Sath janmon ka Pyaar ya Rab kha khel (promo)

Here is d promo of my ff sath janmon ka pyaar ya rab kha khel…

I am writing promo nt episode as i am getting enough response fr dis ff..
I hope u r nt liking it…so i am guving u d entire plot of d story….

Twinkle n kunj are main lead roles here nw it is a love story ….as man hv 7 janams…frm past 6 janams thr love will be failed its thr last janam so we hv to see whether they will be abke to succeed in ir or nt ..its d war bw fate n love…..

As nw…janam 7…the couple go on wit certain incidences which make thm to confuse abt thr past…as they r unaware of it…

So nw…
Janam 1 :as royal heirs of london…a passionate loce story of 16th century

Janam 2:as a rulers of indiam kingdoms…
Full of war n love bt a tragic one…story of 19 th century

Janam 3:a story of untouchables hw the couple overcome d tragedies to succeed tgr love…n against false customs of society

Janam 4:story of a soldier n his love…consequences of love….a 20 th century love

Janam5:a story of a mermaid(fish+women)n a sailor…a romantic story in sea….water love…

Janam 6:a story of a couple where girl suffered frm congental disease…n hw boy struggles fr her…

Janam 7:its a present wr twinj are on trip…they get unclear flashes wn ever thy go to pplaces wr they were related in pasts….

So all 6 parts are tragedies with last janam will be suspense wr…twinj unite or nt….

Here is d entire plot…if u lioe n get gud response i will continue orelse i will drop dis story…here itself. ..

As i am nt getting response fr dis story….

Plz comment n share ur views if u dnt like it i am gonna drop it as i dnt want u guys to bare my nonsense….plz tell whether to continue or nt…

Will be waiting
Roshini rockstar …..

Credit to: Roshini


  1. fiona

    its has cross all limits of awesomeness
    loved it from core of the heart
    don’t be disappointed with comments

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