#eY gUy$ tOdAy I wAnNa CeLeBrAtE OuR fF’s 10 EpIsOdE AcHiEvEmEnT!!
cOmE TaKe PaRt JoIn In ThE CeLeBrAtIoNs!!
KoUsHiK’S b’DaY BaSh!!! KaRtHiK aNd MiShKaT’s ReUnIoN WiTh GoEnKa’S!!!
AnD DeEpIkA aNd SoUmYa I sInCeReLy aPoLoGiSe fOr My MiStAkE!! IaM sOrRy FoR nOt MeNtIoNiNg Ur NaMes!! AcTuAlLy I pOsTeD tHe EpIsOdE BeFoRe Uh AnSwEr iT!!
HoPe YoU bOtH FoRgIvE MeH!! I’m SoRrY OnCe AgAiN!!

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Episode 10:
Episode starts with Kirthi and Maina leaving…
Nakshatara,KAiraand Miyu spend time with singhania FamILy!!
Akshara gets varsha’s call..
Akshara[on phone]:heylo varsha tell me..what’s the matter?
Varsha{on phone}: akshara, I already told you that we planned some surprise for Naira and Gayu so please I don’t want to make it flop…. We are coming there within 10minutes you keep them busy we will arrange everything on TeRrAcE!!
Akshara:[go to side] varsha, why are you troubling yourselves?first of all you are all tired and again..
Varsha: [cuts her middle] Akshara, you are troubling me by not giving me chance in celebrating my daughters luck… And yes you were telling that we are tired and we should relax right? Rather than spending time with family what will be the other best way to relax?
Akshara: but varsha,..
Varsha: no buts akshara.. Naira and Gayu are not only daughters of yours they are also mine and this house’s..please akshara.. don’t ruin our plan..
Akshara: accha tike varsha, whats the plan tell me
Varsha:why will I tell you?
Akshara:arey varsha I’ll help you …
Varsha:oy mata rani …you just manage to keep it as surprise.. we will enter and arrange everythingon Terrace..
Akshara:okay after you come just call me.. but varsha.. all will see you right if you enter in the house..
Varsha:akshara, that’s what I said to manage..
Akshara: buts how varsha..
Varsha:my god!! Take them to some or the other room..
Akshara: okay!!

Just then manish and suwarna come and greet every one akshara see them..
Akshara:[to varsha] varsha, manish ji and suwarna came bye!
Varsha: wow great akshara… let them stay till our surprise party is completed they will also take part in it.. bYe wilbe there ASAP..
Akshara:okay bye![smiles]
Akshara cuts the call and greets manish and suwarna..
Suwarna: karthik and mishkat you are still here only?
Karthik: ha ma!! Actually…[thinks what to say]
Mishkat:Actually.. we have some work here to talk.. with Bua and Dada.. so..
Karthik: yeah yeah exactly!![gets relieved]
Manish: See suwarna itni saalo mein in donoki Nautanki kam nahi hua..
Tara:that’s why uncle we call them NAUTANKIs..
They laugh,mishkat and karthik bite their toungues..
Suddenly akshara remembers that maheshwari’s will come ..
Akshara: arey why are you all standing here and talking come lets go up..
Every body are confused..

Bhabi ma: Bahu why?
Akshara: Bhabima…woh legs will pain no by standing so..lets go to my room and talk..
Mishkat:Bua…we have sofas and chairs here right?
Akshara:[stammers].. no mishkat..
Karthik:Bua.. ankey khol ke badi acchi se dekho.. we have a sofaset here… [points sofas] and some chairs there[points chairs] and we also have some relaxing bedsthere[points them]…
Akshara: stop it karthik… I know they are there..
Naksh:then what happened mumma?
Akshara:woh..woh..actually I want to give them for cleaning so don’t sits..
Every body are confused with akshara’s strange behavior…
Suwarna: not an issue akshara.. we will stand..
Akshara gets varsha’s message..
Message: we reached is everything okay? Shall we enter?
Akshara gets tensed…
Tara:Ma.. is everything okay with you?
Akshara signs to tara and gives her mobile before no one see…

Tara reads message of varsha and understand that there is some surprise…
Tara signs akshara that she will help..
Tara:Suwarna aunty… you didn’t see our house right.. come i’ll show..
suwarna: no problem beta.. actually we came to invite youto Koushik’s Bday party…
Tara: aunty!! Come come lets go and see you Bahu’s rooms…[takes her] come on…come on everybody follow…[she forces everyone and they feel strange but they go up still]
Tara signs akshara that everything is okay..
Akshara call varsha and say everything is okay..
Varsha:[on phone] after we arrange everything we will turn off the electricity of house.. you bring the whole family up..okay?
Tara and akshara manages…
Naira: bhabi… you and mumma are okay right?why are behaving like this suddenly?
Mishkat: tara and Bua I think you both drank SHARAB so that you are doing like this..
Manish:[teasingly]do yu have any experience mishu?you saying like this..
Mishkat:[lowvoice] papa..i was saying just lyk that..
Akshara:okay now lets go up… there is no light here lets go up and spend time..
Every body agrees but manish and suwarna refuses as they have to go to their house.. but akshara manages to take them up…
They all go up.. power comes back…

Every body see the terrace is decorated but only half not completely and also notices that maheshwaries are decorating…
Akshara and Tara are shocked..
Naira: Nana,Nani… app yahan?
Maheshwaries turn back and see singhanias and are also shocked..
Both the families see akshara confusingly…
Varsha{withanger} akshara..i said you that I’ll turn of electricity and then bring them up right?
Akshara:power toh off hogaya na isiliye lekhe aya..
Everybody understands that they planned a surprise..
Varsha: oh god!!this means I think so power is off really..
Maheshwaries becomes sad..
Karthik and Mishkat come up[till now they were down]
Karthik and mishkat: Maami[varsha] power was not off really..
Karthik and Mishkat see each other giggling
Naira:tell karthik..then
Karthik: we removed it..
Every body gets shocked..

Mishkat:actually… bua and tara were behaving strange so we both thought to go toBua and ask whats the matter..
Gayu: toh..
Karthik:toh…we heard bua and Mami’s conversation that they want to give give we four a surprise..but I and bhai thought to give them surprise…[laughs]
Mishkat and karthik laugh.. and every body giggles at varsha and akshara
Mishkat:maami now please don’t stayangry on us..
Karthik:ha we felt very happy after knowing this but… we thought of provoking some thing…so..we did it..
Akshara beats them playfully.. lets start?
Kuhu:what will you start mumma?nothing is ready except cake..
Mishkata and karthik feel sorry.. and once again apologies varsha and maheshwaries..

Varsha:leave it now, lets cut the cake and go..
Everyone agree..
Shourya:Akshara whereis jamaisa?
Akshara:Dadu..he is sleeping..he said not to wake him up till tomorrow..
Kaira,miyu and mishti cut the feed everyone..they all come down..
Suwarana:accha now we will leave..before that.. we want to invite you to koushik’s bday tomorrow in the evening.. everybody must come there is no other option..
Karishma:Sorry,I cant come as mishti have a presentation tomorrow…
Suwarna: at what time is that?
Karishma: 8:00 in the morning..
Suwarna: Party is at 8:00 in the can come..noexcuses every one have to come..
She hugs karthik and mishkat and leave..
Karthik and mishkat also leave..
Its morning..
Karthik and mishkat wish Koushik on phone..
Koushik:Bhai,kash aap dono yahan hote….
Karthik:no problem koushik…don’t become sad.. enjoy ur day bye..
Mishkat: Bye koushik..
Koushik:Bye bros..

Mishkat:karthik after so many days…we are going to that house..
Karthik:yes mishi bhai..after 3 years..i’m excited..
Mishkat:did you wish mishti?
Karthik:no.. I’ll call now..
Karthik calls mishti..
Karthik:heylo mishti..all the best for your presentation..
Mishti:BFF ek baar tym dekho.. its 10:00..[shouts] I completed my presentation also…
Karthik:oh sorry mishti.. I was..
Mishti: [anger]yeah I know you were sleeping Jiju said me..
Karthik:mishi bhai call you?
Karthik:ohsorry mishti…I was tired..
Mishti:tired? For what? For offing the power yesterday?or for making the surprise party flop?
Karthik{understands that she is very angry}I’m really sorry mishti..
Mishti:don’t talk to me Bff.. Your wishes mean to me ah lot..but I don’t mean you that much… I’m not Talking to you.. [cuts the call]
Karthik:heylo..heylo. she had cut the call..{becomes sad}
Mishkat: she even spoke to me in a very sad voice..
Karthik:yes mishi bhai.. she did a lot to me but I …
Mishkat:karthik.. manage her in the evening party..
Karthik:yes bhai…

In singhania sadan..
Naira:gayu di, what will we wear? We are going there for the first time and we should look good what will wear?
Gayu: vahi toh naira,im confused..
Karthik call naira..
Karthik: naira take out your laptop and accept our videocall ..mishi bhai is calling you..
Karthik:do what I say..
Naira:okay.. cuts the call..
ON video call..
Mishkat:hey guyzz..i know you both are confused what to wear so… we are here to help you…
Mishti enters..karthik looks on..
Naira:mishti..come on..
Karthik:chodna… about you..what will by bff wear?
Mishti ignores karthik..
Mishti:gayu di… I came for informing you that I’m not coming..
Gayu:why mishti..without you we will feel bored there..
Mishti:no di.. I will not come.. I have to study..
Mishkat:that’s not the reason mishti.. bring your books there you sit in one room and study..
Mishti:no.. jiju..
Karthik: mishti.. you are annoyed with me right?
Karthik:I’m sorry mishti..
Naira and gayu stay confused..
Gayu:what happened to you both?
Karthik tells the whole thing..
Naira:mishti… now please don’t stay angry on him..karthik udaas hojayegi ..vaise bi.. it’s a big day for him… without you he will be incomplete..
Mishti:di..please unki side math lena…bigday is even for me today..its my presentation and without his wishes even I was incomplete and I’m still… so please let him experience it..
Karthik:please mishtu…I’m sorry…
Mishti: di bye..
She leaves..
Karthik:[becomes sad] if she doesn’t come today’s day will be nothing to me…
Mishkat consoles him…
Gayu:karthik…I promise.. we will come along with mishti…


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