Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 7 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 6 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Recap : Ragini and Sanskaar confess their love. RoSid mockery . Swara and Laksh becomes friends.

The episode starts with Swara slapping Ragini.
Sanskaar : Swara.
Swara : Shut up Sanskaar. No one will talk in between us. Understood?
Ragini : Swara listen to me once.
Swara : I don’t have to listen anything as I saw everything from my eyes. When you loved Sanskaar, why did you hide it from me?

Prem is shell shocked
Prem : Laado? What is Swara telling?
Ragini is crying, she nods no.
Prem shouts : Speak up Ragini.
Simar : Sanskaar, what is going on? We knew that you’ll know each other but…..
Prem walks towards Ragini, he holds her both shoulder.
Prem : Laado, you hid everything from your bhai? Speak up.
Roli : I’ll tell what happened.
Everyone turns to Sanskaar. Ragini signs her not to tell as she knows that Prem and Swara would get hurt if they get to know.
Roli : I’m sorry Ragini but the time has come to reveal everything

Flashback 4 years ago.

A girl is seen running from a corridor of the school. She enters a class.
The girl : Laado, shona we three got selected for the singing competition.
Two girls who was turning around and speaking with another few girls turns towards the girl who just entered. The two girls are Swara and Ragini and the girl who entered is Roli. Their school uniform is blue knee length skirt and white shirt
Ragini : Ro, are you serious?
Roli : Haan Laado, I’m serious Laado.
Swara : So we are in to the final.
Roli : Haan

Ragini : Which school is participating against us?
Roli : IMR boys’ School Mumbai. Aha that’s my bhai’s school.
Swara : So where is the competition is held?
Roli : Mumbai.
Ragini : So are we supposed to go to Mumbai?
Roli : Haan, we three and another two teachers. Next Friday is our competition.
School ends.

After week (a days before the contest). Ragini,, Swara and Roli reach Mumbai along with two other teachers. Ragini’s phone rings.
Ragini : Hello bhai
Prem : Laado you’ll reached safely right?
Ragini : Haan haan bhai. We reached safely. Now we will be going to hotel.

Ragini, Swara and Roli reach hotel.
Swara : Mumbai seems more different that Kolkata (I have never been to India I’m sorry if It’s same)
Ragini : Yeah. I’m going to have a wash.

On the competition day at the venue.
All three reach there. Roli sees two familiar faces.
Roli : Hey, that Sanskaar bhai and Sandeep bhai.
Swara : Where?
Roli points towards Sanskaar and Sandeep (Sanskaar and Sandeep are identical twins)
Roli goes toward them. Swara follows her. Ragini bent down to tie her shoelace.
Roli : Bhai, what are you both doing here?
Sanskaar and Sandeep together: Roli, what are you doing here?
Roli : Singing competition. We are in finals. Did you come to cheer your school?
Sandeep : What? Finals? We are too on finals.
Sanskaar : Can’t be, don’t joke Ro. Did ma tell about us being in final? And only two of you are there.
Roli : Bhai will ma send all by myself to see your competition? We are singing against you. Swara where is Ragini?
Swara : She was here only. Where did she go?
Sanddep : Ok Roli, be careful. Let’s meet on the stage. Sanky I don’t think giving up is a good idea. Both of us thought if its sweet cute girl against us to give up.
Sanskaar : Haan Sandy, exactly. Now giving up would spoil our image. Pyar ki bean we have to practice so bye.

Roli fumes in anger. Roli and Swara goes to fin Ragini. Ragini is lost in crowd. She searches everywhere but she can’t fin Roli and Swara or the two teachers.
Swara and Roli : Ragini….Ragini. Where are you?
Ragini on the other side : Swara… Roli….

Ragini step behind and stamp on someone’s leg and she falls but a boy catches her. Ragini who closed her eyes opens slowly and find someone holding. Both have intense eye lock.
Ragini in her mind : How cute and handsome is he?
The boy in her mind : What beautiful eyes does she have? OMG her beauty is killing me.
Flashback is end

In present Roli finish telling the Story (Only half of the story is show in flashback the rest is muted)
All of them are shell shocked. Swara can’t move.
Sid : Shona are you ok?

Swara suddenly hugs Ragini.
Swara : I’m sorry Ragini. I’m sorry. It was all because of me. Sanskaar was right. For all his pain and his love’s pain is all because of me. Even after knowing the whole truth you’ll were acting normal with me.
Ragini : Swara, you didn’t know anything. If we would have told you would have died with guilt for what you was not the reason. So I, Sanskaar and Roli made up a promise not tell anyone.
Sanskaar : Ragini, how come she is not the reason.
Ragini and Swara breaks the hug.
Ragini : Sanskaar, misunderstandings happen. It’s human nature. Without clearing up taking drastic step is foolishness.
Swara : No, no Ragini Sanskaar is right.

Swara walks backwards and she runs out. Sid follows her. Swara goes near the car and cries badly. Simar and Laksh were shell shocked. They still couldn’t digest it.
Sanskaar : Di, Laksh I know it’s hard to accept. Like I and Roli accepted, it’s better both of you accept it too.
Simar is crying. She runs upstairs, Prem looks at crying face of Ragini and he goes behind Simar. Laksh is still shocked, something is flashing in his head. He runs out side.
Roli : Bhai (Roli follows Laksh.)

Only Sanskaar and Ragini are left in the living room. Ragini who eas drenched with tears turns towards Sanskaar. Sanskaar breaks down in tears.

The next day morning Ragini awakes. Her eyes are puffed-up as she cried a lot. She goes to the washroom and comes downstairs with her pajamas. She heads to the kitchen, Simar was already awake and she was preparing food. Ragini opened the fridge and took two spoons to keep in her eye to reduce the dullness of her face.
Ragini : Bhabhi, are you angry with me?
Simar : No laado, I’m not angry with you. All my anger is only with Swara.
Ragini : Bhabhi, Shona had no fault in her side and bhabhi even if she was the reason that Sandeep left us the reason why Laksh is living is also Swara.
Simar : What?

Swara come down. Her whole face was swollen. Sid sees her. Both of them are pretending as if nothing happened as Sumi would be worried. Swara tried her best not to make eye contact with Uttara or Sumi as they would find out that she cried. Uttara smells something fishy and tries hard to get it from Swara.
Uttara : Didi, here look this picture it’s very nice right?
Swara who was looking down all this time didn’t want to look at Uttara. Sid understands it.
Sid : Shona go and get ready. You told you have to meet up someone right?
Swara understands what is Sid upto, she nods and goes upstairs.
Uttara : Where
Are you both onna go ?
Sid : Your final exams are coming so better stay home and study.
Uttara fumes in anger and goes.

Laksh and Sanskaar are asleep in Laksh’s room. Sanskaar is on the couch and Laksh is on the bed. The sunlight disturbs Sanskaar. He hets up and sees Laksh struggling to sleep because the sun is disturbing him too. Sanskaar gets up and pulls off the curtains. Laksh sleeps peacefully. Sanskaar goes to his room.
Roli who is sitting on the bed and is soaked in a deep thought gets a call.
Roli : Hello who is this?
The caller : It’s me Siddhanth. I and Swara have planned to go out for a change. Would you like to accompany us?
Roli : Yeah, sure.
Sid : Ok get ready. Within an hour we will come to pick you.

Sid, Roli and Swarra come to a cliff and there is a restaurant near it.
Swara : Bhai, Roli, I need some time to be alone.
Roli and Sid look in to each other’s eye. They nod to Swara.
Swara : Thanks

Swara goes near the restaurant and she sits in a table which was out door. Roli and Sid are walking but both of them didn’t speak anything. Both of them come to a point where there is no more to step. There is a fence placed in the edge. Roli goes and stands near the edge. She is closes her eyes and feels the fresh air. There is a board written and Sid reads it
Sid : “Close you eye and Scream the person’s name that you see. The person you see will stay with you forever”
Roli closes her eyes. She sees someone and gets shocked. She opens her and looks at Sid.
Sid : Why don’t you try?
Roli closes her eyes and sees the same person again
Roli : Siddhanth (She screams and it echoes)
Sid widens his eye with shock. Roli looks at Sid and smiles.

Precap : Ragini and Sanskaar are crying. The box which Laksh gave to Simar is revealed. Sid and Ragini gets shocked.

I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll post two ff each on this Friday and Saturday. Please do comment. I’m sorry if it’s not good also please tell me I’ll stop it.

Credit to: Dafsi

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