Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 2

THanks for all those who commented..please do comment, I don’t mind even if you spot out my mistakes I’m sure I’ll learn by them. Their is a great confusion regarding pair. I will reveal them very soon..If you confused abot the plot please do comment I’ll clear out them for you..
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Sasural SwaRagini Ka Ep 2

Recap: Simar and Pari are getting ready for their wedding… Sid colliding with a girl

The episode starts with the girl walking on the railway station. She comes out of the railway station and checks the time its 3.58 p.m.
On the other side in the airport Sid and the girl share an eye lock for few minutes but not with love, it was full of anger in one side and tension in another side.
Sid: Are you planning to stay like this forever? (A bit angrily)

The girl: Ahh… no she said it innocently and got up with great difficulty
They compose themselves, and the girl turns to go but she stops and starts digging her waist bag to get some tissues. Sid holds her from her wrist thinking that she is going to leave. He suddenly pulled her closer not so close as they are in public they have to maintain some distance. A clear fear can be seen in her face which eventually turns in to laughter.
The girl controls her laughter: I’m sorry it was an accident and fault is yours too. And laughed out again

Sid: What are you laughing at? (In anger he squeezes her hand)
The girl releases her hand very hardly and gives tight slap on his face as it was hurting her a lot: This is what happens when people mess with Ragini Gadodia (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar from SwaRagini). I thought of helping you to get out of the gum in your face but how rude you are. (with a rough tone).

Sid: It was all because of you and now you’re trying to act too well.
Ragini: I don’t get anything by acting well in front of you and I have no time to fight right now she checks the time and it show 3.58 p.m. She gave the wet tissue packet in to his hand and left.
He was left stunned and suddenly he realized that he has to leave, so he ran to exit and got in to the car. While he was going he was thinking continuously about Ragini, which lead him to smile for her cute act and sudden change of emotions.

Ragini in her car fuming in anger continuously thinking about Sid and was scolding him under her breath. Ragini monologue: Laado don’t spoil your mood for mood for some stranger who misunderstand people very fast, it’s after all your bhai’s shaadi. So cheer up laado and she smiles.
A car comes in to the Maheshweri compound and the violet girl gets down from the car and she keeps on staring at the mansion. She was looking at the mansion very closely from top to bottom and she murmured to herself, “So this is where Di is going to live rest of her life” a smile appeared on her face.
A girl is seen running in the compound and a boy is chasing her. She has worn a turquoise colour lehenga. Her face is not shown only her giggle is heard. The boy has worn a maroon sherwani.
The boy: Choti wait

The girl: Bhai if you can catch me. She runs while laughing
Then Ragini’s car and Sid’s car reach Maheshwari Mansion at the same time. They wouldn’t have got any idea that both of their destinations are same. Ragini gets down out of the car and is unaware of Sid she takes some fresh air and goes near the violet shalwar girl.
Ragini: Hey! Shonaa (Helly Shah from SwaRagini), Swara right? Look how much have you changed? Look at your attire.
Swara: Haan Laado, you? What are you doing… before she could reply Ragini hugged her
They hugged each other tightly.
And they hear a thud sound suddenly; both of them break their hug and turns back to see what has happened.
Ragini: You? Simultaneously Swara: Bhai?
They look at each other.

Episode ends with shocked face of SwaRagini
Precap: What was the thud sound? Intro of our heroes…

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      1. i wany rosid so much

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    1. Yeah Rosid are a couple, you will see their moments in future episode..please support me in my fanfiction…The other two couples will be revealed very soon 🙂

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