Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 9 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


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Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 9 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

In VM, Swara is sitting on her room sofa. She is looking out of the window as it is raining. She remembers what Roli told yesterday night.

Flashback… (It continues from where i ended Roli narrating what happened)
From where Ragini stamps someone else and fall and she will be caught boy a boy.
Both of them compose themselves.
Boy : Hi, I’m Sanskaar

Ragini : Ragini, Ragini Gadodia. Thanks for helping me, now I have to leave.
Sanskaar in his mind : How sweet her voice is? Wait she is wearing the same uniform as Roli’s.
Sanskaar is smiling looking at Ragini walking away.
Sandeep : Arey Romeo, done staring?
Sanskaars jerks : Ah, voh….nahi…voh
Sandeep : What voh voh?
Sanskaar : Kuch nahi.

The competition starts.
Announcer: Good evening Mumbai. Welcome to the 25th inter school singing contest. This year we have Kolkata Girls’ High School on one side and IMR Boys’ School Mumbai. We have three rounds. In first round two contestant of both the team has to sing. Then the remaining two will have an individual battle. And last will be all three together of the team members should sing.

The audience claps.
Announcer : Ok then let’s welcome, Aarnav Gupta and Sandeep Maheshwari representing IMR Boys’ School Mumbai and Roli Maheshwari and Swara Bose representing Kolkata Girls’ High School.
First the girls sing and then the boys sing. (Imagine a song you want guys. I’m not good at selecting songs)
Announcer : The results of the first round. The Mumbai boys get 75 and the Kolkata girls get 70.
Roli : Ohh, now what are we going to do? Next is Sankskaar bhai. I don’t know where Laado went.
Announcer : The next contestant is Sanskaar Meheshwari. I think we have a sibling battle here (She giggles)

Sanskaar comes to the stage and starts singing. Everyone cheer for him. Then the announcer comes to the stage
Announcer : Next the one who is going to fight against this handsome voice is Ragini Gadodia.
Sanskaar under his breadth : Ragini Gadodia. Oh shit they could have told me first itself. I wouldn’t have given my best.
Sandeep : Sanky I heard it.

Everyone is waiting for Ragini but she is nowhere to be seen. Swara, Roli and Sanskaar get restless
Announcer : I think we will have to dis…………
They hear a voice from the entrance door. It’s Ragini who is singing and coming towards the stage. Sanskaar jumps up in happiness which makes Aarav and Sandeep shock. Swara and Roli hug each other. Ragini finishes the song and she sees Sanskaar and smiles. Sanskaar shows his thumbs up.

Announcer : That was not less to that handsome voice. And I have the result of the second round. The boys get 80 and in total their current score is 155.
Sandeep and Aarav get happy while Sanksaar is upset.
Sandeep : What is wrong with you Sanskaar? You practiced day and night for the completion
Sanskaar : I got the results for it.
Aarav : Mathlab?
Sanskaar : Ragini, may be to meet her only god brought me until here.
Sandeep : Are you serious?
Sanskaar nods.
Announcer :……And the girls have got 85 and in total it 155. They are tied for now. Let’s see who carries the trophy. The third round begins.

Swara is playing the guitar; Roli is playing the violin and Ragini is playing the Sitar. All three instruments together they play combo music and three takes turns in singing. In the last part Ragini’s Sitar string breaks. It was not noticeable for the audience but the judges noticed it. Ragini goes from the stage crying vigorously. Sanskaar is also upset but doesn’t show. He couldn’t bear her crying. It’s their turn now. Sanskaar is playing the guitar, Aarav the organ and Sandeep the drums. While they play the music Sanskaar remembers Ragini crying and cuts his guitar string in the middle of the song with a blade. All the audience starts yelling. Only Ragini noticed that he did it on purpose.
Roli : We won. I’m sure we won.
Swara : Yaaaaaaay, while I saw them itself I got to know they are losers.

Ragini is looking at Sanskaar with shock; he looked back and gave an ‘I’m ok smile’. The winner was announced as Kolkata Girls’ High School.
Ragini in her mind : Why? Why did he do it? Was it for me? I want to go and hug him but something is restricting me. Why did he smile after the string broke? I saw him cutting it with the blade.

Out of the venue.
Sandeep : I knew you did on purpose. I knew you wanted to lose.
Sanskaar : Are you mad? Why will I do it?
Sandeep : Yes I’m mad but not madder than you. (Sandeep takes Sanskaar’s finger and show the cut)…What is this cut? If the string cut your finger it won’t have a deep cut like this.
Sanskaar : Yes I did it for her. I’m sorry Sandy; I couldn’t see her with tears.(Sanskaar starts crying)
Sandeep : Come on, why? Do you fall for her? (Sandeep forces him to tell)
Sanskaar : Yes. (Sanskaar shouts) I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. My heart was paining when she cried.
Sandeep hugs Sanskaar and Sanskaar hugs him back
Sandeep : I’m happy for you idiot. I got to know how much you love her.
Sanskaar : How?
Sandeep : You love her that you sacrificed your life.
Sanskaar : Do you mean music?
Sandeep : Haan.

Ragini who came to say thanks overhears them and is happy. She goes towards them.
Ragini : Sanskaar.
Sandeep and Sanskaar are shell shocked.
Sanskaar : Ragini….
Sandeep : I’ll speak with Roli and come.
Ragini : No it’s ok bhai I’ll be leaving.
Sandeep under his breath : Bhai?
Ragini : Thanks a lot Sanskaar. I saw you cutting the string. I don’t know why you did it, but thanks. OK then I’m leaving bye.
Sanskaar : Bye
Ragini and Sandeep look at Sanskaar shockingly. Ragini leaves a bit disappointed.
Sandeep : Why didn’t you tell her?
Sanskaar : What if she doesn’t like me?
Sandeep : She called you by your name and me Bhai. Can’t you even understand it?
Sanskaar : Still I can’t bear her rejection. When the time comes I’ll propose her.

Flashback ends when Sid comes and starts shaking Swara.

Sid : Shona, are you ok?
Swara : Haan bhai.
Sid : How long are you going to think about the past?
Swara : Until I find my future.
Sid leaves quietly.

Sanskaar’s, Ragini’s, and Roli’s phones together beeps. Roli panics and comes near Sanskaar and informs about her message. Roli and Sanskaar both come to an isolated forest and find Ragini there.
Sanskaar : Ragini
Ragini : Sanskaar (she narrates about her message.)
All three of them runs very fast and is shocked to see something.

Ragini suddenly screams and gets up from her sleep. Sujatha and Prem run and came.
Sujatha : What happened Laado? Are you ok?
Prem : Laado are you ok? (She hugs him and he hugs her tight)
Simar comes.
Simar : What happened?
Sujatha : I’ll go get some water.
Prem : What happened?
Ragini : Past is haunting me bhai. This is not the first time
Prem and Simar look on while Ragini narrates her dream.
Simar : This was the way Sandeep left us. I think that memory is haunting you.
Ragini : I’m still feeling guilt. In a way I too feel responsible for Sandeep’s…..
Simar cuts Ragini’s words : No Ragini, it was not at all your fault. Any girl would do this for another girl. You were selfless. You didn’t think about you (she sits next to Ragini and caresses her hair while Prem is still hugging Ragini)
Ragini : Bhabhi…
Simar : I’ll sleep with you. I know you are scared and I know that you had sleepless nights.
Prem : Simar is right. Let Simar sleep here for today night.
Ragini : Bhai but…
Simar cut her words : Chup, won’t you listen to you bhabhi.
Ragini hugs Simar and Simar hugs Ragini back.

Next morning Swara and Sanskaar comes to GM.
Ragini : Swara, Sanskaar what are you both doing here?
Simar : I asked them to come. I want to speak something important with you three.
Swara, Sanskaar and Ragini look on.

Sid feels boring so he remembers Roli and starts messaging her.
Sid : Why did you scream telling my name yesterday?
Roli : I already told you.
Sid : Such a quick reply.
Roli : Haha, I’m Roli after all.
Sid : Do you mean you are jobless all the time?
Roli : Talking with you is a waste of time.
Sid : But I love it.
Roli blushes : Achca…Then bye..I don’t like to do things which you love
Sid : No I hate it.
Roli : Bye means bye
Sid : hmm Bye (Sid feels sad)

Scene at MM.
Ap : Laksh…Laksh… where did this boy go?
Laksh : Haan maa coming.
Ap : Your chachchi ji and chacha ji are coming today from Canada. I asked you and Sanskaar to pick them right?
Laksh : Ma, Sanskaar went as some important work came up to him and I was getting ready
Dp : Laksh, if you get ready slower than your wife you will get stabbed by her. Men should have punctuality in their blood……
Laksh grins at Dp : Ma I’m leaving
Roli : Bhai even I’m coming
Laksh : Ha ha come
Dp : I don’t know when will this kids learn.

Precap : A party at Maheshweri Mansion. Ragini, Sanskaar, Sid and Swara gets shocked. Laksh and Roli tease Sanskaar.

I’m sorry I told that Sanskaar is 25 and Laksh is 24. I’m sorry it must me Sanskaar 23 and Laksh 22.
Sanskaar is an intern doctor..

And about the precap of episode 7, I told Ragini and Sid gets shocked before I could type that part I updated it… So sorry…I know I’m confusing you’ll..please comment and clear it for you…At time I feel the story line is not interesting.. If I have to stop is let me know…Please do comment….If you’ll have any doubts just ask me.

Credit to: Dafsi

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