Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 4


Thanks a lot for those who commented, pleas support me by commenting. Talking about the pairs, it will be revealed in my 6th episode ….until then please have patience….I don’t feel to reveal it soon, if I have to reveal it then let me know, I’ll do what the majority comments tell.

Sasural SwaRagini Ka Ep 4

Recap : Intro of our heroes…something is bothering SwaSanRag and a new feeling for Laksh

The episode starts with nearly two hours after the arrival of Swara, Ragini and Sid Maheshwaris’, Gadodias’ and Viranis’ welcoming up the guests.
An old woman is getting down the stairs and comes toward the entrance. She greets everyone and welcomes them.

A guest : Namaste Nirmala Devi Ji (Jayati Bhatia from Sasural Simar Ka)
Nirmala Devi (Mataji): Namaste…Come in Thakur Ji
Dp : Maa I think it’s the time to start the Marriage
Mataji nods back at him with a smile.

Laksh, Sanskaar, Sid are busy welcoming the guests and looking after the other preparations. Laksh is wearing navy blue sherwani, Sanskaar is wearing a dark purple sherwani and Sid is wearing a dark green sherwani. The three of the looks handsome as usual.
Pandit Ji : I think the auspicious time has come, call the bridegrooms
Then come two guys with the rest of the gents and they stand on the mandap and takes blessing from the elders.

Suddenly Sanskaar and Laksh notices two girls are getting down the stairs, its Swara and Ragini. Swara wearing gold lehenga, with gold jewels, she looks like a princess. Sanskaar first looks at Swara and his eyes moves on to Ragini, something flashes again who is not less gorgeous and beautiful than Swara. Laksh couldn’t move his eye from her; he was enthralled to see her. She was wearing a silver front sari with white gold jewels…Her smile was the greatest jewel out of all.
Sanskaar he shifted his gaze back to Swara and he moved towards her.
Sanky : Swara I need to speak to you.
Ragini comes and drags Swara from there, which makes Sanky more hurt.

Near the mandap
Laksh : Bhai you are stunning today.
Adarsh (Tarun Singh from SwaRagini) blushes.
Ragini : Even my bhai is not less Mr. Maheshwari (She didn’t know Laksh’s name) She was crossing her hand near her chest
Laksh with a bit of attitude : Laksh, Laksh Maheshwari… I don’t mind even if you call me Lucky and forwarded his hands to shake.
Ragini with a bit of attitude and cuteness : Ragini, Ragini Gadodia and she folded her hand in a greeting way.
Laksh was a bit embarrassed but managed cuz no one was around them.
Hearing Ragini’s name the other groom turned and was surprised.
Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar from Sasural Simar Ka) is Ragini’s brother
Prem : Laado…..

Ragini : Bhai….. She was literally having tears in her eyes.
Ragini ran and hugged Prem who hugged her back tightly, he was having tears too.
Laksh who was looking all this in his mind : So she is the only sister of Jiju, both of them are very modern but why are they so emotional like oldies. (Our lucky always has some stupid thoughts :p)
Prem and Ragini broke their hug.
Prem : I’m so happy to see you Laado that too in trad for the first time
Laksh in his mind : Laado? Nice nick name. An Indian girl wearing trad for the first time. It is really shocking.
Ragini : Haan bhai, as promised I wore a saree for your wedding and side hugged Prem
Sujatha : Laado if you are done hugging let your lovely brother so that he can go and start the marriage rituals.
Ragini grinned and Prem kissed her forehead. She ran and hugged Sujatha.
Ragini : Maa….
Sujatha : Now only you remembered your Maa…..Sujatha hugs her back.
Ragini : I was tired maa so I directly went to the room and rested.
Sujatha breaking the hug: its ok beta, even I was busy that I couldn’t come and meet you
Ragini : Papa…… She runs towards Rajendra (Aadarsh Gautam from Sasural Simar Ka) and hugs him tightly.

Raj (Rajendra) : My princess is back…I thought you will not turn up to your bhai’s wedding.
Swara comes and takes blessings from Sujatha, she hugs Swara and Swara takes blessings from Rajendra. Sumi too comes there. Ragini takes blessings and hugs Sumi.
Sumi : I and your mother were talking about you, Roli and shona yesterday. We wanted to give surprise.
Ragini : Aunt, where is Shekhar uncle?
Shekhar : I’m here only beta.(Ragini takes blessing from Shekhar)
Sujatha : Haa…btw shona, how is you studies in Mumbai? I think travelling through train must be really tiring.
Swara : Haa aunty everything is good, we didn’t get any air tickets available so had no any options left.
Prem and Adarsh sit in the Mandap, and Pandit Ji asks the brides to come.

On the other side
Sid is having a conversation with a guy and a girl comes and taps on his shoulder. Sid turns and is stunned to see her beauty, its none other than Roli. She is wearing a baby pink lehenga with gold embroidery with gold Jewels. He mesmerized and stares at her without winking. They have a cute eye lock. As usually Ragini comes and waves her hand in between them. Sid gives a stern look to Ragini. Roli and Ragini laughs.

Roli : How is your cut? Is it alright?
Before Sid could answer Ragini interrupts.
Ragini : Of course Ro he is alright. It looks like more than alright (winks at Roli)
Roli : Arey Laado it’s my duty to ask yaar after all Mr. Collider bumped in to two too dangerous R’s
Ragini and Roli high fives while Sid is staring at them angrily.
Swara : Both of you are teasing my bhai and holds Ragini’s and Roli’s ears.
Ap : Arey Roli go and bring Di to mandap,I think now it is right time to bring her.
Sumi : Haa Swara you and Uttara also go and bring you Di

After a couple of minutes Roli and Ragini bring Simar and make her sit near Prem, while Swara and Uttara brings Pari and make her sit near Adarsh. After all the rituals the marriage gets over.

Simar : Maa I want to see bhabi’s grah parvesh.
Ap : Simar beta but it’s you grah parvesh too. So……
Sujatha : So what Ap ji? Let her stay. Simar, Prem and Ragini can come after it gets over. I’ll be leaving to make preparations for Simar’s grah parvesh.
Ragini comes along with Swara
Ragini : Good idea maa… I, bhai and bhabi can come together.
Sujatha : Ap j, this is my daughter Ragini…She has been studying in Australia for nearly two years. She left when she was eighteen.

Ragini bends down and takes blessings.
Ap : Achcha and caresses Raginiin’s face, she is really very beautiful. How come I didn’t notice you? I think you were resting after you arrived.
Sumi joins the conversation.
Sumi : Ragini beta, how are you? It’s being a long time I saw you.
Sujatha in a sad tone : Haa, It’s been two years since I met her. Btw where is Swara?
Swara : Aunty was it that hard to recognize me?? I was waiting until you recognize me…very bad aunty and makes a sad face
Sujatha : It’s not like that Swara beta, you have gone more beautiful. I was wondering who this angel with Ragini and Roli.
Roli : Bade maa, you know what? I, Ragini and Swara studied together in school. We three were best friends and still nest friends.
Ap : Really? See how destiny has brought you’ll together back again and it’s called fate.
Ragini, Swara and Roli all three in mind : The same fate separated us.
Roli : Haan bade maa, I knew that both of my besties are my bhabi’s sister and jiju’s sister. I Skyped with them but didn’t mention anything about their meeting as I wanted to surprise them. She gives wide smile.

Swara : Achcha, but it was bad surprise Ro. Ragini you only mentioned me about you bhai’s marriage but you didn’t tell anything about the bride.
Ragini : I forgot to mention, even you didn’t tell me. (She made a pout face)
Sumi : Swara, where is Uttara?
Swara : She is with Pari Di.
Sujatha : Okay Ap ji, then we are leaving…Send my daughters safely and teases Ap.
Ap teases her back telling : I’ll send your bahu but I don’t feel to send your daughter.
All of them laugh.

Mataji arrives while coughing. Ap introduces Ragini and Swara to Mataji, Sanky (Sanskaar) and Lucky (Laksh) arrives there. Lucky is continuously looking at Ragini. Ragini takes blessing from Mataji but Swara is lost in her thoughts looking at Sanky, Ragini notices this and taps Swara and she comes back to her senses and takes blessing.

Sujatha : Mataji we are leaving now. Simar, Prem and Ragini will come after Pari’s grah parvesh.
Mataji smiles back and nods her head. They greet each other and leave.
Pari’s grah parvesh is done. Simar hugs Ap, Dp and Mataji and they cry.
Mataji : Our princess is leaving to her sasural. I didn’t realize that she has grown up this much.
Then Simar hugs Roli and they cry very badly that didn’t get words express how sad they were…Their memories were flashing how they used to play, share secrets, tease each other (All best sister works), Simar hugs Adarsh and Pari.
She goes near Sanky and hugs him.
Simar : Sanky take care of you.
Sanky : Di….
Then Simar searches for Laksh but he is nowhere to be seen.

Precap : Lucky is seen running…Sanskaar tried to speak with Swara while Ragini is curous about something regarding Lucky

I made this episode a bit longer so that I can reveal the pairs soon….

Credit to: Dafsi

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    1. I have already given a intro update, pleace check it 🙂

  2. Ragsan plz…..

    1. I will reveal in my 6th episode 🙂

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