Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 15(RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 15 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Recap : Sandesh is revealed as Sandeep.

The episode starts from Swara coming out of MM. She cries vigorously. Laksh also comes behind her.
Laksh : Swara, you don’t have to cry. Now everything is ok.
Swara : Nothing is ok. Why did he come? You have no idea what kind of trauma I went through.
Laksh : Relax, everything is ok…Trust me I’m there for you. (Laksh didn’t realize what he told. He just wanted to console Swara)
Swara looks at him and hugs him and he hugs her back.
Laksh : Forget everything and start living your life.

Scene at MM.
Ragini, Ganga and Roli come out of the kitchen.
Sanskaar : So Ragini are you done chatting with your Saasu mom, Dewrani and nandh
Ragini : Sanskaar still she is my aunty, and Ganga and Roli are my friends. Why are you trying to change everything soon? (She makes a pout face)
Roli : Bhai you can talk these kind of cheesy lines also? You can talk later for now go and drop Laado and come.
Sanskaar : Stop calling her Laado.
Roli : Why should I?
Ragini : Haan why should she?
Sanskaar : Shall I tell why? Beacuase…
Sandeep and Sid come from behind.
Ragini : Beacause… bolo bolo
Sandeep : Because only he has right on you to call with any name hena Sanky?
Ragini blushes.
Sanskaar : Exactly
Roli : That’s unfair you met her through me.
Sandeep : Chipakali for you kind information Sanky met her before he knew she is you friend.
Roli : Whaaat? Stop lying.
Sanskaar : We are serious
Roli : Is it true Laado
Ragini : Haan, (She narrates what happened when she got lost, then how they won and Sanskaar confessing his love)
Roli : Whaaat?
Sandeep : Stop your ‘what’ Roli (Annoyed)
Roli : Very bad Laado, you never wanted to tell us na?
Ragini : Sanskaar asked me not to tell
Sanskaar : Voh…Voh (He grins) I’m sorry meri maa (He holds his ears)
Roli smiles : It’s ok bhai
Sanskaar : But Ragini how do you now that Me confessing my love…
Ragini : I came to say thanks and hear your conversation.

Anamica walks towards them. Swara and Laksh also come.
Anamica : Why don’t you’ll go out to shopping or anywhere else? After a long time everything seems normal
Sanksaar : Haan Ragini, come let’s go.
Anamica : Sanskaar I meant all of you not you and Ragini only.
Ragini blushes while Sanskaar grins and brushes his hair. Anamica nods her head.
Ap shouts : Anamica…..
Ana : Haa jiji
Anamica runs to kitchen.

Sandeep : I’m not coming.
Laksh and Sid : Me too.
Roli : Why are you scared that you will have to carry bags?
Swara : We have hands we can carry but we need you’ll for security purposes
Ragini sweetly : Sanskaar you will come right?
The rest is looking at them with mouth open. Swara and Roli are shocked as they never saw Ragini speaking so politely.
Sanskaar : Haan angel
Sid, Lak and Sandy : Ohhhhhhhh angel hena?
Roli, Swara and Duraga : Haaaan Haaaan
Ragini and Sanskaar blushes.
Sanskaar : Here who ever is coming go and get in to the car. I’ll get my coat and come.
Sanskaar goes up while Swara, Roli, Ganga and Ragini go out. Sanskaar comes down and see Sid, Laksh and Sandy are sitting and watching cartoon.
Sanskaar : Are you people serious?
Laksh : Yes
Sandy : You can go
Sid : Have fun
Sanskaar nods his head in no and goes.
Sandeep: I’ll be in a while.
Lak and Sid : Ok.

In the kitchen.
Anamica : Jiji these kid have gone mad specially that Sanskaar.
Simar : Chachchi ji it’s nothing just the effect of Ragini.
Ap : Haan Anamica, you are very lucky to get a such a beautiful and nice bahu.
Parineeta enters the kitchen at that time. She feels uneasy hearing it.
Simar : Haa chachchi ji ma is right. She is my sister after all (She means that they share a sister bond)
Pari caughs, Simar gives her water. She doesn’t take it but she herself takes water and drinks. Simar gets upset while Ap and Ana gets upset looking at her act. Pari without uttering a word she leaves the kitchen while Simar, Ana and Ap looks on.

Sanskaar comes out and gets in to the car and sees Roli sitting in front.
Sanskaar : Why are you sitting here?
Roli : Why shouldn’t I?
Sanskaar : Whatever.
He gets in and starts the car. While driving, he continuously looks at Ragini through back mirror. Roli notices it but Ragini doesn’t as she and Swara are looking out of the window.
Roli : Bhai stop the car
Sanskaar : Why?
Roli screams from bottom of her lungs : STOOOOOOOOP
Sanskaar applies the break
Sanskaar : Are you mad?
Roli gets down and goes and opens the back door.
Roli : Bhabhi get down
Ganga : Me?
Roli : Not you. This one (She points at Ragini)
Swara : You mean Laado
Roli : Shona she is not Laado anymore but my bhabhi
Ragini under her breath : Bhabhi
Ragini : Are you out of your mind? Why are you calling me like that? Your brother is just crazy that he asked you not to call me Laado but where is your super brain?
Sanskaar : Carzy????
Roli : Get down fast.
Ragini gets down, Roli sits behind.
Ragini : Ro are you trying to chase me?
Roli : Arey nahi bhabhi ji, my badai bhai is staring at you continuously and I’m scared that he would go and hit something.
Swara and Ganga laughs while Sanskaar feels embarrassed. Ragini is super angry; she gets in and gives a killer look to Sanskaar. Sanskaar grins and starts the car. They reach the mall in a while.
Roli : Ganga bhabhi, Shona and I will go to one side. Both of you can go where ever you want. What say?
Ragini : No need, let’s all go together.
Swara comes close to Ragini.
Swara : Laado we can manage, you go please.
Ragini looks at Sanskaar.
Ragini : But… (She sees Roli and Swara getting angry)Ok I’ll go.
Ganga, Swara and Roli leave. Ragini without talking anything just walks. Sanskaar runs behind.

Scene shifts to MM
Laksh and Sid are watching Tom and Jerry. Both of them are laughing very loud. Ap and Ana are looking at them and smiles.
Ap : Siddhanth beta is really a nice boy
Ana : Haa jiji.

Dp and Ap gets down from stairs and sees Sid and Laksh watching cartoon.
Dp : This Laksh, I don’t know when will he grow up and I don’t like this Siddhanth that much.
Rp : Haa Bhaiyaa

Scene shifts to the mall.
Sanskaar : Ragini stop walking faster
Ragini doesn’t stop. She is walking faster and collides with a boy. The boy turns and looks at the tensed face of Ragini.
Ragini : Sorry
The boy : Look here Rahul, she came and collided with me and now asking sorry. Saw right these days girls.
Rahul : Exactly Rocky. Ms. Collider you collided with him and in return he must also collide with you. Return favour.
Both of them laugh then Sanskaar who was looking all this boils with anger. He come and gives a punch on Rocky’s face.
Sanskaar : You did a big mistake by misbehaving with the fiancé of Sanskaar Maheshwari.

Rahul and Rocky : Maheshwari?
Sanskaar : This punch will be remembered when you misbehave with any girl.
Sanskaar drags Ragini to a corner.
Sanskaar angrily : Are you really mad or what? What if I was not there?
Ragini : I would have given that punch
Sanskaar : Better not do something like this again. I was staring at you and is it a crime that you got this much angry.
Ragini : I was just acting angry who knows something like this will happen or not.
Sanskaar holds his ears.
Sanskaar : I’m sorry for making you feel embarrassed in front of…
Ragini takes his hands from his ears and holds it. She looks deep into his eyes and smiles.
Ragini : I love these kind of embarrassments which show your love to me, I love to get teased with you, I love to hear everyone calling me as Mrs. Sanskaar Maheshwari, I love to blush in presence of you and your name.
Sanskaar looks at Ragini lovingly.
Sanskaar : Promise you will never leave me.
Ragini : Promise.
Sanskaar gives soft kiss on her forehead.
Ragini : We have to do some shopping fast so come lets go.
Sanskaar : Ok princess.

Scene at MM in guest room Sandeep is sitting on his bed. He takes out a photo; he looks at the photo and start burning it. The photo is revealed to be Swara’s.
Sandeep’s monologue : Swara Virani this Sandeep is here to teach you a lesson for playing with all our lives. Because of you my brother suffered for two years, my mother suffered for two years, Ragini who has a pure heart had to suffer after all I myself had to suffer. For everything you have to pay back
He gets up from the bed and heads to the window. He throws the burning photo out of the window.
Sandeep’s monologue : Even my wife doesn’t know why I am here. It’s only to destroy your life, to destroy your smile.

Scene at mall
Ragini and Sanskaar, both of them go and purchase some things together. They chose some clothes for each other. At last they come to the cash counter. Ragini takes her card out.
Sanskaar : What are you doing?
Ragini : Are you blind? I’m paying.
Sanskaar : Can’t you see me standing here?
Ragini : Why do you want me to pay for the things you bought also?
Sanskaar : I’ll pay for your things also.
Ragini : No, I’ll pay as these are my things.
Sanskaar : Ragini but…
Ragini insists : I’ll pay for mine and you for yours.
Sanskaar angrily : Whatever, when have you listened to me?
Both of them pay and come out.

Scene shifts to the other side of the mall. Swara is in a watch shop and she suddenly remembers Laksh.
Swara in her mind : I have to buy something for Laksh, wait but why should buy for him. I feel to buy him something. Swara you are thinking too much just buy and give him (She smiles and starts choosing a watch)

Scene shift to MM, Laksh and Sid have done watching. Both of them are in Laksh’s room. Laksh is taking out his t shirt and bottom.
Sid : Jerry is just Roli hena Laksh? (He didn’t realize what he told)
Laksh widens his eyes for what Sid told. He looks at Sid with shocked eyes and sees Sid is seated in the bed and is looking at the ceiling with a wide smile.
Sid : Very cute, sweet, mischievous, active, loves it’s enemy and…
Laksh : And… Then are you my sisters Tom?
Sid realizes what was he speaking and jerks.
Sid : Voh…Ahh Lucky…
Laksh : Arey stop blushing yaar. (Laksh walks toward Sid)… Will you keep my sister happy? (Sid widens his eyes) Will you?
Sid : Laksh, but how? I mean (He is not getting words)
Laksh : Even I’m a boy and after all she is my sister. Do you think I will not find out? The way you look at her, the way you speak with her…Everything shows how much you love her.
Sid : Yes I will keep her happy.
Laksh and Sid hug each other. Laksh pats Sid’s back. They break the hug.
Laksh : So brother in law ji you can stop blush
Sid : Laksh…
Both of them start laughing.

At mall Ganga, Roli and Swara comes to entrence and sees Ragini and Sanskaar coming. Ragini hops and comes to them while Sanskaar is fuming in anger.
Ragini : Are you all done with your purchasing?
Swara : Haa Laado. What about you?
Ragini grins : Done
Ganga : Ragini did you make my jath ji angry?
Ragini then only notices Sanskaar’s angry face and thinks why is he angry.
Ragini softly : No
Roli : Then why is his face like this.
Sanskaar : I’m staying in the parking lot if you all are done with your conference come.

Sanskaar leaves while the rest looks on. All of them go and takes their seet. Ragini is continuously thinking what happened and is looking at Sanskaar’s upset face.
Roli : Bahi, drop us in home and then go and drop Laado. Sid will take Swara with him.
Sanskaar remains quiet. He drives the car to MM, Swara, Roli and Ganga get down.
Roli and Swara : Bye Laado.
Ganga : Bye Ragini
Ragini softly while looking at Sanskaar : Bye

Sanskaar drives the without uttering a word. (The conversation is happening politely, it is not a fight)
Ragini : Sanksaar tell me what happened.
Sanskaar stops the car.
Sanskaar : So you don’t know the reason?
Ragini nods her head in no.
Sanskaar : Achcha how will you know? You always differentiate me and you right?
Ragini : What are you trying to say?
Sanskaar : Why didn’t you let me pay your bills? Why can’t I pay your bills? Don’t I have that right to do? You pay yours while I’ll pay mine (He imitates)

Ragini smiles and turns to the back seat where the things she bought are kept. She takes her bags and shows what’s in it.
Ragini : All of these are for you and for your family a small gift from me. My first gift for my new family from me. You do have all right to pay my bills only you will get that right but I wanted to give something from mine to you all. See what I bought for you (lovingly like a small baby she shows the stethoscope she bought). You joined the hospital right? You have to use this when ever this is with you, you will remember me.
Sanskaar looks at her loving while Ragini’s eye is layered with a drop tear. He hold her hand and tightens it.

Sanskaar with cracking voice : I’m sorry jaan. I…
Ragini : Shshshshsh…… Now you are ok right? That’s enough for me but you broke my surprise. I can’t tolerate to see you like this.
Sanskaar : Achchca then let me break your surprise too.
He turns and takes the bag which he bought. He takes out a box and gives it to her. Ragini smiles and before she could open Sanskaar hold her hand.
Sanskaar : Wait… Before you open it guess what have I bought for you?
Ragini : Ammmmm……Let me think, Ahhhhh……I know measuring tape.
Sanskaar widens his eyes : Measuring tape? Why would I buy it?
Ragini pouts her face : Arey buddu, I am an engineering at student after all.
Sanskaar : Good guessing angel.
Ragini laughs : I know you will think just as I think only.
Sanskaar hold her cheeks.

Screen freezes on happy faces of Ragini and Sanskaar.

Precap : Sanskaar is covering Ragini’s eyes and takes her somewhere…RoSid cute romance…Swara confesses her feeling to Laksh indirectly while Sandeep is looking at them…

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Credit to: Dafsi

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