Sath janmon ka Pyaar ya Rab kha khel (epi-2)


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RECAP:kunj got ready n came down uv n kunj left to clg……..

KUNJ:you know how nice yesterday party was..
UV:hmm…when you came back..
KUNJ:it was around 3am..
UV:oh…that late… too would have came…
UV:no no boss i am not at all interested i am happy now like this only..
KUNJ:ya i know no one can change you…so u did full preparation for seminar..
KUNJ:you know how much noise in party…but when i came out i went for a drive on beach side….
UV:so u went for late night drive also…i told you dont do that..
KUNJ:i know but i feel good doing soo….
UV:i cant tell you man…by the way now drive fast we need to be there on time..

kunj was driving the car n remembered his late night party….

he enjoyed a lot in his party with girls and drinks he danced with them and made that night rockk…as he came out of the club the cool breeze welcomed him into beauty of nature…he felt like going for a drive on beachside..whick was his favourite thing to do to get relaxed…and he went to beach he had a nice drive then he get down from the car and went ear the water….waves welcomed him by touching and washing his legs..he was delighted t see shining moon,twinkling stars,running waves,cool breeze…he was very much relaxed…after sometime he took out an empty beer bottle from his car and wrote something on paper and he put it in the bottle closed it n threw it into sea….
he said…MOM I MISS U….
yes he used to enjoy this with his mother in his childhood but now she is not their with him…..

He came out of his dreams when he stopped the car at the college gate….


UV: finally we are on time now park the car and come soon i will go inside..
KUNJ:ok..but take last seats ha..i hate sitting in front..

uv smiles and leaves…kunj went and parked the car…he went into the auditorium.

@AUDITORIUM….10.55 am….

UV and KUNJ were sitting in middle rows…
KUNJ:i told u to take last seats na…
UV:shut up mann already someone is there…but its ok here if you sleep no one knows
KUNJ:no i wont sleep as i am ready for seminar..
KUNJ:when i was on the way i did my preparation…let me try it out
UV:no no man all reputed persons are here,many students from other colleges have came to grab the things out of here..dont do nonsense
KUNJ:not nonsense see mycommon sense now ok..

The programme started at 11.00am..a person came on the stage..

PERSON:good morning everyone..i heartly welocme you all to this forum today here are many reputed companies to invest on your dreams all students around the city are here to make their dream come true so now lets start the programme without any delay,and all the best for students to persue your dreams….


some of the students came and gave presentation its uv s turn he also went upon the stage and gave a good speech then twinkle thn kunj all did it well..and all were informed to leave as the results will be announced in their colleges…

twinkle and maya were sitting and having their lunch when uv along with kunj came to her…kunj was not interested but was just accompying uv…

UV:hi..i am yuvraj..u r twinkle right..
MAYA:please sit down

uv and kunj sat down with them…they started their chit chat..

UV:your idea was very nice it almost nearer to mine…
TWINKLE:oh..ya..i too felt it…
UV:we have very much similarities we all going on same project that is about royal families so if we join we can do it on one hand…….
MAYA:ya he is right…
KUNJ:yes bro even i was thinking soo..
TWINKLE:bt we hv to wait till the investors decide…
UV:bt if they deny also..we can try in other lets be in touch…
MAYA:ya ok…
TWINKLE:give me ur number….

they exchanged the numbers n left the place…….

few days passed……it was the day of results of their seminars all were very curious…..da day…

BOMBAY…..MAY 15,2015……10.00AM @one of the reputed company……
twinkle reaches over there n saw uv along with kunj there…she saw them and went near them,even they saw her..

KUNJ:hey u here?????
TWINKLE:ya hi…they called me here…so u guys also here for same work..
UV:i think they selected us as we all have same idea it will be goog if we all be in a team
TWINKLE:ya it will be gud…

as they were talking assistant came thr..
A:mr.yuvraj luthra and kunj sarna..plz come in…
U:ha..ya we r coming…come na kunj..
A:twinkle taneja u also come…

they trio smiled at each othr n went inside thr was a man dressed in suit who seemed to be aged let his name be…RAJEEV

they rio wish him gud mrng..
RAJEEV:ha..gud mrng plz take ur seats…

they trio sat near the table..winkle in middle of uv n kunj…(yunj)
R:ha…no more talks directly into topic….i liked ur passion fr history n royal resources even i too like thm a lot so i thought of sponsaring u guys….
U:oh thnkq sir thnk q vry much..
R:bt i need a best thing out of ur work..
T:we will do the best sir..
R:and u both are a team we are sending for research..
K:sending?to wr sir?
R:to london..
R:ya any prblm?
U:no no sir nt at all…
T:yes no problem we are ready to go..
R:thn aftr 2 days u guys are leaving make ur arrangements b4 dat sign this agreement>>>
R:ya…at any cost u hv to complete this work orelse you hv to pay back all my money i spend on u ppl..if u do it successfully thn u will get ur salaries…1 lakh per head…
T:oh..dts great….
TRIO:we r ready……….
R:thn see u soon…..

trio leftt the place n ncame out….they were happy…..
U:finally we got our plan successfull to work as a team..
K:see bro iam nt at all interstd in doing work i am comingas i can see london n enjoy…
twinkle thinks wt kind of guy is he…kunj leaves..
U:dnt feel bad he is like dat nly bt gud at heart….
twinkle smiles…
T:k thn get ready for london trip..
U:ya u toooo…

they all left..


hope u like it…specially precap i think sooo i knw its boring i need sme way to send thm to london na so i wrote all these boring things….
all r welcomed to throw all tomatoes,rotten eggs,chappals n all…sryyyyy to kill ur time……

finally common dialogue.PLZ DO COMMENT all suggestions are welcomed….even with scoldings n galliya….

Credit to: Roshini

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  1. No nthg like dat 2 thrw tomato’s m all bt ws osm epi dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon plzzzzz

  2. Plz add some romantic scenes as well…….

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    different concept

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  8. Very nyc….ur ff is just fantastic n different frm others ….keep going..luv u…..waiting 4 ur next epii

  9. it was superb
    don’t feel bad due to commments

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