Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 5

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Sasural SwaRagini Ka Ep 5

Recap : Simar’s and Pari’s wedding….Lucky goes missing on Simar’s bidaai.

Simar : Maa Lucky… He runs and come from upstairs with a box and hands it over it Simar. His eyes were red; it clearly showed that he had cried. Simar looks at the box lovingly and asked Prem to hold it. She hugs Lucky tightly and he hugged her back tightly. Lucky cries in a way that no boy will cry. He was like a small kid.

Lucky while hugging Simar and crying : Di… you were always there with me and guided me. Now you are leaving your chotte and going. Di, more than I grew up with my parents I grew up with you right? Now how can you leave me? You are the best sister ever. I’m the happiest person as well saddest person right now.

Simar : Chotte…I’m not leaving. You can come and meet me at anytime you want. You can call me anytime and share anything with me. I know it’s very hard to leave my chotte, but remember your Di is always there for you, they break the hug and Simar kisses on Laksh’s forehead.

Lucky : Di do you still remember our promise? Simar nods back
Simar : Yes…you always wanted to drive my wedding car when I’m leaving to my sasural and I will fulfill it as I promised.
Everyone gets emotional and get tears. Ragini feels so bad for them and gets teary.

They all go near the car, Prem makes Simar sit and then he too sits. Simar is crying a lot and Prem is consoling her. Lucky sits in the driving seat. Ragini comes near the car and opens front door of the car beside the driving seat. Before she gets in she goes and takes blessings from the elders and goes near Swara and Roli.
Ragini : Shonaa, Ro both of you have to visit to my home tomorrow for sure. This is not a request it is an order. Roli and Swara nod their head like a small kid.

Ragini looks at Sanskaar with a strong look, their car leaves. Sanskaar looks back with pleading look. Simar is crying resting her head towards Prem’s shoulder and he is consoling her. Ragini and Laksh felt happy as their siblings have got the best spouse ever. Both of them smiled and unknowingly their eyes met and they share an intense cute eye lock. Ragini’s heart beat rises, she feels something abnormal. She breaks the eyelock and turns her head started looking out of the window.
On the other hand Laksh in his mind : OMG!!! She has a ‘LOOK AT ME’ eyes.

They reach GM. All four gets down out of the car. Prem assists SImar to the entrance while Ragini looks around the mansion with widened eyes she scans and smiles and closes her eyes.
Lucky : Why are you staring at your own house in this way? And he turns and looks at Ragini who has closed her eyes… Ragini are you okay?? He goes towards her and shook her. She opens her eyes. He could realize the pain in her eyes.
Ragini : Ahh yeah…This is my own house but it has been two years since I saw this house. A lot has changed along with the house. Laksh was looking at her confusingly.

Scene at MM.
The Virani family is about leave they all greet each other.
Sanskaar comes near Roli and Swara who were discussing about going to Ragini’s house.
Sanky : Has lucky returned?
Roli : Bhai, how come I know when you don’t know? He is your loving chotte and you should know about him better than him, is it fair asking me whether…….Sanky interrupts
Sanky : I’m sorry meri maa, I asked you just one question and you speaking without breathing. He eyes Swara who was laughing at them. Roli understands the situation and gives an excuse of thirst and leave from there.
Sanky : Swaraa…… (With a soothing voice)
Swara turns to leave and have tears in her eyes.

Scene at GM
Simar’s grah parvesh is done. Ragini and Laksh enter the house together.
After all the rituals Laksh takes blessings from the elders. The rest go to their rooms…Lucky says bye to Ragini and is about leave
Ragini : Laksh ek minute…Laksh turns.

Lucky: Haan Ragini bole…
Ragini : Can I ask you something?
Lucky : Yeah sure Ragini…Better make it fast as this sherwani is too heavy to me.
Ragini looks into Laksh eye.
Ragini : Laksh…….. (In a soft voice)

Next morning at GM
Simar comes down stairs as she has to make sweet as ritual. Ragini is seen sitting in a cane chair with her both legs up in her balcony with her pajamas looking at the sun rising (The time differs in India and Australia so she was unable to sleep). Someone knocks her room door.
Ragini : Hmmmmmmm
Sujatha enters the room with a mug of coffee and gives it to Ragini.
Sujatha : Laado didn’t you sleep last night.
Ragini : No maa I slept very well
Sujatha: Ok beta, get ready and come down to have your breakfast, after all it is you bhabi’s first day in her sasural.
Ragini nods back and takes the hot coffee and drinks it, Sujatha leaves.

Scene shifts to Virani Mansion
Uttara comes to Swara’s room.
Utt : Di awake, mama asked you to come and have your breakfast.
Swara : Haan choti I’ll awake you go.
She wakes and sits on the bed and looks at her wrist and touches it. She closes her eyes and remembers what happened last night.

While the Virani family was about to leave from MM
Sanky : Swaraa…… (With a soothing voice)
Swara turns to leave and have tears in her eyes. She starts walking then Sanky holds Swara’s wrist very tightly and drags her to a corner.
Sanky : Look into my eyes Swara. You will see clear guilt in it. You have no idea what I went through the past years.
Swara is unable to look into his eyes; her eyes were misted with tears.
Swara: Then do you have any idea of what I went through Sanskaar?
Sanky : It was probably your fault. You are the one who misunderstood. Because of you I lost my love, friendship and would have lost my sister if it was not Laksh’s (He was yelling)…
Swara looks at his eyes; she sees deep pain and guilt. He was almost crying his voice shivered while he spoke.
Sanky : ……yeah Swara it was because of you and only you, I lost my brother too. I have been yearning years and years to ask forgiveness from you so that I can get back what I lost. I think god wanted me to get back in to my love, that’s what he made me meet you’ll again through this marriage.

Swara : What do you mean Sanskaar? The only fault I did was loved you and doing is loving you (she literally breaks down)
Sanskaar is dumbstruck.
Sansky : So you have not forgotten me? (He says is softly) But I never loved you Swara (He yells at her) you are hurting me, my love and your self.
Swara : I know, I tried to forget you but…… (She nods in no)……Until I get to know whom you loved I won’t leave you
Sanky : So you never knew?
Sanskaar leaves her with shock and Swara runs from there.
Flashback ends

Swara is having tears. She wipes it and goes to her wardrobe and opens it. She sees the dresses which use to wear years before and takes one of them and heads to the washroom.
Roli gets down out of the car and comes inside VM (Virani Mansion).She is wearing a blue jean, white baggy top with her straightened hair left open . She is comes in and greets Sumi and Shekhar.
Roli: Aunty where is Swara?
Sumi looks at Uttara. Uttara doesn’t like Roli.
Uttara a bit rudely : She is having a bath.
Roli : Ahh ok.

Sumi : Roli beta toy sit here I’ll get you something to drink. Swara will be son very soon.
Sid is coming downstairs wearing her pajamas and he sees Roli smiling at him.
Sid while looking at her thinks : I have started dreaming her too.
Roli : Hey! Good morning
Sid : Good morning…..(He turns to go, he realized that Roli is really sitting and turns back)….what are you doing here early this morning?

Roli : Voh… I and Shona will be going to Laado’s house today.
Sid : Laado? You mean Ragini the raakshas? (He smiles)
Roli eyes him angrily. Sid understands that she is super angry and tries to cool down her.
Sid : Ah (stammers) I….I….I mean tongue slipped. Ragini the raajakumaaree .
Swara comes down stairs and holds Sid’s ear.
Swara : I heard everything bhai. How mean bhai.
Sid : I’m sorry meri maa. (He makes a puupy face).

Scene at GM
Ragini is still at that position thinking about Laksh’s words. She remembers the whole incident.

When Laksh was about leave GM
Ragini : Laksh…….. (In a soft voice) are you okay?
Ragini looks into Laksh eye.
Laksh : To ask this you were dragging so much (laughs). I’m alright.
Ragini : No Laksh, you didn’t have to cry in that way hugging you Di… I mean, I thought there must be something bothering you… (Laksh’s face expression changes)… cuz I found something hidden in your and bhabi’s conversation.

Laksh : No Ragini nothing like that… It’s just that I’m too much attached with Di
Ragini : Laksh I won’t force you to tell me, we just met… I think if you want to share your problem with anyone other than bhabi I’m there, you can consider me as your friend.
She smiles at Laksh with a bit of pain and turns to leave.
Laksh : I met an accident two years ago… (Ragini stops walking and she turns with confusion)…shall we go out?
Ragini nods and they leave to the garden and sit on the bench

Laksh narrates his flashback with a cracking voice,
I returned from Mumbai after a year. I was excited to see my family specially my Di as she loved me from my childhood. While I was going back home I asked my driver to stop the car as I saw small kid crying alone. I went to the small kid.
Me : Bachci, why are you crying?

The girl : My mom told that she will bring me something to eat. I’m very hungry now.
I saw a pani puri shop in the opposite side of I crossed and bought some for her. While I was returning a car came and hit me, I got hit to the lamp post and I dozed off in pool of blood. I woke up after a week. No one was around me, I saw a boquest of flowers and a note with it. It said….

Laksh’s stops narrating as Ragini interrupts, Ragini is shocked and tearing as well as Laksh’s eyes is tearing.
Ragini : It said, ‘ I found you in the middle of the road drenched in blood. I managed to take you to the hospital. With my savings I managed to pay your bills. You are now in coma. The doctors said that they don’t know when you will get up. I had to give you blood, it did match. I’m sad that I couldn’t see your face as I had to leave as soon as I donated. Take your. With Love your Well Wisher.

Laskh was shell shocked, Ragini told the exact fact which was written on Laksh’s note. He couldn’t gather his words to speak. He was speechless.
Ragini : Continue Laksh.

Laksh continues his narration,
My family came and called me home that morning. I couldn’t recognize any of them. I asked only for the person who saved me. The doctors told that I lost my memory. He asked my family not to put pressure and he told that there shouldn’t be anything which disturbs me. They took me home forcibly. Everyone tried to move but I was not ready accepting anyone but my Di. She didn’t force, she was telling my past in a story and made it easy to regain my memory.
Laksh’s Flashback ends

Laksh : From that day onwards I put all my trust on Di. Her separation was unbearable.
Laksh : Ragini was it you? Was it you who saved my life?
He was crying a lot, he suddenly hugs her. Ragini broke the hug and she shook her head in ‘NO’

Precap : Swara with teary eys says Ragini, and Ragini with teary eyes says Swara.

Credit to: Dafsi


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    hi dafsi…ur story is simply superb so good creativity…pls continue…especially rosid..

    • Dafsi

      Thanx alot for this statement, it made me really happy..thanx alot and keep supporting me please..more twists and turns are awaiting

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