you have to pray god varna you will loose vaise bi even if you pray also you will loose…
Kirthi brings water…
Kirti:take water mishti…
Koushik: ha didi give her she will gain some energy atleast..
Mishti: oh… stop your nonsense..
Koushik:what do you think you are having sense?
Karthik:oh please stop you both…
Gayu:exactly karthik we even feel the same while you and naira are fighting..
Karthik:now that’s not the time gayu… I have to sought out with my bff…
KARthik:mishti…please I’m sorry this will be my last mistake..i’ll not give you chance to complain next time…please…I’m sorry…
Mishti: BHayyuu lets go now…I have my exam tomorrow…
Naksh:mishti… don’t be so stubborn…


guys how was the episode…did you like koushik’s bond with karthik and mishkat?
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    i am sorry if i hurt yu!!
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