Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 3


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Sasural SwaRagini Ka Ep 3

Recap : Revelation of Swara and Ragini.

Episode starts with Swara and Ragini looking at each other and ran toward Sid who is under the girl who was running while her brother was chasing.
Sid is mesmerized to see her beauty. He wanted the time to stop it right now but was interrupted by Ragini.
Ragin i: Hey you, Swara’s bhai where have you kept your eyes? Is it your job to clash with people? Have you kept your eyes on top of your head? …
Then the one who was chasing the girl along with another guy he is wearing a light blue sherwani reached the spot. The light blue sherwani boy is shell shocked to see Swara and Ragini. While the other one (maroon sherwani) was mesmerized to see the way Ragini was scolding Sid. Her messed hair was disturbing her she was continuously putting it behind like a small kid; there was some kind of innocence while she was scolding. She was yelling at a way that no one would get affected.

Ragini : … I have no idea in which world, are you in? First you collided with me at the airport and now here. Where ever you go you make that place a disaster. Wait let me help you. (She leaned towards the girl and helped her to compose herself) Are you okay Ro? And the girl nodded back.

The two guys and Swara who was looking at Ragini came back to their senses when Sid squealed with pain, his hand has cut. Swara ran to get the first aid box.

Ragini : Saw this is what happens when you are not in your senses and…….
These were all what she wanted to tell when they were in airport but she got a better opportunity.
Sid : Will you please shut your mouth for awhile (in pain and anger)
Ragini made a pout face.

The boy who was chasing the girl : Roli (Avika Gor from Sasural Simar Ka), are you okay?
Roli : Ha bhai, now you ask whether I’m ok. See Sanskaar bhai (Varun Kapoor from Swaragini), it was all because of Laksh bhai he was chasing me and I collided with Mr. Collider.
Sid gave Ragini and Roli a killer look, they together stuck their tongue out and the rest giggled.
Sanskaar : Laksh don’t you have sense? Who will chase this chipkalli.
Roli frowened at Sanskaar and Sanskaar grinned back and gave a high five to Laksh.
Laksh : Voh bhai, this chipkali who is our cute little sister ate my chocolate which you bought from Canada.

Sanskaar was looking at Ragini. Something flashes in his mind. Ragini who was also looking back at him suddenly came in to her senses.
Ragini : Ahhh….Okay peeps if you have finished your blaming I’m leaving the spot, as I’m damn tired after the long journey.
She waved bye to everyone and went inside the house hopping like a small kid, Laksh was looking at her with a cute smile in their faces, while Sanskaar came back to his sense.

A voice : Laksh!!!!
Laksh : Ha papa. He ran from there thinking today Mr. Durga Prasad is not going to let me enjoy My Di’s wedding.

Roli : Excuse me Mr. Collider, are you ok? It seems like a deep cut.
Swara who went in to get the first aid box had returned she had tears in her eyes. Sanskaar was looking at her and he couldn’t bear Swara crying. He got an odd feeling.
Sid : Swara I’m fine. Don’t cry for such a small thing.
Sanskaar : Haan Swara he is right. Sanskaar told it as if he knew her for a long time. He moved forward to her and took the cotton and dressed Sid’s wound. They way he dressed it we can tell that he was doctor in profession. Yeah he is a doctor. Swara was looking at him with a shock; she didn’t notice Sanskaar until now as she was bothered about her brother.
Roli : Shonaa nothing to worry…Look he is alright, btw how are you yaar? (Roli hugs Swara)
Swara : I’m fine

Roli : So this is your bhai? I’ve heard about him only…I have never seen him
Swara : Haan…you know right he left America near Mihir chaachu when he was 10, he visited twice a year.
Sanskaar : American citizen?
Sid nods back. Swara was uncomfortable to hear his voice; Roli understands it and takes her inside the house. Sanskaar and Sid too go away from there.

Swara in her room monologue : Destiny always has different plans things don’t turn up the way we want. I wish my past doesn’t disturb me in any way. A drop of tear comes from her eyes.

Sanskaar in his room monologue : Why did she return again? How am I going to face my past? Why god is making me meet the person who I never wanted to meet? God help us to move on and he closes his eyes.

Laksh is his room resting on his is closing his eyes thinks : Why do I smile when I look at her? Who is she? Ahh!! She is killing me he opens his eyes smiles looking up the ceiling and covers his face with the pillow.

Ragini resting her head on the couch thinks : My bhai should not get to know anything about my past.pts his big day, I can never hurt him. God please protect us… Ok Laado, rest for a while so you will look fresh or you will be like rotten potato and giggles.

Screen freezes on the faces of all four, SwaSan’s sad face and happy faces of RagLak’s

Precap : Simar’s and Pari’s wedding…

Credit to: Dafsi

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