Sath janmon kha pyaar ya rab kha khel (chapter 2)

Chapter 2:
Kunj parks the car and went into the auditorium uv was there….kunj goes to him.
KUNJ:I told u to take last seats na…
Uv: shut up its already occupied by someone here it’s middle row no one can see even if u sleep…
KUNJ:I won’t sleep Mann…I am ready for presentation. .
UV: haa…Kaise??Kab??
KUNJ: I prepared it when I went to park the car..
UV: ooh kunj no..many reputed companies are here n many students across the city came to grab the things out of here don’t so non sense
KUNJ:not nonsense see my common sense now!!!
UV:god save him!!!

On stage a person come n speaks
Hi everyone and very good morning to all of u here we gathered to allow all the students to express their talents and to pay them equally…so let’s see…ur work all the best everyone….

Program starts and many presentations were given even kunj UV along with then mahi n twinkle also came to attend.again the speaker came on stage

Speaker:all did well I will be selected by companies and will be informed in ur colleges u all can leave all the best…

Everyone left the place….

After 3 days
Twinkle was in canteen mahi came to her running..
MAHI :heyy….guess what!!!!
MAHI:we both are selected by a company for a project we have to go to their office now…
TWINKIE :what??omg!!!! It’s my dream chalo chalo wt ru waiting for…come..
She dragged her alone with her to the office their they went to the reception and headed int a room their they were welcomed and talked by manager then they were asked to wait in CEO a room…

AS Twinkle and mahi entered the room they saw kunj n if there.
UV:may be they are the people who are accompanied by company for us..
KUNJ nods
Mahi smiles at them as they were informed that twihi have to work with 2 other people

As kunj was then he was amazed even twinkle also…
Both together said….

to be continued

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