Sath janmon ka Pyaar ya Rab kha khel(epi-4)

hi frndss…roshini is back bt u hv to tell me whether i am back with a blast or nt as many of u expected me again…actuallu i thought of stopping his as many critics were thr fr this ff bt wn i saw sme of the ffs sme1 mentioned i thought of writing it..plz do support me n correct me if i am wrong n inform me if u need anything extraa kk nw fast recap
twinkle used to get a dream of bottle in sea with a letter actua;lly love letter in it..thn kunj also had a habit of writting sme thing in letter n throwing it in water with a bottl;e twinj n uv got a job in office fr thr research at london palace so thy left to london n thr they met mahi as hteir other team member as thy entered d royal palace they got some unclear flashes twinj were confused they held each othr hands n thy were disturbed by uv as he asked thm to get out of car twinj had a unclear flashes of their procession


As twinj got out of car they went into their rooms twihi in one room n yunj in one room bt twinj wre feeling weird about wt happnd a while before they were feeling some link with the place bt culdnt get it….twinkle called her frnd maya…
T:hey maya..
M:oh u called i thpught u frget me as u left
T:shut up ya
M:k so hw was ur journey?evrything fine na
T:hmm ya bt as i came here i am feeling like i knw this place vry well n sme connection with it n sme unclear flashes like procession n all i dnt knw wts going on with me
Maya bursts out into laughter
M:thats thats…y..i..i told u nt to read novels dat much…nw u r feeling weird things..
T:i am serious stop laughing
M:OH..twinki i am also tellings seriously.its nting like dat may be u r tired hv some sleep u will be alrught…
they talked fr a while n slept here same thing happnd with kunj wn he told this to uv…

(so let thm sleep n nw lets get into flashback ie janam 1)

A big room with wide windows and earlr morning wind is playing with curtains as the wind slowly reaches the bed at the center of the room a girl of 18 yrs i sseen to be asleep curtains around her bed were flying as she was trying herself to cover with bedsheet to feel warm from cold wind of early all the curtains of her bed were removed by her maid…
MAID:baby please wake up na its late…
TWINKLE:Dadi plzz let me sleep fr a while..
M:its ur moms order we hv to go for a ball its getting late
twinkle wakes up with a bang…
T:oh hw culd i forget ria s party she told me to come early…
maid smiles at her..twinkle hugs her n leaves to hv bath she finishes n came back as she came she started shouting…
T:dadi wrs my dress…
M:(while coming)everything must be fine n to be on time for my princess…wait ya coming..
she comes n gives a dress fr twinkle she wore it…it was a long merun frock sleeeveless n was damn pretty….she wore it n had a puff of hairs n were left long….

she went to ris a party informing her parents in her royal chariot….

nxt scene..
a big party hall wr it was completely decorated with red roses it was a annivarsary functon oh ria s parents…

sry frndsss its short i knw i will post soon sry…i will continue nly i get enough cmnts coz i am getting scoldings in my home fr writting so if u guys support i can continue orelse no..thnks fr ur love

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  1. Hey Roshini
    Long time huh
    I was really waiting for this ff
    N please do continue it
    Loved it??

  2. Nice post soon missed u alot

  3. hey rosh continue yaar..we will love to read it..plzzz..
    missed u a lot.. dont become mr. india lol 😛

  4. Missed u ya btw it ws superb

  5. hey continue soon yaar plsss

  6. finally u r back ..i thought i will not get ur ff to read …… waiting for the nxt part and ya wlcm bck roshu.

  7. Hey roshini please continue..ur concept is very different n the next one asap

  8. Rosh ….this was awesome…. Keep going

  9. Roshini finally u r back.
    Luved the epi
    Ctd asap
    Btw one request …I think u r writing …pyar ki roshni ff..pls ctd soon
    This ff 2.., fab
    Ctd asap…plz

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  11. Awesome yaar ……. pls continue it ……. i was mssng ur ff a lot ……

  12. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    its wonderful roshni.

  13. roshini plz doo continue yaar dont stop it dear…

  14. Yrr it’s really very very difficult task to portray our ideas regarding past life through words nd convincing others to loved it is much more difficult….. but u r doing both the job with extreme perfection….. don’t stop it yrr…..continue with it….a big applause to u for such a great spirit….

  15. roshni rockstar ki superhit entry
    post next soon

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