Sasural Swaragini Ka (Intro)


Hello everyone!!! Dafsi here…Hope you’ll are doing good…This is my first fanfiction…Hope you’ll will like it.
Btw Im not an Indian so if any case I make a mistake please forgive me,

Hope you’ll will help me..Please do comment, with suggestions and objection…
I cant promise you’ll that I will be uploading it daily but I’ll try my best….Thank you!!!

This is a combo story of both Swaragini and Sasural Simar Ka but mainly focuses on Swaragini….How they face all their problems….And how they kill their pain..The way they will fight for their right…Not only the bitter part of the life…. will be show also the sweet part of life…Life is like a yin and yang, In ever good there is bad as well as in every bad there is a good….

So hope you’;; will enjoy the story.

Credit to: Dafsi

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  1. hope the pairs are swalak n ragsan n than u for another ff

  2. Oh…..swasan and raglak pleasee

    1. I’ll reveal it very soon 🙂

  3. I have already decided the pairs and will reveal it very soon, for the pairs you’ll are requesting i’ll surely write another ff..Its a promise

  4. Rosid plz

    1. I’ll consider your request 🙂

  5. your title is like sasural simar ka.

  6. Anyways thanks for your comments..please do comment on my future episodes

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