Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 13 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 13 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

The episode starts with Ragini looking at Sanskaar’s cupboard. She shell shocked she turns and hugs Sanskaar and he hugs her back. Ragini is having tears in her eyes.
Sanskaar : Did my angel like it?
Ragini : How did you do this?
Sanskaar : I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari nothing is impossible for me.
Ragini breaks the hug. She goes towards the cupboard (Sanskaar’s cupboard has four doors. The middle to is vacated and does not even have shelves or it’s not even divided, his dresses are and other things are arranged in the both the corners: Hope you got a clear image of it :D) it has nothing in it but a big picture of her face done with pointillism art (the entire picture is done with small dots). It’s really beautiful and a very hard task.

Scene at guest room Sandesh comes out of the washroom and sees Ganga looking out of the window. He walks towards her and hold her shoulder.
Sandesh : What are you thinking Ganga?

Ganga : Nothing, whatever we are doing is it right? As a wife I’m helping you but…
Sandesh : Ganga don’t stress yourself, everything will be ok with time. Now go and get changed.
Ganga : How can you do this? Aren’t you feeling to go and hug your mom or dad, your sister Roli or Simar di, your badima and badipa, your dude lucky or atleast your life Sanksaar? How can you control your feelings?

At Laksh’s room Laksh opens his cupboard and takes out a box and gives it to Swara, she opens it found the note which she gave to Laksh.
Swara : Do you still have it?
Laksh : Haan, after you are my life guard.
Roli : Bhai you never told me that you knew Shona before.
Laksh : Arey chipakali even I knew she only saved my life very recently.
Swara : Thanks for keeping it still

Laksh : Btw Swara I’m going out to buy few things, why don’t you accompany me?
Swara : Yeah sure even I’m bored
Roli : I’m not coming guys, I have some important work
Laksh : No one asked you to come
Roli : Bhaaaaaai…….
Swara and Laksh laughs while Roli makes a pout face.
Laksh : Come let’s go, bye Ro

Scene shifts to Sanskaar’s room
Ragini : But Sanskaar you would have spent…
Sanskaar interrupts : Not more than a week.
Ragini : You are really talented and thanks (She takes her phone and gets some clicks of it)
Sanskaar : Btw not a day I started up without looking at your photo for past four years. Take my phone and see the display pic
Ragini takes and sees picture of her when she first came from Delhi wearing white Anarkali shalwar as the display picture.
Ragini : Really?
Sanskaar hugs from behind : Yes my jaan, angel, princess, beauty, darling…
Ragini : Enough enough enough.
Sanskaar tightens his grip : Who are you to say me enough? I will call my angel how are I want.
Ragini : Sanskaar aren’t you being too flirty? (She looks at him in that position itself)
Sanskaar : So what? Who else should I flirt with if it is not you? Ok if you don’t want me to flirt with you I’ll find someone else

Telling this he loosens his grip. Ragini holds his hand doesn’t let him remove the hug.
Ragini : Trying to escape from me. (She turns and holds his right ear while Sanskaar screams with pain) You can’t flirt with another girl other than me even in your dreams understood? You are only mine. Now you have to accept the punishment for thinking like that (A bit angrily).
Sanskaar : I’m sorry meri maa, now leave me I’ll accept your punishment. I think I unknowingly fell in love with this hitler kumari.
Ragini tightens the hold while Sanskaar screams.
Ragini : What did you say? Hitler kumari? I’ll show what does a Hitler Kumari do.
Sanskaar : You tell me the punishment I’ll do whatever you want (With pain he pleads)
Ragini leaves his ears and notices it has become red she gets tears in her eyes. Sanskaar doesn’t notice as he is still having the pain in his ear.
Ragini : Do 50 situps.
Sanskaar widens his eyes.
Sanskaar : Ahh? Such a big punishment
Ragini : Haa, understood how big crime you did by thinking to flirt with another girl.
Sanskaar nods and starts doing the situps. When it came to 25th round.
Ragini : Stop
Sanskaar : Why I did correctly right?
Ragini comes to him with folded hand and a naught smile.

Laksh and Swara leaves while Roli smiles looking at them. Roli mobile beeps and sees Sid’s message.
Sid : Within 10 minutes meet me at Coffee Café
Roli : Why should I?
Sid : You must
Roli : I won’t come
Sid : Bye, I’m waiting
Roli fumes in anger.
Roli in her mind : He is mad. (She smiles)

Swara and Laksh reach to the shopping mall.
Laksh : Swara let’s go that shop, I want to get you a gift
Swara : Gift? What for?
Laksh : Don’t ask me questions. You are coming and I’m getting you a gift.
Swara : But Laksh you told that you wanted to get you stuffs
Laksh : I lied, will you come or shall I carry and go?
Swara widens her eyes while Laksh grins at her
Laksh : Why are you heavy? Don’t worry I’ll manage
Swara : Laksh…
Laksh : Swara…
Both of them laugh and then go to the shop

Scene shifts to Sanskaar’s room
Ragini stood by her toe and gently kissed on his ears which was red and slowly moved her lips and pecked his cheek. Sanskaar was shocked he felt current passing through his spine and stomach. He blushed a bit.

Ragini : This is the half of the punishment and now I have to leave. This will be the first and last time Ragini Gadodia coming in to this room after accepting you. Next time I will enter this house itself only as Ragini Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Sanskaar : That has away long to be, it is not fair at all
Ragini : Can’t help. I don’t like to come in to my Sasural before my marriage, so you will have to meet me out and don’t worry about the years it will pass like minutes when we are together.
Sanskaar smiles : I know, shall I drop you?
Ragini nods and both of them leave.

Roli reaches the Coffee Café and sees around doesn’t find Sid. She goes and sits. Then a waiter comes and gives her a note.
Roli reads it : Go out and come to the fifth shop in right.
Roli goes out and comes to the fifth shop and it’s a flower shop. The shop keeper gives her a roses and a note.
Roli reads it : Cross the road and walk to the right and then turn left and go the third shop from there.

Roli to herself : He is really making me mad. I shouldn’t have listened to him.
Roli goes according to the direction and finds a Cake shop she goes inside and finds no one. She gets tensed and walks backward. A spot light spots a Sid and Roli is super shocked, he comes towards her and kneels down having her favourite chocolate fudge with nuts cake and ‘I LOVE YOU ROLI’ written on it. Roli is shocked and Sid gives a soothing smile and asks what through his eyebrows.

Scene shifts to guest room
Sandesh : Jaan don’t think too much, I love them but more than that I can’t ruin their happiness, they have accepted the truth and moved on. Look my appearance is changed and it will be hard for my Sanky to believe I’m his Sandy. Let me be who I am. Now I’m rich and I have everything and you that’s enough.
Ganga : Those are words from your mouth not heart, you can’t hide thing drom me Sandeep.
Two voices from the door step : Sandeep!!!
Sandesh (Sandeep) and Ganga (She doesn’t see them as she is very close to Sandeep and they were covered by him) both of them see Ragini and Sanskaar looking at them with full shock and rage.

Screen freezes on shocked faces of Sandeep (Sandesh) and Ganga

Precap : Sanskaar slapping Sandeep in front of everyone. Swara devolopes feelings for Laksh…Roli and Sid hugs each other. Ragini and Ganga hugs each other.

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