Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 12 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 12 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Recap : Past is revealed.

The episode starts at MM. Its morning and all are gathered in the dining table.
Dp : Anamica, why did you make such a quick decision?
Ana : Bhaisaa at times some decisions should be taken in hurry.
Ap : But you could have discussed with us. Who knows what is on their mind?
Ana : Jiji, you got a beautiful bahu, was it a love marriage no right? You are the one chose him his wife as the mother knows who is good for her son. You chose your jamai too, did Simar tell anything? Just like chose my bahu, Sumi ji and chose her bahu and jamai. Sujatha ji also did the same.

Sansakaar : But mom…
Ana cuts his words : When elders are speaking up, it’s not nice to interfere.
Rp : But it’s his life Ana, he has all his right to interfere.

Out of MM a car comes and a guy gets down out of it on the other side of the car a girl gets down. He has worn dark blue denim, red t-shirt and a black blazer. He comes towards the house, his face is not yet revealed. He has a dark smile on his lips and having black shades. The girl had worn a white short top and blue Patiala trouser with a blue shunni. Her face is not shown; she is having a mangalsutra and sindoor on her maang. She is also smiling looking at the house. They go near the door and ring the bell.

Scene at VM.
Swara : Ma, who asked you to fix my marriage with Sanskaar.
Sid : And who asked to fix mine with Ragini
Sumi : I’m your mama and I know what’s good and bad for you.
Shekhar : Sumi they are not asking ice cream. It’s a problem with their life and they have all their right to take their decision.
Sumi : Ha if it’s ice cream I would have let them do whatever they want but his is their life, what if they take any wrong decision.
Shekhar : Even we took our own decision, was it wrong?
Sumi : But shekhar….
Shekhar cuts her words : We took the decision and informed our parents let us also give them a chance. Don’t force them in to this.

Scene at GM, Ragini is seen sitting in the hall with her I pod plugged in her ear.
Prem : Laado come and have your breakfast.
Ragini can’t hear. Sujatha goes and removes the headsets.
Sujatha : Go and have your breakfast. I have made your favourite puris.
Ragini : I’m not hungry mom, when you decide on my life on your own who cares what I eat?
She leaves there with tears remembering Sanskaar.
Sujatha : What is this talking about?
Prem : Ma, you have done a big mistake. How come you decide whom she wants to get married? When we gave her all the freedom to do what she want she never made a mistake or never chose the wrong thing, then why didn’t you let her chose her life partner?
Simar : Haa ma he is right and what is the need to get her married now, she is just 20.
Sujatha : Beta she is not getting married, it’s just we fixed her marriage.
Prem : Ma neither I nor Ragini want this marriage to happen. She is my sister and as her elder brother please give me the responsibility of her marriage.
Sujatha : But Prem…
Prem : Please
Sujatha : Ok.

At MM everyone is looking at the door, Sanskaar feels something odd.
Ap : Who might it be? Let me open.
Ap goes towards the door while everyone is curious. Ap opens the door and finds a guy tuning his back and speaking through the phone and a girl is looking at him.
Ap : Who are you beta?
Both of them turn and Ap looks on.
The girl : Namaste aunty. I’m Ganga Sandesh Singhania (Tridha Choundhary)
Ap : Namaste beta
Ganga : And this is my husband Sandesh Singhania (Shravan Reddy)
Sandesh : Namaste aunty.
Ap : Come inside beta.
Ganga : Aunty, without asking us why we cam…
Ap cuts her words : Arey beat it’s not nice to stand out and speak.

Both Snadesh and Ganga sits, while Dp and Rp comes and Sandesha and Ganga greets them. The rest also comes to the hall.
Dp : Now you can tell what you have to tell.
Ganga : Voh uncle…
Sandesh cuts her words : Ek minute, I want you to call Virani family and Gadodia family too. Everyone looks shocked. Anamica feels restless.
Sanskaar thinks : This voice and the way he talks is just like Sandeep. You are thinking too much Sanskaar.
Rp : Let me call them.

After about an hour Gadodias’ and Viranis’ arrive. Sanskaar looks at Ragini, she has worn a red colour Anarkali. Her face clearly shows how much she has cried. Sanskaar badly wanted to go and give a comfy hug but controlled himself. Sandesh look at Ragini and Swara and smiles. They smile back.
Ana : Beta, whatever you have to tell you can tell now.
Snadesh : I’m Sandeep’s friend and I know what exactly happened on that day.
All of them are shell shocked. Speacially Ragini, Sanskaar, Swara and Anamica.
Ana : What are you telling?
Ganga : Relax aunty.
Sanskaar thinks : Who is this man? Sandeep never had a friend called Sandesh. Let’s what he is telling and I will find out the truth for sure.
Sandesh : That day he didn’t suicide. (Everyone widens their eye and is shell shocked)
Swara : What?
Sandesh : Because of the rain water he slipped and he was hanging on a tree branch. He was saved by the villages and admitted to an ayuruvedic ashram. I met him when I came to treat my mother. He was a very good person and he told about each and everyone. When is look at you (pointing at Sanskaar) I remember him after all he is your twin.
Ana : What are you telling? Is he alive?
Sandesh : He was ok for few day but eventually his brain failed and he died. He asked me not to meet his family for any reason. Then I got this book from the Ashram, it was in his jacket inside a box. His last wish was to unite Sanksaar and Ragini.

Sanskaar and Ragini are shell shocked while the others are not less.
Ragini in her mind : He is like an angel like god sent him to solve my problems.
Sanaskaat : I know he not lying but he forgot that I’m Sandeep’s brother after all. I will find the truth. Wait I think I already found but have to clear it only.
Simar : That means Snadeep wants Ragini and Sanskaar to marry.
Sandesh : Haan.
Sujatha : But why Sandeep wants them to get married?
Prem narrates whatever happened. All of them are happy except Ana and Sanskaar.
Ana thinks : I wanted to take revenge from Swara for my son’s death but is saving her even after he is dead. Maybe Sandesh is right, my son is not a fool to suicide for a girl like her.
Rp : Ana, what do you think?
Ana : If this is my Sandeep’s last wish I have no objection (She gives fake smile)
Swara : I have a pinch of guilt in my heart so I will take the responsibility of this wedding.
Simar : You don’t have to feel guilty Swara after all you saved our Lucky’s life.
Ap : What?
Simar narrates about Laksh’s accident. Ap gets teary and hugs Swara while Laksh looks and smiles at them.
Sandesh : Ok aunty then we will leave now.

Dp : Leave? You have to atleast stay her for few days
Rp : You have settled everything and now it’s our turn to return our favour.
Ganga : But…
Ap : Please beta
Sandesh : Ok, we will stay.
Dp : Swara beta, Where is Sumi ji and Shekhar ji?
Swara : Voh unle they have gone for a wedding.
Sujatha : Then we will take a leave. Simar beta, Laado shall we leave?
Ap : Ji, let Simar and Ragini come later. I will ask Sanskaar to drop them.
Prem : Haan ma, let’s do like that.

Prem and Sujatha leave. Sanskaar is continuously looking at Ragini. Anamica and Ap goes to kitchen while Dp and Rp goes to office. Simar and Pari go upstairs along with Sandesh and Ganga to the guest room. Just then Sid enters and sees everyone happy.
Sid in his mind : What happened that they are really happy.
All of them notice him looking at them continuously. Ragini gets up and goes towards him.
Ragini : I’m ready to marry you
Sid widens his eyes and Sanskaar gets shocked. Swara, Roli and Laksh understands what is she up to. Sanskaar walks towards her
Sanskaar : Are you mad? Just now didn’t you hear what everyone spoke?
Ragini : What everyone spoke?

Sanskaar : Seriously? Come I’ll show what they were talking about.
Sanskaar drags her to his room while Sid looks on confusingly. The other three burst out into laugh.
Roli : Shona you could have just seen his face how it changed.
Swara : Haan Ro, his eyes would have fallen in a while.
Laksh : Swara I want to show you something. If you don’t mind can you come with me to my room?
Swara : Sure Laksh.
Roli : Even I’m coming.
Laksh : Yes Ms. Chipakali
Roli : Bhai……

SwaLak goes upstairs whi Roli is going someone hold her hand.
Roli : Sid, what are you doing?
Sid : Tell me the truth, do you have it or not?
Roli : Have you gone mad? What have or no?
Sid : My heart
Roli laughs : How come I…… (stops and realizes what he just told)
Sid : Tell me.
Roli : I don’t have anyone’s heart.
Sid : Achcha, look in to my eyes and tell
Roli : You being dramatic.

Sid : Is it ok if I marry Ragini?
Roli : How will it be ok, then what will happen to Sanskaar bhai?
Sid looks on
Roli : And me………..(Telling this she runs upstairs.)

At sanskaar’s room
Ragini : Why did you pull me here and come?
Snaskaar : This is where you are going to live in future.
Ragini : Arey baaba, there are so many years to our marriage.
Sanskaar : Years? Are you going to get old and marry?
Ragini : Why won’t you marry me if I’m old?
Sankskaar : I can’t wait for that long, if I can I will marry you now itself.
Ragini : Really? Then I’m ok with it.
Both of them laugh. Sanskaa walks towards Ragini and hugs her. Ragini hugs him back.
Sanskaar : I thought I will lose you again. Please don’t leave me Ragini
Ragini : You don’t have to get scared, I’m there with you and no one can separate us. See how many times we went to get separated but somehow we united.
Sanskaar : I love you Ragini
Ragini : I love you more.
Both of them break their hug and Sanskaar kisses on her forehead. He takes her to the cupboard and opens it and Ragini is shocked.

Screen freezes on shocked faces of Ragini.

Precap : Sid proposing Roli. Ragini and Sanskaar are shocked see something, Swara and Laksh goes shopping

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Ganga will be played by the lead actress of Dahleez star plus
Sandesh will be played by lead actor of Krishnadasi

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Credit to: Dafsi

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