Sath janmon kha pyaar ya rab kha khel (chapter 1)

frndss hope u all remember me ur roshini heres d most awaited ff of me,i will continue due to my hard luck i didnt moved to othr state for hostel so i am in my native state bt moved to othr city,i will continue my ff 2 epis a week in saturday n sinday if possible 3 epis here s my 2 epis of this week….support me..i hv made little changes of story n starting from begining for all of u…


NOTE:nw the story is of present situation that is last janam of twinj…i will write flashbacks in slant writing so dat it will be easier to overcome confusions and to differentiate the janams

BOMBAY…APRIL 29,2015…..6.00am…..

One early morning on the beach side around 6 am….a girl was on her daily workout she wore a black track pant n a white t-shirt with beautiful flower design on it, she tied a small pony with her thick black straight hair and d girl is Twinkle Taneja, the only heir of taneja s group of industries. Jogging was her daily routine…when she was doing so, suddenly something poked into her shoes,she fell down..
Twinkle: ouch!! What was that…babaji!! Its rally paining a lot..haaa..
She noticed a glass bottle..She took it..
Twinkle: glass bottle!!Their s something inside it…let me open it..
she opened the bottle and there was a letter in it.. she took it out and went on reading it.

LETTER: Jaan…u know how these days are going with me just like a living hell…I dont know who are you. how u look like but still my heart wants you to be with you, may be this is love u may think how can anyone love an unknown person but I also have the same question, though I dont know who are u..I want to see you I have your image in my heart, hope you love me too..I will be waiting for you come soon….
-your love of life.

she finished studying and looked up she saw a guy coming towards her..he came close to her and said i am the one who wrote that letter. twinkle was delighted and was about to handshake the guy disappeared
suddenly the bottle beside her also vanished, letters on the paper disappeared,within a fraction of second even letter also vanished…before twinkle could vanish..she fell down from her bed and she came out of her morning dream…
she woke up by holding her head as her morning alarm shouted at her to wake up.
she off the alarm n thought…
Twinkle: same dream..i think i have some relation with this, whose that person?…oohhha….but now its late, twinkle its just a dream now come move on…still you are in home.

she dressed in her jogging suit and went for her daily jog…she met her friend mahi there…
Twinkle was on beach side, but she was thinking about the dream and was searching for bottle..she was feeling that whether her dream may come true..daily she used to do so but her dream never came true….seeing all these maya interrupted her.

MAHI: what happened? What are u thinking?
TWINKLE: nothing yaar same dream…
MAHI : oh….didnt you see his face today??
TWINKLE: no before I could…
MAHI: before you could everything vanished right??
MAHI: dont u think he may be john abraham ya varun dhawan or other hero…
TWINKLE: shut up yaa…if this dream came true. I will marry him at any cost, whoever he may be I will!!!

They both left home and decided to meet at college…

BOMBAY(same day some other place) @09.45am……

Someone is on bed still in deep sleep…rolling in his bed sheet, a guy came to that room and tried waking the person on bed…
UV: come on ya wake up!! It’s getting late we have a seminar in college
KUNJ: (sleepy) oh!! Leave yaar we will wont get marks as I didnt get ready for seminar
UV: did i tell u to go for party yesterday??we both would have worked over it..
KUNJ: haa know yesterday night party was rocking..
UV: if uncle gets to know about will be killed we will talk on the way get ready soon and come down i will be waiting…dont be late!

kunj goes and freshen up..he came down and both the friends left to UV is best buddy of kunj since from childhood they were like more than siblings, UV stays with kunj in his home only

IN CAR…. @10.15am

KUNJ: you know how nice yesterday party was..
UV: hmm…when you came back..
KUNJ: it was around 3am..
UV: oh…that late…
KUNJ: too would have came…
UV: no no boss i am not at all interested i am happy now like this only..
KUNJ: ya i know no one can change you…so u did full preparation for seminar..
UV: ya…
KUNJ: you know how much noise in party…but when i came out i went for a drive on beach side….
UV: so u went for late night drive also…i told you dont do that..
KUNJ: i know but i feel good doing soo….
UV: i cant tell you man…by the way now drive fast we need to be there on time..
KUNJ: hmm..ok

kunj was driving the car n remembered his last night party….

he enjoyed a lot in his party with girls and drinks he danced with them and made that night rock…as he came out of the club the cool breeze welcomed him into beauty of nature…he felt like going for a drive on beachside..which was his favorite thing to do to get relaxed…and he went to beach he had a nice drive then he get down from the car and went ear the water….waves welcomed him by touching and washing his legs..he was delighted t see shining moon, twinkling stars, running waves, cool breeze…he was very much relaxed…after sometime he took out an empty beer bottle from his car and wrote something on paper and he put it in the bottle closed it n threw it into sea….
he screemed…MOM I MISS U….
yes he used to enjoy this with his mother in his childhood but now she is not there with him…..he has his bebe

He came out of his dreams when he stopped the car at the college gate….

To be continued….

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