Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 14 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 14 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Recap : Ragini and Sansakaar cute romance… SwaLak goes shopping…Sid proposes Roli…RagSan gets to know that Sandesh is real Sandeep.

The episode starts with Ganga and Sandeep looking at Ragini and Sanskaar. Sanskaar comes towards Sandeep and Ragini comes and stands near him.

Sanskaar : Sandeep??? You???
Sandeep gets a bit tensed. Ganga hold his hand to make him relax.
Sandeep : Sanskaar voh…
Sanskaar : Shshshshsh……….. Don’t talk to me

Sanskaar’s eyes are deep red due the anger. Ragini notices it and to calm him down she squeezes his hand.
Sandeep : Sanskaar let me explain…
Sanskaar drags Sandeep from his arms and comes to the hall. Ragini and Ganga comes runnig behind them calling Sanskaar’s name. Everyone hears it and gathers in the hall.
Ap : Beta what happened?
Ana : Why did you drag him and come?
Rp : Is everything ok?
Sanskaar looks at Sandeep with full rage. Ganga is tensed as she can imagine what is going to happen next. Ragini notices Sanskaar’s anger and wants to go and calm him, then she sees Ganga who is tensed she goes toward her and nod to make her a bit relieved. Ganga holds Ragini’s hand in tension and Ragini rubs her hand.

Scene shifts to the Cake shop. Sid is still kneeling down
Sid : Roli give me you answer faster my knee is hurting.
Roli : Voh…Sid
Sid : Seriously you are chiapakali only, you don’t even bother about me.
Roli : What? I accept the cake but not you
Sid : Whaaaaaaat?
Roli : Haan, you called me chipakali.
Sid : No you are a princess, I just joked at you.
Roli : Achcha, then I think I can…
Sid : You can…

Roli : Still I can only accept the cake.

Scene shifts to SwaLak
Laksh : So did you like it?
Swara : Nah, I love it
Laksh smiles.
Swara : Thanks for the precious gift.
Laksh : This is nothing compared to what you gave. Your blood is running in my body mixing with my blood and I’m so happy that I got to know whose blood it is.
Swara feels happy to hear and she blushes a bit. Laksh doesn’t notice.
Laksh smiles : Shall we leave?
Swara : Yes of course

Scene shifts to RoSid
Sid : Arey Roli I’ll give you the cake only if you accept me
Roli makes pouty face
Roli : Amm ok for cake I’ll accept.

Sid : I didn’t hear you say it again
Roli : I said I’ll accept you and your cake
Sid stands up and keeps the cake on the table.
Sid : So princess come and cut this
Roli : Here I accepted you it doesn’t mean you can be cheesy with me (She says this with fake anger) and also remember I need time to accept this relation what if you want to take revenge or hurt me like in movies and dramas I’ll not be able to bear so Mr. Siddhanth Virani don’t try to become very much close to me. Maintain some distance eventually if I deeply fall in so…
Sid is stunned to hear her talk like this he smiles looking at her and pull her toward him which makes Roli shock. They have a cute eye lock. Then she suddenly hugs him and he hugs her back
Roli : Will you give me time?
Sid : Haan, take your own time. Shall I drop you?
Roli : Amm ok. You have to pick Shona also right?
Both of them break their hug.

SwaLak reach MM and in a while RoSid reach. Any one is not bothered where did this four go as everyone is confused what’s going on.

Dp : Sanksaar are you going to tell no what is happeneing
Sanskaar walks towards Sandeep and gives a tight slap on his cheek which makes everyone shock. Ganga squeezes Ragini’s hand and Ragini looks at her with teary eye.

Sanskaar : All of you want to know what is happening right? Achcha then get to know. Sandesh Singhania who is standing in front of us is none other than Sandeep Ram Prasad Maheshwari.
Swara and Anamica get shell shocked. And the rest are too shocked.
Anamica under her breath : Kya?
Sanskaar : Haan mom, he is my identical twin brother who eventually turned in to a non identical stranger.
Anamica walks towards Sandeep and caresses his face.
Ana : Whatever he is telling is it true?
Sandeep looks at her with teary eye, and he shift his gaze toward Ganga and she nods.
Sandeep : Haa, I’m Sandeep Ram Prasad Maheshwari
Anamica is shell shocked and Swara is not less shocked. Anamica goes and hold Sandeeps collar and shakes him
Ana : Why did you do this? Why didn’t you come back? What made you come now? Go away go… You didn’t want your family then why did you come?

Sandeep is speechless.
Ana : You have no idea how many nights I’ve not slept. I was mentally dead. Ifyou wouldn’t have come I would have taken a wrong decision by making Swara and Sanskaar married. I thought of………
Sanskaar : Thought of what?
Anamica leave Sandeep’s collar
Ana : Thought of taking revenge from Swara for my son’s death.
Telling this she breaks down and sits on the sofa.
Ap goes towards her and Ragini also comes toward her.
Ragini : Maa…
Sanskaar : Now tell Sandeep why did you come? It’s not that you had memory lost. You knew what each and every one of us was doing. Don’t you know?
Sandeep : Haan (He shouts) I knew what went on from past two years. I knew that you didn’t accept that I’m dead, I could have come at that time too but I was not in a state of facing you as my face damaged. I didn’t come because I never knew that you lied me about Ragini’s rejection and thought you and Swara would be happy. But eventually I got to know that you are still in love with Ragini and I also got to know that Ragini too loves you still so I wanted to make you’ll both realize. It’s me who made Simar di and Adarsh Jiju marry. It’s me who made Adarsh bhai and Pari bhabhi marry.

Everyone is shell shocked.
Ap : What?
Sandeep : Haan, I wanted Swara, Sanskaar and Ragini to meet again and didn’t find a way. I wanted them to sort out everything. I wanted Sanskaar to confess his love to Ragini so I’m the one who sent the alliance for both the family through an alliance broker And yeah everything was going as planned even mom coming to India was successful everything was going on but most unexpected thing happened where my mom thought of taking revenge from her son’s killer who was not the killer by sacrificing her other son’s life.
Anamica bows her head down and cried her heart out. Ragini and Ganga are crying too. Swara is stand still as it is hard for her to not digest what’s going on. Sanskaar is having tears in his eyes rolling without a stop.

Sandeep : She thought of marrying Sanskaar and Swara to take revenge from Swara but she never realized that she is trying to put her own son in pain when she knew how much he loves Ragini. Her decision made me step in to this house after two years. I didn’t suicide on that day; I was not stupid to jump off the cliff. The truth is I slipped and fell I opened my eyes a day after in Ganga’s house. She was an ayuruvedic doctor’s daughter who didn’t have a mother. I lived with my damaged face for and year where she helped me to start up a business and did a plastic surgery by selling all their property, land and jewel after her father’s death. I decided to marry her the day my Sanskaar and Ragini get together. I’m sorry I know most of you were living with pain; some were with guilt while some were with hatred because of me. (He folds his hand) I’m sorry, I’m sorry (He is crying).

Sanskaar comes and hugs him and Sandeep hugs him back.
Sanskaar : You paagal. Tried hard to become a super hero ahh? Idiot, you got married before me being younger to me?
Sandeep: I’m just five minutes younger to you badai bhai.
Anamica comes towards them, Sanskaar and Sandeep breaks their hug. Ragini goes near Ganga and hold her hand and gave an everything is alright smile.

Ana : I’m sorry (she stammers because she is crying) please forgive your mom
Sandeep and Sanskaar : Mom…
Both of them hugs Anamica. Roli who came out o fher shock comes towards them.
Roli : Very bad bhai, you all forgot your pyar ki behan
Sandeep walks toward her.
Sandeep : Arey chipakali how can I forget you? After all you are my shaitan ki bachchi
Roli makes a pouting face and they hug each other.
Ap : Everything seems back to normal.
Ragini : Voh…now I have to leave Mom.

Ana goes near and caresses her face and then looks at Ganga and caresses her face too.
Ana : I’m sorr…

Ragini : Mom please don’t be sorry.
Ana : I have got the world’s best bahu’s.
Ragini and Ganga look at each other and smiles.
Roli : Mom now bhabhi’s won’t get confuse who is badai bhai or who is choti bhai. Not only them also us.
Ganga : Pyaar ki nandh even if you are bhai is in between 1000 of identical people…
Ragini looks at Ganga and smiles : … we will be able to find who is our husband.
Sanskaar and Sandeep smiles. Swara slowly goes out only Laksh notices it as he is the one who stood beside her.
Roli : Ahaaa then that was the way you found badai bhai hen you came from Delhi?
Ragini blushes.
Ganga : Haan, it’s because our hearts our connected he na jathani ji.
Ragini : So it’s not a difficult task for us he na dewrani ji?
Both of them smile and hug each other. Sandeep and Sanskaar smiles.

Screen freezes on the smiling face of Sandeep and Sanskaar.

Precap : Sandeep is burning a photo while. Ganga, Swara, Roli and Ragini goes shopping along with Sanskaar. Laksh teases Sid.

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Credit to: Dafsi

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