Sasural Swaragini Ka and She is the One – Spoiler 2


Sasural Swaragini Ka and She is the One – Spoiler 2

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Hey Dafsi here, writer of the fanfictions Sasural Swaragini Ka and She is the One……Hope you’ll are enjoying the fanfictions….If you’ll don’t like the fanfiction please let me know through comments..So I can stop…I would like to inform in both the fanfiction my character will be Ragini (Tejaswi) opposite Laksh and the other one opposite Sanskaar while the rest of the pairs will remain important. I’m a great big fan of Tejaswi. So I’m sorry if it hurts the others

Sasural Swaragini Ka.

The leads pairs are RagSan while the supporting pairs will be SwaLak and RoSid, they will be given importance throughout the story….

Ragini and Sanskaar will be pairing up very quickly, but how?

Why Anamica did wanted Swara to be her bahu?

Who is the new entry to Maheshwari Mansion?

Siddhanth will propose Roli very soon. And will Roli accept him?

Swara and Laksh will become closer. Will they develop feelings for each other?

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She is the One

The lead pairs of this fanfiction will be RagLak while the other two will be remaining as supporting. They will be given importance too…..

Will Adarsh and Preeti join hands to make their siblings happy?

Will Laksh and Sanskaar move on or will fight for their love?

Will Laksh and Sanskaar support their brother like what Ragini and Swara doing? Or will they stand opposite to him?

Ragini and Swara will they move on? Or will they change their mind and chose love over sisterhood?
Will Laksh and Sanskaar forgive Ragini and Swara for breaking their hearts again?

The links for my previous updates

The answers are on the pages read to know what’s going to happen…..Please do comment your ideas and reviews.. It will help me a lot…A big thanks for the once who are supporting me and helping me…Silent reader a big thank you for you’ll too.

With love your,

Credit to: Dafsi

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