Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 16(RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 16 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

It’s night Sanskaar is sitting on his bed smiling and looking at the stethoscope. Then someone knockes the door.
Sanskaar : Come in
Sandeep enters while Sanskaar puts his stethoscope on the table and stands. They look at each other and smiles.
Sandeep : I missed you Sanky
Sanskaar : I missed you more Sandy.
Both of them break their hug and sits on the bed.
Sanskaar : I’m so happy, you know why? One thing is got back my love Ragini and the next if I got back my soul mate.

Sandeep : Even I’m happy that I got back with you all. Actually Ganga is the one who forced me to come. (He sighs) Glad that I met her. She is an angel.
Sanskaar coughs while Sandeep smiles.
Sanskaar : Both of you make a nice couple just like me and Ragini.
Sandeep : I should tell that. (He winks)
They here another knock and the door.
Sanksaar : Come in
Ganga enters.
Ganga : I knew that you will be with your loving bhai
Sanksaar : Ganga ji…
Ganga : Sanskaar you I prefer Ganga than Ganga ji
Sanskaar : Sure Ganga
Ganga : By the way I have to appreciate for your choice.
Sandeep : What did he chose?
Ganga : I’m talking about Ragini, such beautiful and kind girl.
Sanskaar smiles.
Sandeep : Then my choice is it bad?
Ganga : You choice perfect babaa but my choice is only very poor.
Sanskaar laughs while Sandeep hold Ganga’s ear. Ganga stamps his foot.
Ganga : Let Sanskaar sleep you come. Don’t for get you have an important meeting tomorrow.
Sandeep : Yes madam
Both of them leave fighting while Sanskaar smiles.

Sanskaar’s monologue : Soon we will also fight like them Ragini.

At VM Swara is looking at the watch which Laksh gave and smiles just then Uttara enters.
Uttara : Di what are you smiling at.
Swara : Ahh…voh nothing
Sid was passing Swara’s room and sees Uttara there.
Sid : What is the problem Uttara?
Uttara : No bhai di was looking at something and smiling
Sid : Really? Uttara do you know one thing?
Uttara : What bhai?
Sid : If you smile looking at things which someone gave that means you have fallen in love with them
Swara widens her eyes.
Uttara : Ohho then I think…
Swara : Both of you have nothing to thing so you’ll can leave my room before I shout.
Sid : Ok ok tell us who is it.
Swara : No one bhai stop talking rubbish.
Uttara : We will find out he na bhia?
Sid nods and leave with Uttata. Swara locks door and goes near the dresser.
Swara’s monologue : Laksh… (She blushes) Am I in love with him?

Scen shifts GM Prem and Simar enters while Ragini is watching TV interestingly. Prem goes in front of her and switches off the TV
Ragini screams : Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii
Rajendra and Sujatha runs and come while Simar hold Ragini’s ears.
Ragini again screams : Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Raj : Laado whay are you scream with top of your voice?
Sujatha : SImar beta, Prem what happened?
Prem : Ask what your pyarki beti has done.
Sujatha : What did you do Laado?
Ragini looks confusingly.
Ragini : Maa I didn’t do anything.
Prem : Ahh really? Why didn’t you bring your bhabhi along with you?
Ragini bites her tongue
Ragini : I forgot…Bhabhi I’m sorry bhabhi (She hold her ears)
Simar sits near and hugs her from side.

Simar : I can never get angry with my sweet nanadh.
Ragini hugs her back.
Prem : Simar, you told that you will scold her nicely and now nicely pampering her.

Its morning Ragini awakes and goes to washroom. She comes out and wear a pink t shirt and white three quarter and comes down.
Ragini : Good morning bhabhi and bhai
Prem : Good morning princess.
Simar : Good morning.
Ragini : Where is ma and papa?
Simar : She went to mandir.
Ragini sits in the dining table and takes her phone. Suddenly she drops it on the table and tears start to roll down her cheeks. Simar and Prem come towards her.
Simar : Ragini what happened?
Ragini : Sanskaar…No I can’t leave him
Prem : What are talking Laado?
Prem picks the phone and is shocked he holds Ragini’s hair and caresses it. Simar takes the phone and she is also shocked. Just then Ragini’s phone rings.
Simar : It’s Sanskaar.
Ragini takes it and runs upstairs while Simar and Prem look worriedly.

In Ragini’s room she enters and wipes her tears and drinks some water as she doesn’t want Sanksaar to know that she cried. The call cuts and he call her again. Ragini answers it.
Ragini : Good morning
Sanksaar : Good morning jaan.
Ragini: Didn’t you go to hospital? Today you are joining right?
Sanskaar : Haan haan but I wanted hear you before I leave.
Ragini : Ok now go get ready.
Sanksaar : OMG you are so plain when you speak
Ragini : Should I have to be chessy? Ok then let me be…My sweet hear t please go and get ready darling (She then makes a disgusting face) Bwaaaak… Sanskaar I can’t speak like that.
Sanskaar : It’s nice when you speak like that but don’t think too much as I love when you speak normally…

Ragini : I’m sorry I can’t speak romantically (She says is sadly)
Sanskaar smiles : I don’t want you to be romantic you are just nice the way you are and if one side is romantic that is enough.
Ragini : Chii Sanksaar…Stop talking rubbish and go get ready
Sanskaar laughs : Ok ok, ahh called you to tell that at 6.30 p.m. I’m coming to pick you…get ready and wait
Ragini : Where are we going?
Sanksaar : Surprise…Bye love you a lot.
Ragini : OK… love you too
Ragini sits on the bed and starts crying.

Scene at MM Ap and Ana comes to the living room.
Ap : Laksh…Roli…Pari beta…Ganga beta
Laksh, Roli and Parineeta come down. All three look at each other.
Ana : We will be going to mandir and we are going to Mandira aunt’s house so we will get late to come from there. You all go and stay in Pari’s house. We spoke with Sumi ji she said ok.
Ap : Yeah, Laksh’s papa and Sanskaar’s papa and Adarsh are going to Mumbai for a meeting. Sanskaar told that he has an important work tonight so he won’t come for dinner
Ana : You all get ready we will leave together. Ganga beta ask Sandeep also to go there ok.
Ganga : Ji maa.
All of them nods and leave.
All of them get ready and leave. All reach VM Roli feels super happy. They enter the house and are shocked to see Swara chasing Sid and Uttara…
Swara : Maa from night I’m asking them to stop teasing me.
Sumi : Shona I’m not coming in middle of you siblings.

Pari : Maa
Sumi, Sid, Swara and Uttara see them.
Sumi : Pari beta
Both of them hug each other. All of them take blessing from Sumi. Swara looks at Laksh and smiles while Laksh feels odd but still smiles. Sid gives a wide smile to Roli while Roli blushes Laksh notices them and smiles. Laksh walks toward Roli.

Laksh : Stop eyeing my brother in law this much
Roli : Bhai why shouldn’t…… (She realizes what Laksh told and with her eye wide open she looks at Laksh, Laksh winks at her)
Sumi : Come and sit beta. Shona why don’t you all call Ragini also and where is Sanskaar?
Swara : Ok my I’ll call her
Roli : Aunty he went to hospital. From today he is working there.
Sumi : That’s good to hear. You all speak and wait I’ll get you all something to drink.
Pari : I’ll also come maa.

Swara call Ragini. Ragini is laying o the bed and is lost in her thoughts. She jerks out for the call and answers it.
Swara : Hello Laado
Ragini softly : Bolo Shona
Swara : Everything is ok right?
Roli hears it and goes towards Swara.
Ragini : No Shona nothing is ok.
Ragini breaks out.
Swara : Laado, wait I’ll come along with Roli
Ragini : No never mind Shona. If I really need you both I’ll call.
Swara : At least tell me what happened.
Ragini : I’ll tell everything tonight. By the way why did you call me?
Swara : Voh… Roli, Laksh, Ganga and Pari bhabhi and all has come so thought of calling you too.
Ragini : I don’t think I’ll be able to come and also make sure Sanskaar shouldn’t know
Swara : It’s ok… Ca;; you when you need me…Bye
Ragini : Bye
They hang up.

Roli : What happened to Laado?
Swara : Don’t know, she was crying and she told that she will tell us tonight the reason.
Roli : Wait let me ask bhai…If he is the reason I’ll teach him a lesson
Swara : No no no don’t she asked me not to tell him.
Roli looks confusing.
Sumi : ROli beta… Shona come and have drinks..
Roli and Swara go and sit.
Sumi : I’m going out to the market and will be back soon.
Sumi leaves. Ganga’s phone rings she answers it and leaves.
Pari : Uttara can you put oil to my head and do a massage? I’ll pay you
Uttara : Dii…
Pari : I said come
Pari leave while Uttara fumes in anger and leaves behind Pari.

Laksh looks at Roli and Sid who are continuously sharing eye locks.
Laksh : Voh Swara why don’y you just show me your house?
Swara : Sure why not? Ro do you wanna join too?
Roli : I have already gone every single corner of your house.

Swara takes Laksh with her. She shows each and every places and at last reaches to her room.
Swara : And this is Swara Virani’s room

Scene at hall, Ganga comes in and finds Roli and Sid are sitting.

Ganga : Roli where are the others? By the way do you know what is this street called your bhai is asking me directions.
Sid : Flower Avenue
Ganga through phone : Sandy this Flower Avenue
Sandeep ; You come to the main road and stand. I can’t waste my time searcing for any flowers or avenues.
Ganga : Ok ok I’ll come.
Ganga leaves. Sid comes and sits near Roli while she moves a bit.

Sid : If you are not comfortable then never mind…(He gets up to leave Roli holds his hand)
Roli : Nothing like that. Actually I’m scared that’s all.
Sid sits near and cups her face.
Sid : What are you scared of?
Roli : I’m scared what if they don’t accept? What if we have to separate? Siddhanth I don’t when I fell in love with you but I love you
Sid : Roli you don’t have to worry I’ll always be with you. If you are scared of these things then let me clear everything for you.
Roli : What do you mean?
Sid : I’ll ask you hand in marriage
Roli looks shocked.
Sid : Shall I or not?
Roli hugs him and Sid hugs her back
Roli : Ask and my answer is yes but I can’t bear your separation.
Sid : No one can separate us beacause I love you
Roli : I love you too
They break their hug.
Roli : Did you tell Lucky bhai?
Sid : He got to know
Roli : What did he say

Sid : He asked me to keep his princess happy.
Roli : What about Sanky bhai and Sandy bhai?
Sid : They don’t know
Roli : I don’t know how Sandy bhai will react but Sanky bhai might not accept
Sid : Why? Even he loves a girl
Roli : It is just an intuition. Ok then what about…
Sid : Arey meri maa will you stop asking questions for a while?
Roli makes a pout face and side hugs him.
Sid : Give me a minute.
Roli : Ok

Sid leaves just then Sandy and Ganga enter.
Sandeep : What are you doing alone?
Roli : No bhai, Lucky bhaii went up stairs with Shona and Pari bhabhi and Uttara went up. Sumi aunty went to market
Sandeep thinks for a while.
Sandeep : I’m thirsty and hungry (He burps)
Ganga and Roli look at each other.
Ganga : Sandy how come I get you something to eat in this unknown house.
Roli : Don’t worry bhabhi Sumi aunty is very kind she won’t yell for using her kitchen. I’ll help you come let’s make something for bhai
Ganga and Roli leaves. Sandy goes upstairs and he passes a room and hears Swara’s voice.

Swara : This is a small gift.
Laksh : What for?
Swara : Just accept it will you?
Laksh : It’s a watch… Wait it’s is a couple watch the other pair of the watch I gifted you.
Swara : Really? (She pretends not to know it) I didn’t notice.
Laksh : Didn’t you notice?
Swara : No but see it’s destined to be yours.
Laksh finds it odd but he smiles and wears the watch.
Laksh : Anyways thanks.
Swara : Welcome.
Sandeep who was staring all this gives an evil smile and he leaves.

It’s evening. Ragini is standing in front of the mirror. She has worn a dark blue anarkali shalwar and is doing a light makes up to cover up her puffy face. She hast straighten her hair and has bumped it in the middle and left open (I know you all would be thinking the promo of Swaragini yeah she is wearing the same dress )
She comes down stairs and all of them lokk at her with amazement.
Prem : Laado where are you going to go?
A voice : Namaste

Everyone turns.
Simar : Snaksaar you?
Sanskaar can’t move his out of Ragini, he is continuously staring at Ragini but he also finds some kind of pain hidden in her face. His thoughts were broken by Simar shaking him.
Simar : How long to call you? Ohhh I see that you are lost in sime one
Sanskaar : Di
Sujatha comes out of the kitchen.
Sujatha : Sanksaarbeta.
Sanskaar bows and takes blessing.
Sanskaar : Where is papa?
Sujatha : Voh he is upstairs actually he is having terrible head ache so he is sleeping.
Sanskaar : Is he fine? Should I have to check him?
Sujatha : Arey no no beta you don’t have to.
Sanskaar : Sure? By the way I’m here to ask permission from you to take Ragini to a dinner?
Sujatha : Sure beta. You can take her.
Sanskaar : Thanks ma. Ragini shall we leave then?
Ragini : Ok

They bid bye to everyone and leave. In the car Ragini is looking out and is silent.
Sanskaar : What happened to my bak bak kumara?
Ragini : Nothing babaa, by the way where are you taking me?
Sanskaar : My dear princess have some patience. You will see where I am taking you
Ragini : So how was the first day in hospital.
Sanskaar : Yeah it was good. I got a personal nurse for my elf OMG she is damn cute and flirty.
Ragini widens her eyes. Her face turns in to red and is really cute.
Ragini : Sanskaar don’t forget the punishment. By the way are you going hospital to flirt with girls? If I would have know I would have studied to be a nurse

Sanskaar : Are you feeling jealous?
Ragini : Who… Me? No way…I don’t get jealous.
Sanskaar smiles : There would be no girl in my life other than you. You will be my first and last.
Ragini looks at him emotionally.
Sanskaar : You could have seen your face turning red (He laughs)
Ragini : I know there wouldn’t be anyone except me or you will have to face consequences.
Saanksaar : Yeah that is the only reason.
Ragini starts beating. After few hours… Both of them reach an old theatre. He makes her eyes covered and takes her to the entrance… He makes opens her eyes and Ragini is shocked. The whole theatre was filled with candle lamps and is beautifully decorated with white roses. They go inside. Sanskaar makes Ragini sit.
Ragini : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : Shshshshsh…… Wait and see

After few minutes the candle light gets reduced (candles are inside the lamps and lamps can be controlled) A spot light is shown and Sanskaar is standing. Ragini looks at him with mixed emotions; happy, sad, confused, love etc…
Sanskaar : 3…2…1…
A video starts playing (Actually it’s a time line)
Sanksaar: That day between the entire crowd my angel fell in to my hands I was lost in her eyes…Then again I saw her competing against me and it gave a pinch of pain in my heart as I wanted to compete along with her not against her… I saw her tears when she was about to lost. Losing for me was nothing in front of her happiness… I fell for her I completely fell in love with her innocence and beauty…

Ragini is having tears…
Sanskaar: …Two years past only with her thoughts and a ray of hope to meet her. I came to her but she was gone I shattered in to pieces when I got to know that she has again gone far away from me but my love never ended it always fought against my negativity… I found a way to make her close to me even her voice was enough for me to live my life…
Ragini : Sanskaar… (She is sobbing)

Sansksaar :…A year passed like a minute for me…Her voice was my drug I loved her more that I started searching a new name for it…I met my angel yeah she was exactly an angel…She had gone prettier and more beautiful but fate was playing with me that again my angel left me… I thought it is forever. I was finding reasons to live but my love again fought with fate and won… My love for her was eternal and true that it could be never changed or would change… Again I met her but this time I thought that I’m not gonna leave her as she is my life… (He has a layer of tear) I don’t know what magic she did for me that she is making me go mad…She is my life who made me realize what life is…She is my love who gave me that feeling…She is my princess who made me a prince… She is my Ragini who this Sanskaar is incomplete without…
Ragini who is crying bitterly runs and hugs Sanskaar and Sanskaar hugs her back very tightly

The Screen freezes on the hugging postion of Ragini and Sanskaar.

Precap : Ragini leaves Sanskaar’s hand and both of them are having tears…Sanskaar says “Don’t leave me” and Ragini says “I have to go”… RoSid says the family about their relationship… Laksh gets to know the true face of Sandeep…

Thanks for reading and please do comment and support… And kind information to all the readers…From today onwards I’ll be posting all three of my fanfictions one day after the other which means my next one would be on Wednesday and the Friday… and will go on…Thank you!!! Any objections or suggestion please do comment

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