Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 18(RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 18 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

The episode starts with Sanskaar stopping his car in front of MM.
Sanskaar : Come with me.
Ragini : Sanskaar but don’t you think the decision you took is wrong? What about your family? Hospital?
Sanskaar: I know they are important Ragini but for now let me little think about us.
Ragini : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : I’m sorry but I’m not ready to listen to your talks.
Sanskaar drives the car and parks it in. He gets down and opens Ragini’s door. He holds her hand and goes in.
Sanskaar : Mom, badi maa…
Everyone comes out of their room hurriedly and looks confusedly. Just then Dp, Rp and Adarsh come.
Mataji : Sanskaar beta why are you shouting?
Sanskaar : I have to tell you all something.
Dp : Sanskaar let us first get changed and come until then can you wait?
Ana : Bhaiyaa why did you all return today itself?
Dp : Actually the highways are closed for some security purposes so we had to return.
Sanskaar : I want to get married to Ragini by tomorrow.
Everyone gets shocked and looks at Ragini and Sanskaar.
Rp : Sanskaar what is the need of getting married in a hurry?
Sanskaar : Dad…Voh… Ragini is going to Australia next week and I’m planning to go with her.
This makes everyone more shocked.

Mataji : Australia?
Ana : But why suddenly Australia?
Ragini : Mom my degree will get cancelled if I don’t go within a week.
Ap : We understand beta but you can do it here also?
Sanskaar : Badi maa she started it there and even I think if she finish it there too.
Ana : If she wants to finish let her go beta and once she returns we can get you two married.
Ragini : Sanskaar mom is right. Please listen to her (She pleads Sanskaar)
Sanskaar walks towards Anamica and holds her hand.
Sanskaar : Mom she needs me more than that I need her. You know what kind of trauma I went through. Trust me mom two years will pass very soon.
Rp : Sanskaar this is not a game but life. How will you go and live there? Where will you live?
Dp : Rp I think Sanskaar is right. It is not fair to separate them anymore after all they have all their right to be together. Ma what do you think?
Everyone looks on. Ragini is looking at Sanskaar with tensed face Snaksaar hold her hand to make her sure that everything is going to be okay.
Mataji : Ok let them marry. Make all the preparations.
Sanskaar and Ragini are really happy they walk toward Mataji and hug her.
Roli shouts: Wait…
Everyone turns and looks at Roli who is standing on top of the stair case.
Roli : I want the answer for my question right now.
Rp : What question.
Ana explains everything what happened.
Dp : Roli beta we have to think about this again
Roli : What is there to think? When you can accept bhai and his love why can’t you accept mine?
Rp : Roli bhai’s is a different story and yours is different. You yourself knowshow much both of them suffered.
Sandeep : And also you know how much they love each other and how long they are loving each other.
Roli : There is nothing called long or short in love
Sandeep : There is something Roli the longer the love is more storng it becomes and you know that they got separated so many times but their love brought them together.It is not at all fair to keep them away again. By the way from when have you started going against your family and your brothers?
Roli : From the day I knew my brothers don’t care about me.
Sanskaar and Sandeep look shocked.
Sanskaar : Roli…
Ana : Roli you are crossing your limits if you would have shut your mouth I and your badi ma could have spoken later but now it is enough. Your bhai’s love never changed for us even he started loving Ragini. That is because even she loved us just like your bhai and always told to chose us first and then her.
Ap : Haa Roli what Anamica telling is absolutely right. You should not forget old relations when you find new ones. How can you speak against your bhai?
Mataji : Now everyone go to your rooms early morning we have to starts preparations. Let’s talk about this once Sanskaar’s marriage is over. Sanskaar beta leave Ragini in her house.
Dp : Ma the highways and road are closed after 10.00 p.m. how will Ragini go?
Everyone looks on.

Mataji : Then let her stay here. I’ll speak with Sujatha ji.
Ragini : Voh mataji I don’t think it is nice to stay…
Ana : Yeah beta but if the situation is unavoidable what are we suppose to do?
Ap : If it is uncomfortable here you can stay in the outhouse. Roli will accompany you.
Roli : I’m not going to accompany anyone. (She leaves while Ragini looks shocked)
Sanskaar : Roli…(Ragini holds his hand with teary eye and nods no)
Ana : I’ll stay with you tonight beta. Did you both have dinner?
Sanskaar : No we couldn’t have. I know mom you also didn’t have any so come.
Ap : Did you three eat?
Dp : No
Ap : Then come to eat.
Mataji : Mmm now others can leave.
Everyone leaves including Mataji. Ragini and Sanskaar go and sit in the dining table. Ap starts serving.
Ragini : Badi ma shall I serve you can sit?
Ap nods yes. Ragini serves to everyone very neatly.
Ana : Ragini from whom did you learn to serve this nicely?
Ragini smiles : Voh this is my first time I have never served before but I learnt it from bhabhi.
Sanskaar : At last I’m going to get married to Simar part 2
Rp : I’m so happy to get a daughter in law who is just like Simar.

Everyone finishes eating. Sanskaar and Ragini go out to the garden and sits on the bench. Anamica goes to the outhouse to arrange everything.
Ragini : I’m sorry because of me…
Sanskaar : Achcha now you started your apology speech. Baby, please talk something romantic at least when we are alone.
Ragini makes a pout face. Sanskaar rests his head on her lap and she starts caressing his hair.
Sanskaar : Ragini do you know how long I was wanting to sleep on your lap. At last one by one my dreams are coming true.
Ragini : Did you have such filmy dreams?
Sanskaar : Haa do you want to listen to my list?
Ragini : I’ll catch your legs I don’t want anything to hear.
Sanskaar laughs : Suchchi? Ahh I understand you want me to show them?
Ragini : You are really a corrupted idiot.
Sanskaar holds her cheek.
Sanskaar : Did you get hurt when Roli told like that?
Ragini : A bit but you would have been more hurt than me.
Sanskaar : She will be ok so don’t worry
Ragini : Hope so. It’s really nice nuh these stars, moon, clouds and you? Everything seems more like dream.
Sanskaar : Hmm yeah. You are really good at changing topics
Ragini grins.
Sanskaar : I love you Ragini.
Ragini : I know.
Sanskaar : Is that all? No I love you too?
Ragini bends towards Sanskaar and looks into his eyes. She moves her lips to Sansaar lips and slowly pecks and moves back. Sanskaar widens his eyes in shock while Ragini blushes hardly. Ragini shakes him and he jerks and gets up.
Sanskaar : Are you trying to kill me at once?
Ragin : Whaaaat?
Sanskaar : Better tell and do something like this next time?
Ragini : Don’t ever expect again. This will be the first and last.
Sanskaar : Whatever you do for you it will be first and last. I pity me.
Ragini laughs : Haha did you get worried?
Sanskaar gets embarrassed while Ragini laughs.
Ragini : Are you sure that you want to come with me?
Sanskaar: We are going together and that is final.
Sanskaar holds Ragin’s hand while Ragini looks at him with teary eyes and smiles.
Ragini : But Sanskaar I’m happy that you decided to come along with me but your family…
Sanskaar : There you are coming back to the start all again. Ragini stop worrying about my family. They understand us. It is not the first time I’m leaving them and also we are not going to settle there. It is just for two years.

Scene shifts to VM
Sumi : Siddhanth whatever you did was wrong.
Sid : Ma what do you mean by wrong? Falling in love is it a crime?
Sumi : Not a crime but this is not the way to ask her hand in marriage.
Sid : But ma what am I suppose to do? They suddenly asked her and I just thought that there is no point of hiding anymore and another thing no one can separate me and Roli.
Saying this he leaves. Swara and Uttara look on.
Swara : Uttara go to your room.
Uttara nods and leaves while Swara comes and sits with Sumi.
Swara : Ma what do you think is bhai correct or wrong?
Sumi : I have no idea Shona, I feel that this marriage won’t happen.
Swara : Ma everything will be ok. Now go and sleep.

Sumi nods and leaves. Just then Swara’s phone rings and she answers it.
Swara : Haa Laksh bolo.
Laksh : Is everything ok?
Swara : I think no. What about there?
Laksh narrates whatever the incident happened after Virani family left (Not the dining table and the garden scenes of RagSan as Laksh wouldn’t have known what happened) Swara gets shocked.
Swara : I’m really happy for Ragini and Sanskaar (She giggles) at last the love birds are uniting.
Laksh : Aren’t you angry with them?
Swara : Why should I? Ohh are you thinking that I will also get angry like Roli? Why should I get angry after all she is my bestie and I’m so happy for Ragini. What Roli did was a mistake as a sister and a friend she shouldn’t have hurt Ragini and Sanskaar.
Laksh : Exactly, ok Swara I’m tired and sleepy so catch you later bye.
Swara : Bye.
Laksh sits on the couch and thinks : She is so different. Doesn’t she have hatred in her dictionary? She is so cute, sweet, lovely, kind……wait luck stop admiring girls and sleep.

Scene shifts to the garden.
Sanskaar : Now go and sleep my bride. I don’t want people to say I have chosen a dull girl as my life partner. You are already dull but…
Ragini gets angry : But what? Everyone will blame me for marrying you sleepy head.
Sanskaar : Ok then don’t get married.
Ragini widens her eye in shock. She gets up and moves
Ragini : I’m fine with it too.
Sanskaar hold her hand.
Sanskaar : Don’t dare to leave me.
Ragini : You are the one who asked me to.
Sanskaar : I asked you only not to get married not to leave me so stay with me.
Ragini : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar smiles : I’m fine with anything jaan married or unmarried.
Ragini : Chii Sanskaar. I’m sleepy so good night and have a peaceful night.
Sanskaar : Of course as one monster is going to live with me from tomorrow.
Ragini picks up a stick. Sanskaar runs away.
Sanskaar : Love you my monster baby.
Ragini smiles and goes to sleep in the outhouse.

In morning scene at GM.
Sujatha : Simar beta hurry up we have a lot of work to do.
Simar comes down with packed bags.
Simar : Ma stop worrying we will reach on time.
Raj : I called as many guests as I could. Are you‘ll done with your things?
Sujatha : Haa ji. Prem will directly come after getting the sharwani for Sanskaar beta.
Simar : Haa papa. He got it ordered in a hurry.
Raj : Shall we leave then?
Sujatha and Simar nods their head and leaves. Prem in a car while Simar, Sujatha and Raj in another car. Both car cars are caught in traffic and can’t move.
Raj : As yesterday the roads were closed today it is a big traffic. Hope to reach soon.
Simar : Ha papa we are waiting for nearly an hour.
The traffic gets cleared and the hurriedly drives the car.

The screen freezes on the tensed face of Prem, Simar, Sujatha and Raj.

Precap : Rp slaps Roli… Roli says “I can’t do it…” Ragini kicks the Kalash… Swara and Ganaga gets locked in a room…

I’m really really sorry I was very very very busy with my cousins wedding and from last Sunday to Wednesday I was hospitalized as I got a food poison. I’m sorry for being irregular. I don’t know whether all of you missed me or not. Please hope you understand my situation  Please do comment and support me…Should I have to stop it or not?

Ram Prasad – Hiten Tejwani
Anamica – Gauri Pradhan Tejwani
Sandeep – Shravan Reddy
Ganga – Tridha Choundhary
Sujatha – Shalini Kapoor Sagar

To find my previous episodes (Not only mine other ff too) please search in the search box which is on top of these pages… If you type the ff you want all the previous episodes will come (Some of you might know it this just a small help for those who didn’t try it out )

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