Sasural Swaragini Ka and She is the One – Spoiler


Sasural Swaragini Ka/ She is the One

Hello everyone Dafsi here………………..I’m the writer of both the fanfictions Sasural Swaragini Ka and She is the One. Both the fanfictions have different pairs. Please read to know the pairs.

Sasural Swaragini Ka

The pairs will be, RagSan, SwaSan and RoSid……………..All the three pairs will get equal importance………………….. If you are not okay with the pairs I’m sorry I can’t change them as I have already set up with the story line.
This story basically revolves how Swara and Ragini will enter as bahus of Maheshweri house and how will they solve all their problems together in their Sasural…………This has nothing to do with Sasural Simar Ka’s story line…………..Only the characters are borrowed.

How will they manage their life before marriage?
How will they clear the misunderstandings?

How will their Sasural’s be?

Will they have to face problem at their Sasural’s?

Will Swara and Ragini hold hands forever?

How will they manage their Sasural as bahu’s?

Will there past bother them always?

Will they be able to hold their relations strong?

Read my past episodes and future episodes to know the answers

She is the One

The pairs will be RagLak, SwaSan and Adeerti (ZaYa, the leads of drama beintehaa)………………… All three pairs gets equal important. This fanfiction mainly revolves around the guys Laksh, Sanskaar, Adarsh (Harsha Arora) how they face their lady love Ragini, Swara and Preeti (Preetika Rao) respectively and how do they manage them.

If you are not okay with the pairs I’m sorry about it I have already set up with this story line too.

Our heroes,

Will they always be perfect?

Will they keep their love happy?

Will they fulfill their lady’s expectations and dream?

Are they are only going to face happiness only?

Will they be able to keep the promises and vows forever?

How will these three brothers help each other in their problems?

Our ladies,

Will they always bother their love?

Will they understand their guy’s love?

Will they understand their responsibilities too?

Will they face problems along with their guys?

How will they manage their life after marriage?

Read me past and future episode to know the answers.

Whatever the fanfiction is I will give my best for all the fans of the six pairs…………………. I’ll be uploading the fanfiction from Monday to Saturday………………..There might be times that I get my works please excuse me for those.

Thanks a lot for all those who supported me until now. Hope all of you will keep supporting me through comments. Please comment the suggestions and your favourite parts.

Thank you,

With love you Dafsii

Credit to: Dafsi

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  1. Sasurl swaragini ki pairs are swasan and ragalak ????

    1. No its RagSan and SwaLak

  2. I’m sorry there is a typing error, it should be swalak instead of swasan in sasural swaragini ka

  3. Ohh tnk u dafsi i love ragsan

  4. what would happen to premar ?

    1. They will have minor parts dear

  5. Please give imps to rosid also

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