Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 6


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Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 6

Recap : Swara and Sanskaar’s conflict, Laksh reveals about his past. RoSid moments

Ragini’s flash back continues, Ragini and Laksh are sitting on the bench in the garden.
Laksh : Then who saved me?
Ragini in tears : Swara
Laksh looks on.
Laksh : Swara? Pari bhabhi’s sister?

Ragini narrates what happened.
Swara is standing near the same crossing where Laksh crossed, and then Ragini calls Swara.
Sawra : Haa Ragini, I am standing near the chaat shop. Hurry up and come.
Swara hears a boy shouting.
Swara: Ragini I’ll call you later
Swara sees Laksh, she manages to take him to hospital. She calls Ragini and informs everything. Ragini reaches hospital.
Doctor : I think he needs B negative blood
Swara : Doctor I’m having B negative blood

Swara gives blood, after she finishes. She wishes to see the person who got accident. She couldn’t see as the face was covered in blood when she was bringing him to the hospital. She writes a note, and places on the bouquet which Ragini was having and keeps it on the table. She turns to look at the face but Ragini drags her from there as it is getting late. They had got ready to go to a birthday party as they got late they leave hurriedly.

Ragini’s narration ends.

Laksh looks on.
Laksh : I must than her for sure
Ragini : Yeah you have to.
Laksh : Ragini, I’ll leave now or else Hitler might chase me out of the house.
Ragini : Hitler?
Laksh : Voh… My papa
Ragini laughs while Laksh leaves.
Ragini’s flashback ends

Ragini gets changed in and comes downstairs. While she is walking in the corridor she sees Simar is unpacking the box Laksh gave. She thinks to enter but stop thinking it is a bad habbit. When she turns to leave.
Simar : Ragini, come in side

The scene at VM
Sid, Roli, Swara and Uttara are sitting in the dining table.
Swara : Maa where is papa?
Sumi : He has gone out as an important work came up.
Sumi gets call so she leaves the place. Sid is continuously looking at Roli and Uttara notices.
Uttara : Bhai, why don’t you eat your food without day dreaming?
Swara and Roli laughs.
Sid : Ha ha bachchi I’ll eat. Btw aren’t you supposed to be going school today? Your finals are nearing.
Uttara stammers : Voh…voh …bhai, ha I thought of staying as Swara DI is also here, so I thought to study with her.
Roli : But Uttara we will be leaving now
Swara : Haan Utts, now I and Ro will be leaving to Laado’s house.
Utaara gets angry but doesn’t show.
Uttara : But you can go tomorrow right?
Sid : Uttara, they have already promised to go. You can do self studying.
Uttara : Bhai, then you teach me
Sid : Even I’m having some important work meri pyari behan.
Uttara fumes in anger. All four of them get up from the dining table. Swara is taking all the plates to wash while Roli helps her. Sumi come and sees this.
Sumi : Look how nice this girl is. How rich she is but how simply she is helping. The house she gets married to will be paradise. Her mother in law is very lucky
Sid is lost in thoughts of Roli : Haa maa you are very lucky.
Sumi widens her eyes : What are you talking Siddhant?

Sid comes back to his senses.
Sid : I mean whom were you talking about?
Sumi : Roli
Sid : I thought you were talking about Swara
Sumi gives a confused look. Swara and Roli comes at that time
Sid : Shall I drop you both.
Roli : But you told that there is something important to do
Sid in his mind : There is nothing more important than you
Swara : Bhai
Sid : I mean I’ll drop you while I’m going.

All of them are about to leave Roli takes blessing and leaves. Sumi really likes her so she just gives her smile. Uttara notices this and gets more anger.

At the breakfast table everyone is praising Pari’s sweet. Laksh gets a call.
Laksh : Hello, who is this?
Caller : I’m Ragini
Laksh : Ahh Ragini bole
Sanskaar looks at Laksh.
Ragini : Laksh, today Swara is coming to our house. If you want to meet her you can come.
Laksh : Okay, I’ll come now…Bye
Ragini : Bye.

Laksh excuses himself and Sanskaar to excises himself and follows Laksh.
Sanskaar : Where are you going?
Laksh : I’m going to Prem jiju’s house
Sanskaar thinks for a while.
Sanskaar: Even I’m coming with you.
Laksh : But bhai, what are you going to do there?
Sanskaar : Then what are you going to do? (He raises his voice)
Laksh : Ok ok bhai come lets go

Out of the GM Sid’s car reach along with Swara and Roli, Sid too gets down.
Swara : Bhai, why did you get down?
Roli : Haa, why did you get down?
Sid : Arey chipkali I’ll drop you inside and go
Roli : Chipkali? Who me? If I’m chipakali then you are a bandar
A voice : No matter what you say you are our chipakali only
Sid, Swara and Roli turns to see who it was and find Laksh and Sanskaar standing there.
Roli : What are you both doing here?

Laksh : Both of us also got invitation
Sid gets so happy that now he easily can join them while Swara and Roli are super shocked.
Sid : Wow, come lets all go inside.
Roli : Arey Bandar, they got invited. When did you? After all this is your enimies house too
Sid : Chipakali, it’s not too good to stay angry one person. Today I came here to ask sorry from her.

Ragini is sitting along with Prem and Simar. Sid, San, Lak, Swaroli all of them comes together. Prem, Simar and Ragini are shocked to see all of them. Ragini is shell shocked to see Sanskaar especially.
Simar : Arey Sanskaar, Laksh, Roli what are you three doing here?
Prem : Hold on Simar, Come everyone sit..Sid and Swara both of you also come in and sit.
Ragini : Voh bhai, bhabhi I only ivited them for lunch…I forgot that Ma and Papa are going to mandir.
Simar : I’m very happy…I’ll cook for you’ll (She looks at Swara)…This is Shona right? Look how much has she changed.
Swara : Thank god Di you recognized me, I was worried that you didn’t recognize me.
Simar : How will I not recognize you. I and Prem are going out in a while. I’ll prepare lunch and go.
Prem : I’ll get changed and come.

All six are confused what to talk with whom. So Ragini starts up
Ragini : Laksh, you told you want to speak something with Swara right ?
Swara looks on.
Laksh : Voh, haan.. Swara can you come out to the garden with me?
Swara nod, and they both leave. While Sanskaar keeps on looking at Ragini. Ragini feels uncomfortable.

Ragini : You three continue speaking. I’ll get you something to drink.
Roli : Laado, shall I help you?
Ragini : Haa Ro come.

Both of them leave to the kitchen. Sanskaar and Sid continue their conversation. In a while Ragini comes with cool drink tray she stumbles to the table and drinks fall spill on Sanskaar and glass falls down. Ragini picls the glass.
Ragini : Ouch!
Sanskaar get tensed : Ragini are you ok? Let me check (He gets teary)
Ragini gets up from there and tries to go but Sanskaar holds her hand. Sid and Roli are shocked. Sanskaar drags Ragini out of the house and takes her to the opposite side of where Swara and Laksh are. Sanskaar takes out his handkerchief and wraps around her cut.

Sanskaar : Why can’t you be more careful Ragini?
Ragini is crying pain in her heart is more than pain in her hand.

On the other side of the garden
Laksh : Voh Swara, I’m Adarsh bhai’s brother Laksh
Swara : Haa I know.
Laksh : There is a thing that you don’t know.
Swara : What?
Laksh : Two years ago you saved my life.
Swara : When did I save…… That means, was it you? You are fine?
She hug him in happy. Laksh is shocked he is finding hard to hug her back. Before he could hug she breaks it
Swara : I’m sorry, I was so happy. I went to meet you after a week and found that you gained conscious and went back to your home.
Laksh : Thanks a lot. Let’s be friends?
Swara thinks for a while : Okay friends. Shall we go in? They might be waiting for us.
Laksh : Sure
While they were heading to the house Swara gets a call.
Swara : Laksh you go in I’ll come in a while.

In the living room.
Sid : So Chipakali, why did your brother drag Ragini and go?
Roli hesitates to say.
Roli : You don’t dare to call me chipakali.
Sid : Ha ha I won’t call you like that. You know what you are worst than Chipakali. It’s a insult for Lizards too.
Roli gets up from where she was sitting and heads toward Sid to hit him she slips and fall in Sid due to the drink. Sid and Roli have an intense eye lock.
Sid under his breath : I’m completely wrong. You are not a lizard. (He says it an a slow motion)
Roli under her breath : Then?
Sid : You are a baby elephant
Roli composes herself and starts beating Sid.

Scene in the garden.
Ragini is crying. She is unable to make eye contact with Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : What’s the point of asking you to take care. You think you are selfless? No you are not. You are selfish. You bounded me with a promise. Because your selfish decision you are hurting me and more than that you are hurting yourself.
Ragini hardly hathers her words : Sanskaar leave me.
Sanskaar nod no : No, not this time for sure. If you are selfish then I’m too ready to become selfish. If you can chose friendship over love, I can chose love over friendship. This I’m not going to leave you.

He pulls her and pins her to a tree and tightens his grip. Ragini cries a lot.
Ragini : Sanskaar, why are you doing this? Why did you come here?
Sanskaar : The answer is simple, it is that I LOVE YOU (He yells at her)…Ragini look into my eye and tell me that you don’t love me. Come on tell me.

Ragni tries hard not to look.
Sanskaar : Tell me Ragini. I’ll leave you
Ragini nods No : I don’t love you Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Okay, tell me the same words looking into my eyes.
Ragini is crying looking at the ground nodding no, Sanskaar lifts her face with both of his hand and makes her look into his eyes. Her eyes red and his is not less than hers. Both of them are going through the same kind of pain. Sanskaar is looking into her eyes still holding her cheeks.

Ragini can’t take it anymore : Yes, ILOVE YOU and I only love you from that time today.( She literally breaks down and sits on the ground) I’m sorry for hurting you Sanskaar, it was all for my friend. The day I got to know you loved me I was happy but when I got to know my best friend loves the same person I love, I gave up.
Sanskaar kneels down and wipes her tears.
Sanskaar : I was waiting for this day, I was waiting for this word to listen it from your mouth. I was lifeless the past two years. I was finding reasons to live. I’m sorry for giving you such a pain. I’m sorry for not understanding you. Still I don’t understand what happened two years.
Ragini couldn’t control herself anymore she quickly hugs him tight and cries he is shocked but he too hugs her tight and cries.

Ragini : No, I’m the one who hurt you. I don’t deserve you.
Sanskaar breaks the hug : No, No one can replace you in my life. We will solve every problems together. My strength is back with me.
Ragini smile while Sanskaar kisses on her forehead

Swara from behind : Ragini
Ragini : Swara
Swara runs inside the house. Ragini and Sanskaar too follows her.

In the living room. Sid, Laksh and Roli are talking about some random stuffs. Prem and Simar come downstairs.
Prem : Where is Laado?
Swara, Ragini and Sanskaar reach at that time.
Sid : Swara what happened?
Simar : Haa Sanskaar, Ragini what happened.
Ragini : Swara…
Swara turns to Ragini and give a tight slap to Ragini..
Sanskaar : Swara…
Everyone is shell shocked

The screen freezes on crying faces of Ragini and Swara.

Recap : Swara and Ragini hug each other. Roli and Sid are near a cliff and Roli screams Siddhant.

Credit to: Dafsi

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