Sath Janam Ki Shadi Episode-2

Hi guys remember me?So let’s start

Swara hugs Sanskar.He hugs her back.

Sanskar:If you are happy then I am also hapoy Swara.

Swara smiles.Sanskar cups her face and says

Sanskar:Swara promise me that you will never leave me.

Swara:I promise you Sanskar

Both stare eachother lovingly.Sanskar brings his face closer to Swara.They are about to kiss when the hear a knock on door.

Swara opens the door and sees Ragini.

Swara:What happened Ragini?

Ragini:Swara nothing is fine.

Sanskar:But why Ragini?

Ragini:Laksh fell down from stairs and now he is not getting up.

Both Swara and Sanskar are shocked.

They go down and see Laksh unconscious.


Sanskar tries to wake him up.

Doctor comes there.

Doctor:What happened to him?

Sujata tells everything to doctor and doctor asks everyone to go in other room.

They all goes in other room.

Sujata:Hope Laksh gets fine.

Ragini goes to god’s statue and prays for Laksh.

After sometime doctor comes to them and says

Doctor:Laksh is perfectly fine but he has got little hurt on head.

All get happy.

At morning Laksh is lying on bed and is reading a book when Ragini comes with milk on tray and says

Ragini:Laksh drink this.

Laksh:Ragini I am not a child.

Ragini:But you have to drink this a it will recover you fast.


Laksh takes the glass of milk and drinks it.

Laksh:Now I have drank the milk okay?

Ragini: (happily) yeah okay

She goes out.

A boy is seen driving a car.His name is Swaraj.

He thinks

Swaraj:Today I will meet Laksh bhai and Sanskar bhai and will also meet my little cousin uttara

He reaches Maheshwari house.He enters the house and Uttara sees him and gets hapoy and says

Uttara:Swaraj bhai

She hugs him and says

Uttara:I missed you very much bhai

Swaraj:I missed you too my sister.

Precap:Swaraj to meet Swara and to fall in love with her.

Swaraj getting jealous of seeing Sanskar and Swara together
Guys I know this chapter is pretty short but I will try to write long in next episode.And [email protected] is new entry name Swaraj.He is a villain and he looks like Savile only but name is pls comment loads

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