Sasural Swaragini Ka Family (Intro)

Sasural Swaragini Ka Family Introduction.

Maheshwari Family
Nirmala Devi – Head of the family. Two sons; Durga Prasad and Ram Prasad.
Duraga Prasad – A leading business man, heir of Maheshwari and Sons’ Company.
Annapurana – Durga Prasad’s wife and mother of Adarsh, Simar and Laksh.
Ram Prasad – NIR living in Canada he doing a five star hotel in Canada.
Anamica – Wife of Ram Prasa and mother of Sanskaar and Roli.

Adarsh – Helping his father in business. Age 28 years
Simar – She is a traditional dance teacher. Age 25 years
Laksh – 3rd year IT student. Age 24 years
Sanskaar – A doctor by profession, he is NRI living in Canada. Age 25 years
Roli – 1st year interior designer student. Age 20 yearss

Gadodia Family
Rajendra Gadodia – A leading business man, owner of Gadodia Industries.
Sujatha Gadodia – A traditional singer by profession. Wife of Rajendra. Mother of Prem and Ragini
Prem Gadodia – Helps in his father’s business. Age 28 years
Ragini Gadodia – 1st year engineering student. Age 20 years

Virani Family
Shekhar Virani – A lecturer in Arts College.
Sharmishtha – Wife of Shekhar and mother of Parineeta and Swara.
Arjun Virani – Brother of Shekhar, Arjun and his wife Swetha met an accident when their son Siddhant was 8 and daughter Uttara was 2. After their accident Shekhar and Sharmishta legally adopts the two kids and grew them up without making any difference.

Parineeta – She is housewife. Age 24 years
Swara – She is 1st year Arts students. Age 20 years.
Siddhanth – An accountant. Age 26 years.
Uttara – Last year of her school. Age 19 years.

Credit to: Dafsi


  1. Selena

    Superb…….. N u r which country .pls make all pairs important not only Swaragini,roli simar also

  2. hny

    suprb intro..nw i got clear picture of their family plz give imp to rosid also..dnt side line them like hw ssk cvs did..any way awesome upds..keep gng suprt is always with u

    • Dafsi

      I will surely give..even im not happy the way the cv’s protray they will have equal importance in future episodes after revealing the pairs…please keep supporting

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