Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 17(RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 17 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

The episode starts with Ragini and Sanskaar hugging each other.
Sanskaar : Jaan, if you cry like this I will have to go home shirtless only.
Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Sanskaar confusingly. Sanskaar wipes her tears.
Sanskaar : I don’t want to see these tears again.
Ragini : These are tears of happiness. Don’t I have right to spill it for you?
Sanskaar : Aww you have all rights but without making my shirt wet
Ragini makes a cute angry face while Sanskaar laughs. He drags her closer and hugs her.
Ragini in her mind : I have to tell it to him but how can I tell him? Why god is punishing me like this?
Sanskaar : Jaan
Ragini : Mmm
Sanskaar : Do you have anything to tell me? I mean are you hiding something from me?
Sanskaar breaks the hug and makes her look in to his eyes.
Sanskaar : Whatever it is share with me. Tell me why did you cry in the morning?
Ragini looks at Sanskaar shockingly.
Ragini : Who told you?

Sanskaar : You told me
Ragini : Me?
Sanskaar : Haa you. Your voice told me. Ragini I love you from my heart. You can never hide anything from me.
Ragini : Sanskaar (She hugs him) I have to leave to Australia…
Ragini’s starts crying while Sanskaar is speechless. It’s like someone stabbed his heart for the third time.

Scene shifts to VM Laksh, Roli, Sid and Uttara are playing carom. Sandeep speaking through phone with someone. Ganga and Swara are cheering for the players. They have got in to group such as Laksh and Roli while the other team is Sid and Uttara. Sid by cheating wins.
Roli : That is unfair you cheated.
Sid : I didn’t cheat.
Roli : Don’t lie Sid you cheated and I saw
Laksh : Oh guys chill
Swara : Are you sure what you saw?
Roli : I’m sure and I saw him cheating
Uttara : My bhai is not like you.
Roli : Ok then ask your bhai to promise me.
Ganga : Roli…
Uttara : Bhai will promise..(She turns to Sid) bhai promise.
Sid : Voh…(Roli gives a stern look)… I did… (Looks down) I did cheat
All of them open their mouth wide open.
Uttara : Bhai……
Roli : Then we won hena bhai?

Laksh : Of course (Both of them high five.)

Scene shifts to RagSan. Ragini breaks the hug while Sanskaar is still shocked. Ragini holds Sanskaar hands
Ragini : I have to go… Sanskaar speak something.
Sanskaar : Ragini you are joking right?
Ragini : I’m serious Sanskaar…I can’t leave you and go but…… I received a mail that if I don’t come within a week they we cancel my degree. Sanskaar this is my dream but I can’t leave you…
Sanskaar is crying he kneels down. Ragini bends and kneels down and holds his cheeks.
Sanskaar : Don’t leave me Ragini
Sanskaar is like small kid and is crying heavily Ragini couldn’t bear…His face is red and tears are rolling down his cheeks
Ragini : I only gave you tears of pain while you only give me tears of happiness. (Ragini hugs Sanskaar where his head is on her chest) No I won’t leave you… Nothing is more important to me than you…Your Ragini won’t leave you…Now stop crying please…I can’t see you in this state…I’m sorry

Sanskaar hugs her tight and she is caressing his hair.

A school is shown in a classroom a teacher is asking the children a question.
Teacher : Ragini beta what do you want to become once you grow big?
Ragini gets up (Small Ragini played by Reem Sameer Shaikh)
Ragini : I want to become a engineer once I grow big.
Teacher : Achcha very good
Flashback ends…

Scene at VM Sumi comes to the hall speaking through phone.
Sumi : Ji Ap ji.
She hangs up.
Sumi : Ap ji has come. She has invited us for the dinner. Mataji has returned back from the wedding she went to attend in her village so she asked all of us to come to dinner.
Ganaga and Sandeep gets shocked.
Sumi : Swara, Uttara go get ready. By the way where is Sid?
Swara and Uttara leave. Just then Sid and Roli come from upstairs. Sumi looks at them and finds something fishy but doesn’t show it.
Sumi : Siddhanth go and get ready. We are going to MM for dinner.
Sid : OK Ma

All of them reach MM mataji greets everyone and looks at Sandeep and Ganga confusedly. Ganga and Sandeep takes blessings from her while the rest also takes.
Mataji : Who are these two?

Ana : Voh Maa…This Sandeep and his wife Ganga. (She explains all what happened)
Mataji gets shell shocked. She slowly walks towards Sandeep and caresses his face.
Mataji : After four years I’m seeing you. While you were lost I had gone on a pilgrimage…Even if your face is changes I can feel you… (She then turns toward Ganga) Thank you for looking after him.
Ganaga : Mataji…
Both of them hug each other. They break their hug.

Mataji : Where is Sanskaar?
Ap tells everything about Ragini and Mataji is really happy. Everyone sits to eat.

Mataji : Ragini beta is really good I love her so much.
Ana : Ji maa she is really a very kind hearted girl. I’m so lucky to be her sasu ma.
Ap : Haa Anamica. She is very beautiful and talented.
Sumi : Even I wanted to tell that. She always considers me as her mom only. Such sweet girl
Roli and Swara looks at each other and smiles proudly for having a friend like Ragini.
Ana : Ha ha I have to kill evil eyes of my bahus now. Ganga beta pass the chapatti here.
All laugh and starts eating. Sid and Roli are sitting opposite to each other. Sid hits Roli’s leg and Roli hits to his leg back. Ap’s spoon falls she bends to take it, she sees this and gets shocked. She gets up and goes to kitchen.
Ap : Anamica…
Ana : Haa jiji
Ana goes in the kitchen. Ap explains whatever she saw. Ap and Ana looks at each other. Both of them go out while the others have finish eating and go and sit in the living room.
Ap : Pari beta go and bring the dessert which is in the fridge.
Pari : Ji maa.
Ana : Roli…
Roli : Haa mom
Ana : Are you hiding anything from us?
Roli panics she looks at Laksh who looks at Ana in shock while the rest looks at Anamica confusingly. Sid understands what is going on and sees Roli getting tensed.
Roli : Maa…Voh no maa.
Sid : Haa

Except Ap, Ana, Laksh other everyone looks at him shockingly. Sid gets up and goes near Ana.
Sid : Roli is hiding something. She is hiding the fact that……she loves me.
Everyone looks shocked and gets up from their seats.

Mataji : What are you telling? Roli?
Roli : Ha…Haan mataji.
Sumi : Siddhanth have you gone mad?
Sid : Maa….
Sumi : Chup…
Ap : Sumi ji will you accept our Roli as your bahu?
This makes everyone shock.
Mataji : What are you doing Ap? This decision should be taken when all the family members are there.
Roli : But mataji bhai’s marriage got fixed when you were not there right?
Ana : Roli when elders are speaking you mustn’t speak.
Mataji : It is true I was not there but the men of the house were there and it’s not a thing to postpone as the situation happened to be like that.
Roli : Na, Rajendran uncle was not there still……
Ana : I said shut up…Roli your bhai has been loving Ragini for five years till now and it’s not changed but so fast we can’t give an answer for you unless we speak with the elders.
Ap : Calm down Anamica. Roli beta once your badi papa, papa, Adarsh bhai and Sanskaar bhai comes we can speak now go to your room.
Roli : Badi maa…
Sandeep : Roli she is asking you to go…
Roli goes inside in anger. Swara goes behind her. Sumi comes and fold her hand in front of Mataji
Sumi : Forgive me for our son’s act

Mataji : Arey we are happy to make her your house’s bahu but I think Rp , Dp, Adarsh and after all her badai bhai Sanskaar should be.
Sumi : Then we will take a leave…Swara beta……
Swara comes and they leave.
Mataji : Anamica go and see what Roli is doing. Ap you also go
Ap and Ana : Ji maa.
Mataji : Pari beta I couldn’t speak with you also Ganga beta both of you come with me.
Ganga and Pari : Ji mataji.

Laksh and Sandeep smile looking at them. Laksh turns to leave.
Sandeep : Lucky (Laksh stops and closes his eyes as he heard his name from his mouth after two years)
Sandeep : From the day I came you haven’t spoke with me.
Laksh turns with teary eye.
Laksh : Bhai…
Sandeep walks toward Laksh.
Sandeep : Can’t you accept your bhai’s face?
Laksh : Are you mad you are my buddy…It’s just that we didn’t get time. Appearance doesn’t matter our hearts are connected.
Both of them hug each other. They break the hug
Sandeep : As my annoyer is not there for a while let’s go to our room and have a nice time.
Ganga : I heard it.
Sandeep bits his tongue.
Ganga : I’m sleeping with Pari bhabhi as Adarsh bhai is not there. Good night (With full rage)
Sandeep : Did she leave.
Laksh nods yes.

Sandeep : Yaaaaaaaaaaaay freedom for a day..Come let’s go
He turns and finds Ganga standing there with her arms folded and one eyebrow up. Sandeep looks at Laksh wile Laksh looks away. Ganga fumes and leaves.
Sandeep : At last she really did leave.

Sandeep and Laksh go to Sandeep’s room (Guest room).
Sandeep : Lucky I’ll have a wash and come you wait here.
Laksh : Okie.
Laksh roams here and there. Then he goes near the window to get some fresh air. He opens the wndow and stretches his arm then one of his hand band falls on the slab (It’s like small concrete slab). He gets down to get it as it is dark he can’t see so he takes his mobile and switches on the torch and searches for it and gets shocked seen a photo burned but only half. He picks it up and sees and gets more shocked to see Swara’s face. Laksh manages to climb back.
Laksh in his mind : Is Sandy back again to take revenge? I will have to find it out. I have to confirm my doubt but how?

Laksh opens the wardrobe and starts searching for something and doesn’t find anything. Then he sees Sandeep’s phone blinking and takes it but it’ locked. He thinks what his password would be. Just then he hears Sandeep opening the lock and places the phone back.

Ragini makes Sanskaar look at her and wipes his tears.
Ragini : Now enough crying. I told na I won’t go (Cute strictly) Forget what ever happened, I can’t tolerate your tears. If you wouldn’t have asked I wouldn’t have told you…Now smile
Sanskaar holds Ragini’s face.
Sanskaar : You can go live your dreams. I will never be a barrier for your dreams. You can go where ever you want.
Ragini : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : But with me
Ragini : What do you mean?

Screen freezes on the confused face of Ragini.

Precap : Sujatha, Rajendra , Simar and Prem hurriedly come to MM… Laksh starts developing feelings for Swara… Sid says “No one can separate me and Roli”… Sanskaar “We are going to be together…” and holds Ragini’s hand while Ragini looks at him with teary eyes with a smile on her lips…

(There is some sort of surprise in the next update all of you are warmly welcome to guess 😉 )

Ram Prasad – Hiten Tejwani
Anamica – Gauri Pradhan Tejwani
Sandeep – Shravan Reddy
Ganga – Tridha Choundhary
Sujatha – Shalini Kapoor Sagar

The other casts are the exact cast of both the dramas.

Thanks for the comments and suggestion. I’m sorry for the last episode I don’t know whether it is good or bad…About the story line please do comment as I need your support… This time for sure I’ll not separate RagSan as whatever they have suffered is enough… So keep reading to know what is going to happen…

To find my previous episodes (Not only mine other ff too) please search in the search box which is on top of these pages… If you type the ff you want all the previous episodes will come (Some of you might know it this just a small help for those who didn’t try it out ) and I’m Sorry for not updating yesterday. My laptop again didn’t work 

Please do read and comment as I need it the most…Next update will be on Friday….

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