Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 8 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


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Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 8 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Recap : Half of the past is revealed. Simar is shocked hearing that Swara is the reason for laksh alive. RoSid goes to a cliff.

The episode starts at the cliff.
Sid : Why did you scream my name?
Roli : Don’t pretend. I closed my eyes and I saw only you.
Sid : But why?
Roli : How come I know?
Swara : What is going on guys? Shall we go home? I need some rest.
Sid nods and they leave. While they going by car Swara remembers how much she cried last night. She is still having tears rolling from her eyes.

Roli too remembers what happened last night.
Laksh goes out and cries vigorously. He is the most sentiment person in the house. He gets hurt very quickly and he doesn’t hide it either.
Roli : Bhai past is past. We have to help our self to recover from it. I know bhai, after Simar Di he was the closest to you and I know you love him a lot.
Laksh hugs Roli.
Laksh : I never thought that he left us for something like this. I’m not sad (He breaks the hug and wipes his tears but he is unaware that still tears are rolling) I’m disappointed and I’m angry on him. He left his family for someone who didn’t bother to realize his love.
Flashback ends.

Scene at MM
Laksh awakes. He is having a terrible head ache. He goes to the washroom and comes back and he sees Sanskaar with a coffee.
Laksh : Sanskaar you never felt to tell me that Sandeep….
Sanskaar cuts Laksh’s words.
Sanskaar : Please Laksh I can’t hear it. I don’t have strength to hear it. Drink the coffee and come down. I’ll drop you in the college and I’m joining hospital in here Kolkata.
Laksh : Really? Then are you not going to Canada?
Sanskaar : Now I have reasons to live here. Come fast
Sanskaar leave while Laksh looks on.

Sanskaar while walking on the corridor he remembers what happened last night. Only he and Ragini were left in the living room. Sanskaar kneels down while crying. Ragini wipes her tears and comes near Sanskaar.
Ragini : Sanskaar, I’m happy at least today you cried. For two years you stuck up the pain. Cry Sanskaar cry (and she too kneels down in front of him and starts crying)
Sanskaar : If he would have at least told me I would have cleared everything.
Sanskaar keeps his head on Ragini’s head and holds hand and cries. There was a long silence. They cried their heart out. The more they cried the more they felt the pain is releasing. Both of them were out of words to console each other. It was Sanskaar’s part which he lost, a part which he can never get back. Ragini was a great comfort for Sanskaar.
Falshback ends.

Scene at GM
Simar is doing her work and remembers what Ragini told.

Ragini : Haan bhabhi. Swara saved Laksh.
Ragini narrates all what happened while Simar looks on
Flashback ends.

Simar thinks : Swara is the reason that I lost one of my brother and she is the reason that another brother of mine is alive. I don’t know how to react.
Her thoughts are broken by Prem.
Prem : Simar, how long will you take to give me food? It’s getting late.
Simar : Two minutes.
Prem : I know Simar it’s hard to accept the things what are happening right now. Its better if they them self clear everything.
Simar : I don’t want to lose any of my brothers this time. So I will help them to sort out things.

She gives the lunch box. Prem hugs her and leaves. Simar goes to her room and opens the box which Laksh gave. It consists of a photo of all three four brothers (Adarsh, Sanskaar, Sandeep and Laksh). There is a note from each brother four of them had planned from early to give something like this to both of their sister when they leave the house as a memory. She takes on by one and reads it. She is having tears.
Adarsh’s note : Dear Simar, where ever you go the place will be a paradise. It was always make me proud when you call me ‘bhai’. No matter how far you are we know that our hearts are connected to each other.

The screen freezes on her teary face.

Precap : It is shown Ragini, Roli and Sanskaar are running. Simar speaks with Ragini,Sanskaar and Swara. RoSid moments

Credit to: Dafsi

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